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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for Toshiba R700 High Quality Battery

2,999 GST Included

  • Splendid Branded Battery
  • Battery Type : Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 10.8V  4400mAh
  • Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number
  • High Grade Li-Ion Cells are used with all Quality Benchmark Test


2,999 GST Included

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Splendid , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 10.8V  4400mAh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No R700
Warranty Six Months Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers

 PABAS265  PABAS235  PA3831U-1BRS
  PABAS249  PA3832U-1BRS  PA3929U-1BRS
 PABAS236   PA3931U-1BRS  PABAS251
  PABAS250  PA5043U-1BRS   PA3930U-1BRS
 PABAS256  PA3833U-1BRS  PA3984U-1BRS
  PT321E-01E00YEN  PA3932U-1BRS  PT320E-0F700SGR
  PT321E-01U00TCE  PT311E-02Y03GIT  PT321E-01F01FIT
 PT321E-00P00YEN   PT324T-03H00U

Fit Models (use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

R700  DYNABOOK R732  R705
 DYNABOOK R731  PORT G R930  Satellite R830
 Satellite R630  PORT G R700-1DH  PORT G R700-185
 TECRA R700  PORT G R700-15T  PORT G R700-1F7
 PORT G R700-184  PORT G R700-155  PORT G R700-15W
 PORT G R830-11Q   PORT G R700-160  PORT G R830-139
 PORT G R700-17W  PORT G R830-1HD  PORT G R830-1JX
 PORT G R700-17X  PORT G R700-1DG  PORT G R830-1JZ
 PORT G R700-17Z  PORT G R700-1F3  PORT G R700-15V
 PORT G R700-181  PORT G R700-182  PORT G R700-194
 PORT G R700-1DE  PORT G R830-1JV  PORT G R830-1G2
  PORT G R700-1F6  PORT G R700-1F4  PORT G R830-1GC
 SATELLITE R830-1G0   Satellite R845-S85  Tecra R840-S8413
 Portege R935-P330  Portege R935-ST2N01   PORT G R930-009
 Satellite R630-102  Portege R705  Portege R935-ST2N02
 DYNABOOK R731/C  Portege R935-P326  PORT G R930-006
 SATELLITE R830-1G1  PORT G R930-008  Tecra R840-S8419
 SATELLITE R840  PORT G R930-005  PORT G R930-007
 PORT G R830-0KH  SATELLITE R830-1L7  PORT G R830-03Y
 Dynabook R731/B   Satellite R845-ST5N01  PORT G R930-00V
 PORT G R830-0F5  PORT G R830-03X  PORT G R830-0KF
 PORT G R830-0F6  PORT G R830-0H4  DