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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for LENOVO L17L3PE0 High Quality Battery

Original price was: ₹5,999.Current price is: ₹4,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • Splendid Branded Battery
  • Battery Type :Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 11.4V 51.5Wh
  • Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number
  • High Grade Li-Ion Cells are used with all Quality Benchmark Test

Original price was: ₹5,999.Current price is: ₹4,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Splendid , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 11.4V 51.5Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No L17L3PE0
Warranty Six Months Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers

L17C3PE0  L17L3PEO
 LENOVO L17L3PE0  5B10Q39197
 5B10W67390  SB10W67330

Fit Models (use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

  Yoga 730  Yoga 730-13IKB  Yoga 730 15
 YOGA 730-15  Yoga 730-15IKB  Yoga 730-15IWL
  Yoga 730-15IBK  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0011GE  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS002EMZ
  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0023GE   Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU)
 Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000FGE   Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS002TGE  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000GGE
 Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000EGE  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000TMZ  Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0022GE
  Yoga 730-151KB  Yoga 730-131KB  Yoga 730-15IKB-Type 81CU
 Yoga 730-2U  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU000UUS)  YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU000BUS
 Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0043GE)  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU003XMZ)  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0044GE)
 Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU002UGE)  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0011GE)  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU002DGE)
 Yoga 730-15IWL(81JS002KGE)  Yoga 730-15IWL(81JS006MGE)  Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0005GE)
 Yoga 730-15IWL(81JS0024GE)  YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU000EAU   YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU003DAU
  YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU003CAU  Yoga 730-15IKB-Type 81CU000BUS  YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU001KAU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0010RU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0006SB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005QRU
 YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81CU003DAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006KMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006VRU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0057MH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006DMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0071PH
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0066MZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0073PH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002SRU
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000GMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002MPG  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0062SA
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007XMH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0085MB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000RRU
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0027RM  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006XLT  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001SIV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005KMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003PRE   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003DRE
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008RRK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001YMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0003PH
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0024RU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0074HV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006TRK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007WMB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000FMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000YHH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0058MH   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004VPB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003KPG
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000SUS   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0005GE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004QIX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002LPG   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001BTX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002PSC
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000BMX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002TGE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009CSB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0035MH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002CIN   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002HTW
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0090RA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004RRM  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0069KR
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000WMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003TRE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005WTW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0099SB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003QMX  YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 256G 10H-81CU001KAU
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001EUK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004JMB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003XRE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006XID  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003LPG  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000XSB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002DKR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001LMX   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003EMH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000VMZ   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0070MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001JMZ
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005MIX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006JTW   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005AMH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007TIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001FIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008XSC
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0020MZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005JFE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002LUK
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003PSB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0082IV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004PIX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002YFR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000YRU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003WSP
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008MBM  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0036MH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002XRE
  YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10H-81JS002UAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0071MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008ARA
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0078CK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0067KR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003YMZ
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000KLT  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000DMX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004TAX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009EMJ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004VMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005JFR
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007FFR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005KFE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004UMZ
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0097TA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006LCL  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0056UK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0030LT  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0053RA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006YIX
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0007MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002CKR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0091RA
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001BIV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000NKR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001PIV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001AIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007KAR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005YHV
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000KTW  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005CTW  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0070LM
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0055MH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0019RU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004YRA
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007VMH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0034FR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007NPH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009GRU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005ERU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003RSC
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003JLT   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001VIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007GFR
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0031MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0032MZ   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006JMZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005UAX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002WRU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001MIV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006RAU  YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81JS002NAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001EIV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0027FR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006NTX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0039AU
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000QKR   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0018IV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0072PH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007UMH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0031FR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008VRM
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006AKR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002BSB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000WSB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0028TX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005VAX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0033MZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0037UK   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003FRE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0081IV
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005ERU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003JRE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006SSA
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003BAX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005GMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005PRMW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0002KR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004LBM  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003WRE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004ESC  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005MMX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008TRK
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002HMB   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001TIV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0042IV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000DAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0053MH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005SMH
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004WMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006UAX   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009DSB
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000LKR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007PPH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007LMJ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002GMB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003LRE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0006MX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000QRU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004MPB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0060PG
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002GTW  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0065MH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004FMZ
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005NMX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004FMH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006EMZ
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005XSC  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0068KR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003HRE
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006HMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002RBM  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004YUK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003GRE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006QAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001RMZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0020RU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004JRU   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006TSA
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004HMB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003YRE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0044RE
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003BRE   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004BMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002FMH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0094RA   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000PRU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001FLM
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008QRK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003SSC  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003QRE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003NSB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006GPB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0089SC
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006NAK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001CUK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000UMZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0018RU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003GRU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0008MX
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0041IV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007SIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001CIV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005HMZ   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0049SC  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000LMX
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001ARU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0005MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004QIX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002JTW   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006MIX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0057AX
 YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 256G 10P-81CU003CAU   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000AMX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001QIV
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0046RE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008UHH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0012IV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0075PH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005DRU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0021MZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000MKR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001DIV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0017RU
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0039RE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0046MX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0009MX
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002VMZ  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0014RK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0014IV
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0068SC  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003CRE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0096RK
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006CMB   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0058MH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006PPH
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001UIV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000CMX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000XIX
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008SRK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002EMH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004SRM
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000HGE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005HCK  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004MBM
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0007KR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002XMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0093RA
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005YSC  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0033FR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006HPB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001HSB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0010HH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006URU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0040RE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004NUK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003SRE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006BML  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007EFR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005LGE
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0001CL  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0063SA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0056PB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0004PH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001NIV  YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10H-81CU000EAU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007AUK   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009BMJ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0026FR
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0023RU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004BUK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0015IV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0054MH   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006WLM  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002NSC
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005LIX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004NPB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0001KR
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000PKR   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005PRM  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0069SC
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0098TA  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008WRM  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS008YRA
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005TAD  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004RMB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002QGM
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002KMX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003URE   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0095RK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002VFR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0092RA  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006SRK
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003TAX   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007YMB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005BTW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001GSB   YG 730-15IWL i5 8G 512G 10P-81JS002PAU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000VCF
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS009ASB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0075MB   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005RAX
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0022RU   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0025FR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000RUS
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0086US  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0087US  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005PHH
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003KRE   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001LIV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005ATW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0034HV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0015RK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000MRE
  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002QBM  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0035FR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001QMZ
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004UMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000SRU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000NRU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0000KR   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0030GE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005XTW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0038RE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004XSA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003MMX
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0054RA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0059MB   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004AGE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0021RU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002JMX  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0016RK
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0055SA  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001YRU  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005NRM
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0052RA  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005GRU   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006YMB
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001DUK  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007HFR  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0019IV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004GMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004CMH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005RIV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0061MZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001MRE   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001KMX
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006Fru  YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81JS001PAU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0016IV
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004EMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0067SC  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0032FR
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0064MH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003ERE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003VRE
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005QIV  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0003AU  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004DUK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0080RE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002MKR  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000TUS
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001XAX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0017IV  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001NAU
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006GSC  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0049RE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007BUK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004PPB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004GMH  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0013IV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006VMZ  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0045RE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0063SB
  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003UAX  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003RRE  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004CRM
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS004ARE  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0088US  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS003ARE
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001HMB  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0065MZ   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000JTW
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007DSB  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS005DMH  YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004DSB
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007MGE   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0004AU   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS007CUK
 YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS006QUS  YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS002FTW   YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001RIV
 YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006KCL   YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0052MH


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries



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