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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for HP SR04XL High Quality Battery

Original price was: ₹4,999.Current price is: ₹3,499. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • Splendid Branded Battery
  • Battery Type : Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating 15.4V 70Wh
  • Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number
  • High Grade Li ion Cells are used with all Quality Benchmark Test

Original price was: ₹4,999.Current price is: ₹3,499. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Splendid , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 15.4V 70Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No SR04XL
Warranty Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Number

SR04XL  917724-855  TPN-Q193
 917678-1B1  HSTNN-IB7Z  HSTNN-DB7W
 TPN-C133   917678-2B1  TPN-C134
 917724-856  SR04070XL-PL  HSTNN-1B7Z
 917678-271  SR04070XL  916678-171

Fit Laptop Models

 4 Pro  3KS70PA  2EF95PA
 15-CE005TX  2EF93PA  3KS69PA
 3KS71PA  15-CE510TX  2EF91PA
 15-CE008TX  2EF96PA  2EF92PA
 Omen 15-CE002LA  Omen 15-CE003LA  15-DC0004LA
 TPN-Q194  TPN-Q211  Omen 15-CE070TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB014NG  PAVILION 15-CB073TX  Omen 15-dc0000
  Pavilion 15-cb000  Omen 15 2018  OMEN 15-CE006TX
 OMEN 15-CE001TX   OMEN 15-CE002TX  OMEN 15-dc0004TX
 15-DC0006LA   OMEN 15-dc0013TX  OMEN 15-CE005TX
 Omen 15-CE007LA  Omen 15-ce008nw  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0112TX
 OMEN 15-DC0079TX  Omen 15-CE001LA   Omen 15-ce000ng
  Omen 15-CE051NR  Pavilion Power 15-CB071TX  Omen 15-ce002ng
 Omen 15-CE010CA   OMEN 15-CE003TX  Omen 15-CE019DX
 OMEN 15-dc0011TX   OMEN 15-dc0006TX  OMEN 15-DC1052NR
 OMEN 15-dc0009TX   OMEN 15-dc0007TX   Pavilion 15-CB045WM
  OMEN 15-CE008TX  Omen 15-CE026TX  Omen 15-ce000
 Pavilion 15-CB010NR   OMEN 15-dc0020nr   OMEN 15-CE515TX
 OMEN 15-dc0008TX   Pavilion 15-cb018ng   Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0004ng
  Omen 15-CE004LA   OMEN 15-CE510TX  PAVILION 15-CB074TX
 OMEN 15-CE511TX   Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0058WM  OMEN 15-CE004TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0830ND   Omen 15-dc0001ng  OMEN 15-DC0123TX
 OMEN 15-DC0014TX  OMEN 15-CE509TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NF
 15-DC0007LA  Pavilion Power 15-CB072TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0084TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB059TX  Pavilion 15-CB077CL  Pavilion 15-CB003TX
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0124TX  Omen 15-dc0700ng   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0083NB
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0510ND  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0017NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0085NR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0098TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0999NIA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0096TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0514NA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0800NZ  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0097TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0119TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0076NB  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0095TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0083TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0201NG  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0154TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0470ND  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0086NR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0168TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0118TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0102TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0963ND
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0114TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0157TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0164TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0811NO   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0109TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0113TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0651ND  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0099TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0078TX
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0166TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0511NA   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0304NG
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0100TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0138TX  Pavilion Gaming 15 2018
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0147TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0103TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0204NG
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0812NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0115TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0670ND
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0953ND  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0139TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0133TX
 Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0085TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0169TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0120TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0500ND  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0999NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0750NZ  OMEN 15-CE198WM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0808ND
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0305NG  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0706NZ  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0099UR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0309NG  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0153TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0815NO
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0140TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0076TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0998NF
  15-CE004TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0167TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0160TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0205NG  Pavilion Power 15-CB035TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0091NB  Omen 15-CE012NH  OMEN 15-CE518TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0071NR  Pavilion 15-CB079TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0401NG
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0400ND  2EF94PA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0600NG
 PAVILION 15-CB008TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0162TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0143TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0999NA  Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ng   pavilion 15-CB008NT
 OMEN 15-DC1058WM  Pavilion 15-CB011TX  Omen 15-CE015DX
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0101TX  Pavilion Gaming 15t  Omen 15-DC0013UR
 Omen 15-CE013DX   OMEN 15-DC0001NA  ZHAN 99
 Omen 15-CE016NS  Omen 15-dc0003ng  Omen 15-CE001NE
 Omen 15-CE004NA  PAVILION 15-CX0598NA  Omen 15-CE002NE
 Omen 15-CE025TX  OMEN 15-DC0037TX  OMEN 15T-DC100
 zhan99-66  OMEN 15-DC0036TX  Omen 15t-ce000
 Omen 15-CE008CA  Omen 15-CE059UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB042NR
 Omen 15-CE017NA   Pavilion Power 15-CB041NR  Pavilion 15-CB071NR
 Omen 15-CE020CA  OMEN 15-ce015ns  OMEN 15-DC0022NA
 Omen 15-CE084TX  Omen 15-CE002NT  Pavilion Power 15-CB018UR
 ZHAN 99 G1  OMEN 15-dc0005TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB071NR
 Pavilion 15-cx0172tx   Omen 15-CE011DX   OMEN 15-CE007TX
 OMEN 15T-CE100   Omen 15-DC0501NA  Pavilion 15-CB059TX
 Omen 15-CE018DX   Omen 15-CE031TX  OMEN 15-CE523TX
  OMEN 15-CE503TX  Pavilion 15-CB062TX  Pavilion 15-CB084TX
 zhan99-51  Pavilion Power 15t-cb2000  Pavilion Power 15-CB028NL
  Pavilion Power 15-CB009UR  Omen 15-CE013NA  PAVILION Power 15-CB076TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB046WM  OMEN 15-DC1004TX  Omen 15-CE022TX
 OMEN 15-DC1030NR  Omen 15-CE020NA  Pavilion Power 15-CB060SA
  OMEN 15-CE501TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB008UR  OMEN 15-DC1001TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB006UR  Pavilion 15-CB035WM  Pavilion Power 15-CB012UR
 Omen 15-CE022UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB073TX  Pavilion 15-CB028TX
 OMEN 15-CE512TX  Omen 15-ce099nf   Pavilion Power 15-CB016UR
  Omen 15-ce087tx  zhan99-53  Omen 15-dc0015ng
 OMEN 15-DC0094TX  OMEN 15-DC0035TX  Omen 15-CE030TX
 Omen 15-CE033TX  Omen 15-CE015UR  Pavilion Power 15-cb075tx
 OMEN 15-DC0000TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004NG  zhan99-67
 Pavilion Power 15-CB011TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NA  Pavilion Power 15-CB077NR
 OMEN 15-dc1068TX  Omen 15-CE071TX   Omen 15-CE032TX
 zhan99-37  OMEN 15-DC0011NW  Pavilion 15-cb013ng
 Pavilion Power 15-CB038UR  Omen 15-CE020NF   Omen 15-ce003nl
 Pavilion Power 15-CB062TX  Omen 15-CE030CA  Omen 15-dc0006ng
 OMEN 15-DC0085NR  OMEN 15-DC1088WM  Pavilion Power 15-CB029UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB010TX  2EF98PA  PAVILION 15-CB076TX
  OMEN 15-DC0030NR  OMEN 15-DC0087TX   Omen 15-CE033UR
  OMEN 15-DC0051NR   Omen 15-CE014UR  Omen 15-CE044TX
 15-CE007LA  Omen 15-CE009TX  zhan99-70
  pavilion 15-CB002NE   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0058WM  2EF97PA
 Pavilion Power 15-cb091nd  Omen 15-CE054NA   Pavilion Power 15-CB026UR
 Omen 15-CE010UR  Omen 15-CE086TX  Pavilion Power 15-cb012ns
 Omen 15-ce085tx   Omen 15-CE006NA  OMEN 15-DC0003UR
 Pavilion Power 15-cb032ns  Omen 15-CE008UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB008TX
 OMEN 15-DC0007TX(4LE21PA)  Omen 15-CE013UR  Omen 15-ce014ng
 Pavilion Power 15-CB002NF   Pavilion Power 15-CB006TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NG
 4 Pro 15-DC1001TX PRC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NL   Pavilion Power 15-cb036ns
 Omen 15-ce030ng  Pavilion Power 15-cb009ns  Pavilion Power 15-CB007TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB075NR  Omen 15-CE020TX  zhan99-68
 Pavilion Power 15-cb077TX  PAVILION 15-CB075TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB527TX
 Pavilion Power 15-cb033ns   Pavilion Power 15-CB007UR  OMEN 15-CE519TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB009TX  OMEN 15-DC0090TX  Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0005ng
 Omen 15-CE022NA  Pavilion Power 15-CB530TX  Omen 15-ce016ng
 Pavilion Power 15-CB008NT  Pavilion Power 15-CB054TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB021UR
 OMEN 15-DC0149TX  Omen 15-CE012UR  OMEN 15-DC0039TX
  Omen 15-CE009UR   Omen 15-CE029UR  OMEN 15-ce020ns
 Omen 15-ce002no  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NG   Pavilion Power 15-CB006NG
 Omen 15-ce032ng  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0020NR  zhan99-75
 Omen 15-CE006NW  Pavilion Power 15-CB010NG  OMEN 15-DC0005NW
 OMEN 15-DC0091TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NA  Pavilion Power 15-CB032NG
 Pavilion Power 15-CB001ND   Omen 15-CE006UR  Omen 15-ce008ns
 OMEN 15-CE0XX  Pavilion Power 15-CB024UR  OMEN 15-DC0006TX(4LE16PA)
 Omen 15-ce012ng   OMEN 17-CB0002NA  Omen 15-CE011NA
 Pavilion Power 15-CB003NG   zhan99-56  OMEN 15-DC0042TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0003NG   Omen 15-CE023NA  Omen 15-CE003NA
 Omen 15-CE073TX  OMEN 15-DC0084TX   PAVILION 15-CX0599SA
 Omen 15-ce033ng  Pavilion Power 15-CB535TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB059NR  Omen 15-ce034ng  OMEN 15-DC0980ND
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NQ  Pavilion Power 15-CB010CA  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NG
 Omen 15-CE056NA  Pavilion Power 15-cb012no  Pavilion 15-cb006ng
  OMEN 15-DC0031TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB031NG  Omen 15-CE012NA
 Pavilion Power 15-CB012NW   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000NQ  Omen 15-CE016NA
 Omen 15-ce001ng  OMEN 15-DC1003TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB025NF
 Omen 15-ce018ng  Omen 15-CE021NA   PAVILION 15-15-CB000
 Omen 15-ce090nz  Pavilion Power 15-CB037TX   Omen 15-CE037UR
  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NG   Pavilion Gaming 15t-cx0000   Omen 15-CE018UR
 Omen 15-ce004ng  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NG  Pavilion 15-cb031ng
  Omen 15-ce031ng  Pavilion Power 15-CB019UR   OMEN 15-DC0153TX(6KL73PA)
 4 Pro 15-DC1003TX PRC  Omen 15-ce007ng  Omen 15-CE001NJ
 OMEN 15-ce019ns  OMEN 15-DC0025TX  OMEN 15-DC0040TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB035NG  OMEN 15-DC0047TX  Omen 15-CE004NW
 Omen 15-CE068TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NA  Omen 15-CE049TX
 Omen 15-CE097NX  Pavilion 15-cb004ng   OMEN 15-DC0013TX(4LE20PA)
 Omen 15-CE024UR   Pavilion Power 15-CB015NL  Omen 15-ce050nz
 Omen 15-dc0002ng   Pavilion Power 15-CB033NG  Pavilion Power 15-CB008NS
 OMEN 15-DC0005TX(4LE15PA)  OMEN 15-DC0011TX(4LE22PA)  OMEN 15-DC1002TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB045WM  zhan99-74   OMEN 15-DC0080TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0071TX  Pavilion 15-cb035ng  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0003NM
 OMEN 15-DC0009TX(4LE12PA)  Omen 15-CE076TX  OMEN 15-DC0086TX
 Omen 15-CE012NF   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NJ  Omen 15-CE075TX
  Omen 15-CE015NP  Pavilion Power 15-CB012NG  Omen 15-CE011UR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0111TX  Omen 15-dc0004ng   Pavilion Power 15-cb052tx
 Pavilion Power 15-CB011UR   Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0001ng  OMEN 15-DC0004TX(4LE29PA)
 Pavilion Power 15-CB059NA  Omen 15-CE007UR  Omen 15-CE013TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB050OD  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0064TX  4 Pro 15-DC1002TX PRC
 Pavilion Power 15-CB004NM  OMEN 15-DC0057TX  Omen 15-CE000ND
 Omen 15-CE005NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000NK  OMEN 15-DC0115TX
 OMEN 15-DC0008TX(4LE28PA)  Omen 15-CE024NA  Omen 15-CE082TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB017UR   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0060TX  4 Pro 15-DC1005TX PRC
 Pavilion Power 15-CB014NA  Omen 15-CE008NL  OMEN 15-DC0062TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB027NL  Omen 15-CE049UR  OMEN 15-DC0126TX
 Omen 15-dc0096nd  OMEN 15-DC0123TX(5EL62PA)  Pavilion Power 15-CB025TX
 OMEN 15-DC0014TX(4LE26PA)  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NQ  Omen 15-CE009NL
 Pavilion 15-CB518TX  Omen 15-CE002NL  OMEN 15-DC0045NR
 Pavilion 15-cb002ng  Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0401ng  Omen 15-CE019UR
  OMEN 15-DC1092TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB017TX  OMEN 15-dc1054nr
 OMEN 15-DC1005TX  Omen 15-CE067TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB094TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000NH  Omen 15-CE000NO  Pavilion 15-CB035TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0062TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NQ  OMEN 15-DC0018TX
 OMEN 15-DC0093TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NM   Pavilion Power 15-CB092TX
 Omen 15-CE072TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB012NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB014NL
  OMEN 15-DC0003NX  Pavilion Power 15-CB099TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0069TX
 Omen 15-CE035UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NW  Pavilion 15-cb012ng
 OMEN 15-DC1027TX  Omen 15-CE025UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB022TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB011NC  Pavilion 15-CB052TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB068TX
 OMEN 15-DC0097TX  OMEN 15-DC0024TX  Omen 15-CE007NT
 Omen 15-CE013NW  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB012TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB083TX   Omen 15-CE080TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0067TX
 Omen 15-CE002NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB013TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB035WM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0005NG  Pavilion Power 15-CB090TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB005NO
 Omen 15-CE026UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NO   Omen 15-CE029TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB031NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB019TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB009NL
 Pavilion Power 15-CB078TX  Omen 15-CE015TX  OMEN 15-DC0001NX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB061NA   Omen 15-CE081TX
  Omen 15-CE058TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004NW  Pavilion Power 15-CB060TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NL  Omen 15-CE000NB  Omen 15-CE006NL
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0030NR  Omen 15-CE005NL  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0040NR
 Omen 15-CE027NM  Pavilion 15-CB001LA  Omen 15-CE012NL
 Omen 15-CE089NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB063TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB098TX
 OMEN 15-DC0081TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0068TX   4 Pro 15-DC1004TX PRC
 Pavilion Power 15-CB009NP  pavilion 15-CB007NT  PAVILION 15-CB006TX
 Omen 15-CE034UR  Pavilion 15-CB050OD  OMEN 15-DC0100TX
 Omen 15-CE034TX   Omen 15-ce019ng  Omen 15-CE036UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB004NS  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004NM  Omen 15-CE088TX
 OMEN 15-DC1070TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB053TX  Omen 15-CE014NA
 Pavilion Power 15-CB058TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB033UR  Omen 15-CE026NS
 Omen 15-CE046UR  Omen 15-CE015NA  Omen 15-CE054TX
  OMEN 15-DC0029TX  Omen 15-CE013NM  Omen 15-CE061TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB002NT  Omen 15-CE056TX  PAVILION 15-CB010TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB033TX  Omen 15-CE032ND  Omen 15-CE051UR
 Omen 15-CE028TX  Omen 15-CE011NM   OMEN 15-DC0104TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB002NU  Pavilion 15-CE015DX   Pavilion 15-CB037TX
 Omen 15-CE090TX  Omen 15-CE030NM  OMEN 15-DC0055TX
 OMEN 15-CE500TX   PAVILION 15-CX0599NA   Pavilion 15-cb000ng
 Omen 15-CE004NT  Omen 15-CE065TX  OMEN 15-DC0069TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB081TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB029TX  Omen 15-CE054ND
 Pavilion 15-CB079NR  Pavilion Power 15-CB024TX  Omen 15-CE040TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB032UR  Omen 15-CE060TX   Omen 15-CE012NS
 Pavilion Power 15-CB014TX  Omen 15-CE001NW  Pavilion Power 15-CB005NC
 Pavilion Power 15-CB010NR  Pavilion 15-CB054TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB082TX
 Omen 15-CE050TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB029NL  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB088TX  Omen 15-CE077TX   Omen 15-CE089TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB017NL  Omen 15-CE037TX  OMEN 15-DC0127TX
 Omen 15-CE052TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002UR  OMEN 15-DC0023TX
 Pavilion 15-cx0183tx  Pavilion Power 15-CB030NL  Omen 15-CE007NM
  Omen 15-CE098TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NC  Pavilion Power 15-CB061ND
 OMEN 17-CB0002TX  OMEN 15-DC0098TX  Omen 15-CE064TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB015NM  Omen 15-CE004NL  Omen 15-CE027TX
 Omen 15-CE013NS   Pavilion Power 15-CB018TX  Omen 15-CE042TX
  OMEN 15-DC0099TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB002NE  Omen 15-CE004NS
 Omen 15-CE003NK  Pavilion 15-CB077NR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NH
  Omen 15-CE013NL  Omen 15-CE016NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB023UR
 Omen 15-CE038TX  Omen 15-CE013NC   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0003NF
 PAVILION 15-CB007TX  Omen 15-CE018NL  Omen 15-CE011TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0098UR   Omen 15-CE007NS  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NIA
 OMEN 15-DC0002TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0005NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0009NE
 Omen 15-CE016NM   Omen 15-CE004NK  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NB
 Pavilion Power 15-CB004NX  Pavilion Power 15-CB020TX  Omen 15-CE010TX
  Omen 15-CE043UR  Omen 15-CE006NS  Omen 15-CE025NS
 Omen 15-CE003NJ  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0045UR
 Omen 15-CE080NZ  PAVILION 15-CB009TX  Omen 15-CE041ND
 OMEN 17-CB0001TX   Omen 15-CE018NP   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0034UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB020NM  15-CE009LA  Pavilion Power 15-CB039TX
 Omen 15-CE098NF  Omen 15-CE053TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB020UR
 GAMING PAVILION 15-CX0999NL  OMEN 15-DC0001TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB069TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB018NM  Pavilion 15-CB077TX  Omen 15-CE043TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB505TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB015NF  Omen 15-CE006NC
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NH   Omen 15-CE005NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB087TX
 Omen 15-CE008NT  Omen 15-CE062TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NV
  Pavilion Power 15-CB008NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NM  Pavilion Power 15-CB093TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB022NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB067TX  OMEN 15-DC0065TX
 Omen 15-CE023NM  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NT  Pavilion Power 15-CB079NR
 Omen 15-CE025NB  Omen 15-CE006NK   Omen 15-CE002NW
 Pavilion Power 15-CB004NF   OMEN 15-DC0095TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NW
 Omen 15-CE000NF   Pavilion Power 15-CB023NL  Omen 15-CE028NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NU   Pavilion Power 15-CB089TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB017NB  OMEN 15-DC0038TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB012NF
 Omen 15-CE097TX  Omen 15-CE003NE  Omen 15-CE098NX
 Omen 15-CE002NF  Omen 15-CE009NC  Omen 15-CE016NP
 Omen 15-CE054UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB044TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NU
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0005NL  OMEN 15-DC0008NE  Omen 15-CE026NB
 Pavilion 15-CB504TX  Omen 15-CE005NW  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB048NA  Omen 15-CE022NM  Pavilion 15-cb014ng
 Pavilion 15-CB046WM  Omen 15-CE044UR  Omen 15-CE004UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB002NL  Pavilion 15-CB078TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB050TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0010CA  Pavilion 15-cb094nz   Omen 15-CE000UR
  Pavilion Power 15-CB025NA  Pavilion 15-CB024CL  Pavilion Power 15-CB023NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0027UR  Omen 15-CE060ND  Pavilion 15-CB010CA
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0053UR  Omen 15-CE030NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB064NZ
 Pavilion Power 15-CB504TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB016NB  Omen 15-CE018NS
 Pavilion Power 15-CB080TX  OMEN 15-DC0032TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NH
 OMEN 15-DC0010TX  Omen 15-CE015NF  OMEN 17-CB0000TX
 Omen 15-CE045TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB002NO  Omen 15-CE000NP
 Pavilion Power 15-CB006NH  Pavilion 15-CB075NR  Omen 15-CE009NP
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0059TX  Omen 15-CE001NIA   Omen 15-CE011NC
 Omen 15-CE036TX  Omen 15-CE039TX  Omen 15-CE031NW
 Pavilion Power 15-CB014NS  Omen 15-CE033NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB097TX
 Omen 15-CE019NM  OMEN 15-DC0005NG  Omen 15-CE059TX
 Omen 15-CE024NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB085TX  Omen 15-CE061ND
  Pavilion Power 15-CB095TX  OMEN 15-DC0045TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB008NO
 Omen 15-CE082NO  pavilion 15-CB028NL  Omen 15-CE003NQ
 Pavilion Power 15-CB511TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004NO   OMEN 15-DC0041TX
 Omen 15-CE005NP  pavilion 15-CB004NA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0049NR
  Pavilion Power 15-CB030ND  Omen 15-CE026NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0031TX
 Omen 15-CE018NM  Omen 15-CE006NM   Pavilion Power 15-CB026NF
 Omen 15-CE055TX  Omen 15-CE000NU  Pavilion Power 15-CB016NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0070TX  Pavilion 15-CB092TX  Omen 15-CE011NP
  Pavilion Power 15-CB031TX  Omen 15-CE026NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0034NU
 Pavilion Power 15-CB014NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB040TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NT
 Omen 15-CE006NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0044UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB028UR
 Omen 15-CE057TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB005NV
 Pavilion Power 15-CB016NM  Omen 15-CE004NF  Pavilion 15-CB041NR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0061TX  Omen 15-CE017NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB014NM
 Pavilion 15-CB059NR  Omen 15-CE003NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NX
  Omen 15-CE021NU  Omen 15-CE047TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB037UR
 Omen 15-CE002NB  Omen 15-CE008NU  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0026NM
  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NW  Omen 15-CE063TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NV
 Omen 15-CE011NB  Omen 15-CE099NZ  Omen 15-CE000NQ
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004NB  Omen 15-CE027UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0072UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB001NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB023NA  Omen 15-CE095NE
 Pavilion Power 15-CB015NO  Pavilion 15-CB042NR  Omen 15-CE025NF
 Omen 15-CE081ND  Omen 15-CE005LA  Omen 15-CE027NF
 OMEN 15-dc1067TX  Omen 15-CE079TX  OMEN 15-DC0143TX
 Pavilion 15-CB072TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB023NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB006NB
 Omen 15-DC0021NF  Omen 15-CE007NV  Pavilion Power 15-CB024NF
 Omen 15-CE021NS  Omen 15-CE032UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0072TX
 Omen 15-CE005UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011NI
 Pavilion Power 15-CB019NO  Pavilion 15-CB522TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0015NC
 Omen 15-CE010NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB026TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB018NO
 OMEN 15-DC0043TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB008NF   Omen 15-CE002NP
 Pavilion Power 15-CB032TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB021TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB019NF
 OMEN 15T-DC000  Pavilion Power 15-CB010NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB065TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB017NF  Omen 15-CE001NX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0003NH
  Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0400  Pavilion Power 15-CB518TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB083ND
  Omen 15-CE030NF  Omen 15-CE011NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB532TX
 Omen 15-CE035NS  OMEN 15-CE504TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB086TX
 Pavilion 15-CB527TX  Omen 15-CE002NK  Omen 15-CE006NV
 OMEN 15-CE526TX  Omen 15-CE007NQ  Omen 15-CE008NQ
 Omen 15-CE051TX  Omen 15-CE013NO  Omen 15-CE005NM
 Omen 15-CE013NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB046TX  OMEN 15-DC0106TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB030TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB018NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB028TX
  Omen 15-CE013NP  OMEN 15-CE524TX   Omen 15-CE003NS
 OMEN 15-CE502TX  Pavilion 15-cb003ng  Omen 15-CE008NF
  Pavilion Power 15-CB010UR  OMEN 15-CE506TX  Omen 15-CE010NW
 OMEN 15-CE521TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB018NF   Pavilion Power 15-CB018NA
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0055UR   OMEN 15-CE513TX  Omen 15-CE014NM
 Omen 15-CE008NO  Omen 15-CE005NH  Pavilion Power 15-CB006NT
 Omen 15-CE084NO  Omen 15-dc0304ng  OMEN 15-CE505TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB061TX  OMEN 15-CE516TX  Omen 15-CE001NK
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006NQ  Omen 15-CE009NO  OMEN 15-DC0121TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB517TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB016NO   Omen 15-CE013NU
 Omen 15-dc0250nz  OMEN 15-CE520TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NU
 Omen 15-CE007NF  OMEN 15-CE525TX  Omen 15-CE005NK
 Omen 15-CE004NB  Omen 15-CE019NU  Omen 15-CE001NU
 Pavilion Power 15-CB001NX  Omen 15-CE048UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0054UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB031NF  Omen 15-CE012NO  OMEN 15-DC0096TX
 Omen 15-CE003NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB001LA  Pavilion Power 15-CB015UR
 Omen 15-CE035TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB002LA  Omen 15-CE052UR
  Pavilion 15-CB025TX  Omen 15-CE012NC  Pavilion Power 15-CB066TX
  OMEN 15-DC0096NR   Pavilion Power 15-CB508TX  Omen 15-CE016NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0047UR  Omen 15-CE003NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002ND
 Pavilion Power 15-CB004NP  Pavilion Power 15-CB036TX   Omen 15-CE098NIA
  Pavilion Power 15-CB010NU  Omen 15-CE003NT   OMEN 17-CB0005NG
 Omen 15-CE022NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB034TX  Omen 15-CE015NO
 Omen 15-CE014NU  OMEN 15-DC0051TX  OMEN 17-CB0591NA
 Pavilion Power 15-CB005NS   OMEN 15-DC0066TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0009NM
  Omen 15-CE017NM  Omen 15-CE031UR   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NM
 Omen 15-CE029NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB039UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0041UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0036UR  Omen 15-CE012NM  Omen 15-CE008NP
 Omen 15-CE027ND  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NF  Omen 15-CE009NQ
 Pavilion Power 15-CB522TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB021NB  Omen 15-CE007NP
 Omen 15-CE010NH  OMEN 15-DC0012TX  Omen 15-CE017NB
  Pavilion Power 15-CB070TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB011NU   Omen 15-CE022NB
 Pavilion 15-cb030ng  Pavilion Power 15-CB020NB  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0110TX
 Omen 15-CE020NL   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0014NO  OMEN 15-DC0067TX
 Omen 15-CE002NIA  Omen 15-CE022NL   Omen 15-CE011NF
 Pavilion 15-CB094TX  Omen 15-CE015NB   Omen 15-CE024NB
 Pavilion Power 15-CB045TX  Omen 15-CE054NZ  Pavilion 15-CB067TX
 Omen 15-CE032NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB513TX  15-DC0057LA
 Omen 15-CE028UR  Omen 15-CE097NIA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0039UR
 Omen 15-CE012NP  Omen 15-CE027NO  OMEN 15-DC0114TX
 Omen 15-CE008NM   OMEN 15-DC0063TX  Pavilion 15-CB033TX
 Omen 15-CE023NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NQ  Pavilion 15-CB012TX
 Omen 15-CE018NF  Omen 15-CE040UR  OMEN 15-DC1040NR
 Omen 15-CE001NA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0013NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011NM
 Omen 15-CE097NB  Omen 15-CE001NQ  OMEN 15-DC0052TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0010NP  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0008UR  Omen 15-CE013NB
 Omen 15-CE020NO  Omen 15-CE014NC  Omen 15-CE004NI
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0051TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0066UR  Pavilion 15-CB083TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB029NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NM  Omen 15-CE019NO
  Pavilion Power 15-CB017NM  OMEN 15-DC0073TX   Omen 15-CE021NF
 Omen 15-CE009NM  Pavilion 15-CB018TX  Pavilion 15-CB099TX
 Omen 15-CE083NG  Pavilion 15-CB081TX  Omen 15-CE024NP
 Omen 15-CE034NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB057TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0052TX
 Omen 15-CE005NO  OMEN 15-DC0019TX  Omen 15-CE006NQ
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006UR  Pavilion 15-CB508TX   Omen 15-CE023NO
 Omen 15-CE019NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006TX  Omen 15-CE056UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006NT  Omen 15-CE026NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB041TX
 Omen 15-CE007NO  Omen 15-CE009NI  Omen 15-CE028NO
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0073UR  Omen 15-CE021NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB034UR
 Omen 15-CE010NP   Omen 15-CE020NB  OMEN 15-DC0074TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB049TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB027NF  Omen 15-CE098NT
  Pavilion 15-CB503TX  Pavilion 15-cb005ng  OMEN 15-DC0064TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB013UR  Omen 15-CE004NE  OMEN 15-DC0010NG
 OMEN 15-DC0122TX  Omen 15-CE074NZ  Omen 15-CE003NP
 Pavilion 15-CB098TX  Omen 15-CE028NB  Pavilion 15-CB053TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB006NV  Omen 15-CE058UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011UR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0038UR  Omen 15-CE057UR   Omen 15-CE074TX
 Omen 15-CE005NQ  Omen 15-CE008NI  OMEN 15-DC0048TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB047TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0050UR   Pavilion 15-cb070ng
 Omen 15-CE014NB  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0065TX  Pavilion 15-CB023TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB010NP  Pavilion 15-CB050TX  Omen 15-CE014NL
 OMEN 15-DC0028TX  Pavilion 15-CB005TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0058TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB048TX  Omen 15-CE007NK  Pavilion Power 15-CB501TX
 Omen 15-CE048TX  Pavilion 15-CB017TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0062UR
 Omen 15-CE025NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB011NP  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0065UR
 Omen 15-CE036NS  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NV  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NQ
 Pavilion Power 15-CB030NF  Pavilion 15-CB511TX  Omen 15-CE002NQ
 OMEN 15-DC0027TX  OMEN 15-DC0054TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0072NB
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0070UR  OMEN 15-DC1093TX  OMEN 15-DC0128TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0065NB  Omen 15-CE010NB  Pavilion 15-CB068TX
 Omen 15-CE023NP  Omen 15-CE010NO  OMEN 15-DC0053TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB036UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB023NF  Omen 15-CE019NA
 Omen 15-CE040NZ  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0059UR  Pavilion 15-CB082TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB005NU  OMEN 15-DC0132TX  Pavilion 15-CB020TX
 Pavilion 15-CB088TX  Pavilion 15-CB019TX  Omen 15-CE096NE
 Pavilion 15-CB057TX  PAVILION Power 15-CB074TX  Pavilion 15-cb033ng
 Pavilion 15-CB039TX  OMEN 17-CB0060NR  Omen 15-CE008NK
 Omen 15-CE011NQ   Omen 15-CE012NW  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0028NM
 Omen 15-CE005NV  Pavilion 15-CB040TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0067UR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB009NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB006NO   Pavilion Power 15-CB010NO
 Omen 15-CE003NI  Omen 15-CE016TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0009NU
 Omen 15-CE046TX  Pavilion 15-CB034TX  Omen 15-CE035NF
 Pavilion 15-CB517TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB014NC  Pavilion 15-CB089TX
 Omen 15-CE041TX  Omen 15-CE031NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0042UR
 PAVILION 15-CB006NL  Pavilion 15-cb009ng  Omen 15-CE031NS
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0018NE  Pavilion Power 15-CB521TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NL
  Pavilion 15-CB022TX  Omen 15-CE015NU   Pavilion 15-cb032ng
 Omen 15-CE011NW  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0058NU  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0021NO
 Pavilion 15-CB014TX  Omen 15-CE029NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0018NV
 Pavilion 15-CB534TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB038TX  Pavilion 15-CB071TX
 Pavilion 15-CB013TX  Pavilion 15-cb070nz  Pavilion 15-CB087TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB018NL  Pavilion 15-CB509TX  Pavilion 15-CB063TX
 Omen 15-CE009NK  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0030NM   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0033UR
 Omen 15-CE012NB  Pavilion 15-CB095TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0057UR
 Pavilion 15-CB513TX  Pavilion 15-CB029TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0675ND
 Omen 15-CE014NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0031NM   Omen 15-CE078TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0010NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0043NB  Pavilion 15-CB065TX
 Pavilion 15-CB535TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB007NO   Pavilion Power 15-CB091TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0012NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0010NF  Pavilion 15-CB044TX
 Pavilion 15-CB002LA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0008NI  Pavilion 15-CB532TX
 Pavilion 15-CB090TX   Omen 15-CE021NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0054NU
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0009NF  Omen 15-CE069TX  Omen 15-CE018NU
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0022NO  Pavilion 15-CB032TX  Pavilion 15-CB080TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB051TX   Omen 15-CE016NU  Pavilion 15-CB510TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0012NE  Pavilion 15-CB024TX
 Omen 15-CE033NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0032UR   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0020NM
  Pavilion 15-CB056TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0020NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0029NM
 Pavilion 15-CB501TX  Omen 15-CE018TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0021NM
 Pavilion 15-CB061TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB096TX   Omen 15-CE029NS
 Pavilion 15-CB537TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0058UR   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0025NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0016NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0015NO  Pavilion Power 15-CB014UR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0032NM  Pavilion 15-CB540TX  Omen 15-CE015NH
 OMEN 15-DC1080TX  Omen 15-CE006LA  Pavilion 15-CB531TX
 Pavilion 15-CB030TX  Omen 15-CE034NF  Pavilion 15-CB529TX
 Pavilion 15-CB093TX   Pavilion 15-CB533TX  Pavilion 15-CB042TX
 Pavilion 15-CB045TX   Pavilion 15-CB530TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0048NB
 Omen 15-CE023TX  Pavilion 15-CB541TX  Pavilion 15-CB051TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NQ  Pavilion 15-CB021TX  OMEN 15-DC0086NR
 Pavilion 15-CB043TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB002NX  Pavilion 15-CB505TX
 Pavilion 15-CB085TX  Omen 15-CE036NF  Pavilion 15-CB049TX
 Pavilion 15-CB523TX  Omen 15-CE018NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0040UR
 Pavilion 15-CB001TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0030UR   OMEN 15-DC1006TX
 Pavilion Power 15-cb012na  Pavilion 15-CB096TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0005NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0036TX   Omen 15-ce005ng  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0008NF
 Pavilion 15-CB091TX  Pavilion 15-CB038TX  Omen 15-CE027NB
 Omen 15-CE005NT   Pavilion 15-CB015TX  Pavilion 15-CB064TX
 Omen 15-CE011NU  Omen 15-CE019TX   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0045NR
 Omen 15-CE017TX  Pavilion 15-CB516TX  Pavilion 15-CB027TX
  Pavilion Power 15-CB516TX  Pavilion 15-CB086TX  Pavilion 15-CB502TX
 Pavilion 15-CB026TX  Pavilion 15-CB515TX  Pavilion 15-CB046TX
 Pavilion 15-CB514TX  OMEN 15-DC0085TX  OMEN 15-DC0113TX
 Pavilion 15-CB506TX  Pavilion 15-CB002TX  OMEN 15-DC0138TX
 Pavilion 15-CB519TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB012NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0009UR
 OMEN 17-CB0007NG  Pavilion Power 15-CB507TX  Omen 15-CE093TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0019NO  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0053TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0043UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0012NM  Pavilion Power 15-CB030NG  Pavilion 15-CB004TX
 Omen 15-CE001NL  Pavilion 15-CB031TX  Pavilion 15-CB512TX
 Pavilion 15-CB524TX  Pavilion 15-CB500TX  Omen 15-CE066TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0025TX  Pavilion 15-CB070TX  Pavilion 15-CB066TX
 OMEN 15-DC1010NR  Omen 15-CE096TX  OMEN 15-DC0107TX
 Pavilion 15-CB097TX   Pavilion 15-cb031nl  Omen 15-ce010nl
 Pavilion 15-CB047TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB510TX   Pavilion 15-CB526TX
 OMEN 15-DC1050NR  OMEN 15-DC0103TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0010UR
 Pavilion 15-CB539TX  OMEN 15-dc1063TX  OMEN 15-DC0034TX
 Pavilion 15-CB536TX  Pavilion 15-cb010ng  Pavilion Power 15-CB525TX
 OMEN 15-DC0008NG  GAMING PAVILION 15-CX0997NL  Omen 15-CE091TX
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0013UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0068UR  OMEN 15-DC0087NR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0061UR  Omen 15-CE031NF  Omen 15-CE012TX
 Pavilion 15-CB041TX  Omen 15-CE092TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0064UR
  OMEN 15-DC0052NR  Omen 15-CE014TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB002NG
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0018NF  Omen 15-CE021TX  Omen 15-CE024TX
 Pavilion 15-CB055TX  Pavilion 15-CB521TX   Pavilion 15-CB520TX
  Omen 15-CE099TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB506TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB005NG
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0063UR  Pavilion 15-CB538TX  Omen 15-CE095TX
  Omen 15-CE094TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0071UR   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0069UR
 OMEN 15-DC0130TX  Pavilion 15-CB542TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0060UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0056UR  OMEN 15-DC0088TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB039NS
 Omen 15-CE083TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0046UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0068NB
 OMEN 15-DC0092TX  OMEN 15-DC0117TX  Pavilion 15-CB544TX
 OMEN 15-DC0116TX  OMEN 15-DC0030TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB031UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0016NO   Omen 15-CE009LA  OMEN 15-DC0089TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0012NS  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0026UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0027NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0051MS  Pavilion Power 15-CB079TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB004NC
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NK  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000NF  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006NM
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0016NA   Pavilion Power 15-CB015NS  OMEN 15-DC1007TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011NQ  Pavilion Power 15-CB515TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0035UR
  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0024NM  OMEN 15-DC0129TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB502TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0052UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB003NC  Omen 15-CE001NI
 OMEN 15-dc1064TX  OMEN 15-DC0400NG  OMEN 15-dc1016nv
 OMEN 15-DC0140TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0018NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0030NB
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011NU  Pavilion Power 15-CB500TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0022NB
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0022NM  Pavilion Power 15-CB512TX  OMEN 17-CB0003NA
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0017NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0016NE  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007UR
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB001NF  Omen 15-CE001NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB533TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB023TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB514TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB519TX  OMEN 15-DC0026TX
 OMEN 17-CB0005NA   Omen 17-CB0043NB  OMEN 15-DC0030CA
 OMEN 17-CB0220NG  OMEN 17T-CB000   OMEN 15-dc1061TX
 Omen 15-CE002NI   Pavilion Power 15-CB002NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB001NT
 Omen 15-CE017NF  Omen 15-CE097NT  OMEN 15-DC0022TX
 Omen 15-CE009NT  Pavilion Power 15-CB509TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB013NA
 Omen 15-CE084NZ  Omen 15-ce020ng  OMEN 15-DC1300NG
 Pavilion Power 15-CB007NS  Omen 15-CE001NP  OMEN 15-DC1088NR
 Omen 15-CE021NL  Pavilion Power 15-CB503TX  Pavilion 15-CB528TX
 OMEN 15-DC0088NR  Pavilion Power 15-CB001NP  Pavilion Power 15-CB040ND
 Omen 15-CE062ND  OMEN 15-DC0077TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB009NC
  OMEN 15-DC0025CA   OMEN 15-dc1066TX  Omen 15-CE042UR
  OMEN 17-CB0008NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NS  OMEN 15-DC0111TX
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0042NR  Pavilion Power 15-CB005NT   OMEN 15-CE199NR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB534TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0037UR  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0008CA
  Omen 15-CE023NB  OMEN 17-CB0010NC  OMEN 15-DC0076TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB060NA  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NX  Omen 15-CE032NF
 Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0020CA   Pavilion Power 15-CB003NB  OMEN 17-CB0020NG
 Pavilion 15T-CB000  Omen 15-CE025NM  Pavilion Power 15-CB006NL
 Omen 15-CE096NB  Pavilion Power 15-CB531TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB017NO
 OMEN 15-DC0020CA  OMEN 15-DC1069WM  OMEN 17-CB0070NR
 Pavilion Power 15-CB003NF  OMEN 15-DC0049TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB030UR
 OMEN 17-CB0050NR  Pavilion Power 15-CB014NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB025UR
 OMEN 15-DC1020NR  OMEN 15-DC0021TX  OMEN 15-DC1002NE
 Pavilion Power 15-CB020NF  OMEN 15-DC0900NZ  Pavilion Power 15-CB021NF
 Pavilion Power 15-CB032ND   Pavilion Power 15-CB056TX   Pavilion Power 15-CB011NO
 Pavilion Power 15-CB043TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB028NF  Pavilion Power 15-CB003LA
 Pavilion Power 15-CB010NT  Pavilion Power 15-CB084TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB005NF
 Pavilion Power 15-CB065ND   OMEN 15-DC0033TX   OMEN 15-DC0046TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB021NM  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0023NM  OMEN 15-DC1009TX
 15-CB003LA  Pavilion Power 15-CB022UR  Pavilion Power 15-CB526TX
 OMEN 17-CB0588NA  OMEN 15-CE507TX  OMEN 17-CB0006NA
 OMEN 17-CB0005NC  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0012UR  OMEN 15-DC1307NG
 OMEN 17-CB0020NR  OMEN 15-DC0075TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0006NS
 OMEN 15-DC1017TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB524TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0017NO
 OMEN 15-DC0110TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB032NF  OMEN 17-CB0008NG
  Omen 15-dc0900  Pavilion Power 15-CB022NB   OMEN 15-DC0314NG
 Pavilion Power 15-CB042TX  OMEN 15-dc1060TX  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0005NS
  Omen 15-dc0200ng  Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0001NU  OMEN 15-CE508TX
 Omen 15-dc0400   Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0019NC  OMEN 15-DC1019TX
 OMEN 15-DC0061TX  OMEN 15-DC1015TX  15-DC0056LA
 OMEN 17-CB0090NR  OMEN 15-DC0112TX  Omen 15-CE011NS
  OMEN 17-CB0044TX  OMEN 15-DC0058TX  OMEN 15-DC1079WM
  OMEN 17-CB0030NR  OMEN 15-DC1304NG  Omen 15-CE022NO
 Omen 15-CE019NP  Omen 15-DC0038UR   Omen 15-CE024NO
 Omen 15-dc0301ng  OMEN 15-DC1060NR  OMEN 17-CB0004NG
 Omen 15-dc0201ng  Pavilion POWER 15-CB004NB  OMEN 15-DC1305NG
 OMEN 15-CE522TX  OMEN 15-DC1012TX  Pavilion Power 15-CB002NQ
 OMEN 17-CB0006NG  OMEN 15-CE517TX  OMEN 17-CB0200NG
  OMEN 15-DC0053NR  OMEN 15-DC0011NR  OMEN 15-DC1300
 ZHAN 99 Mobile Workstation G1  OMEN 15-DC0072TX  OMEN 15-DC1047NR
 OMEN 15-DC0102TX   GAMING PAVILION 15-CX0990NL  Omen 15-CE099NIA
 OMEN 17-CB0582NA  OMEN 17-CB0002NG  OMEN 15-DC0044TX
 OMEN 15-dc1055TX  OMEN 15-dc1740ng  OMEN 15-DC1023TX
 Pavilion Power 15-CB523TX   OMEN 15-DC0070TX  OMEN 15-DC0134TX
 Omen 15-dc0307ng   OMEN 17-CB0043TX  OMEN 15-DC0109TX
  OMEN 17-CB0040NR  OMEN 15-DC1306NG  OMEN 15-DC0050TX
 OMEN 15-DC1302NG   Omen 15-dc0311ng  OMEN 15-DC0056TX
 OMEN 15-DC0060TX  OMEN 15-DC1016TX  OMEN 17-CB0230NG
  OMEN 15-DC0118TX  OMEN 15-dc1062TX  Omen 15-dc0315ng
  OMEN 15-DC0105TX  Omen 15-dc0300  OMEN 15-DC0108TX
 OMEN 15-DC1036TX  OMEN 17-CB0080NR  OMEN 15-DC0059TX
 OMEN 15-DC0020TX  OMEN 15-DC1018TX  OMEN 15-DC0313NG
  OMEN 15-DC0071TX  OMEN 15-DC0312NG  OMEN 15-DC1013TX
 zhan99-38  OMEN 17-CB0092NR  OMEN 15-DC0068TX
 ZHAN99(4RV65PA)  OMEN 15-dc1057TX  OMEN 15-DC1086NR
 OMEN 15-CE514TX   zhan99-69  ZHAN99(4RV74PA)
  ZHAN99(4RV75PA)  zhan99(4SA57PA)  zhan99-65
 zhan99-55  ZHAN99(4RV64PA)   OMEN 15-DC1011TX
  OMEN 15-DC1014TX  ZHAN99(4SA56PA)  ZHAN99(4RV68PA)
 ZHAN99(4SA55PA)  zhan99-57  ZHAN99(4RV67PA)
 OMEN 15-DC0150TX  OMEN 15-DC1085NR  OMEN 15-DC0137TX
  Omen 15-CE012DX  ZHAN99(4RW37PA)  Omen 15-CE008LA
 OMEN 15-DC1018CA  OMEN 15-DC1021TX  ZHAN99(4RU51PA)
 Pavilion 15-CB048TX  Pavilion 15-CB525TX   Pavilion 15-CB060TX
 Pavilion 15-CB507TX  Pavilion 15-CB016TX  Pavilion 15-CB543TX
 Pavilion 15-CB069TX  Pavilion 15-CB036TX  Pavilion 15-CB058TX
 OMEN 15-DC1087NR  OMEN 15-DC1025TX   OMEN 15-DC1003LA
 OMEN 15-DC1081TX  OMEN 15-DC1010TX  OMEN 15-DC1008CA
  OMEN 15-DC1008TX  OMEN 15-DC1022TX  OMEN 15-DC1020TX
 OMEN 15-DC1024TX  OMEN 15-DC1000TX  OMEN 15-DC0151TX
 OMEN 15-DC0144TX  Omen 15-CE000 CTO  OMEN 15-DC1084NR
 OMEN 17-CB0002CA   OMEN 17-CB0925NA   zhan99-73
 Omen 15-DC1018NC  ZBook 15V G5 Mobile Workstation  Omen 17-CB0002UR
  Omen 15-DC1041UR  Omen 15-DC1031TX   Omen 15-DC1021NP
 Pavilion POWER 15-CB001NQ  Omen 17-CB1048TX   Omen 15-DC1038NP
 OMEN 15-DC0124TX  OMEN 15-DC1000NS  Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0000NB
  Omen 15-dc1303ng  OMEN 15-DC1026TX


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm
Battery Type

Cell Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries




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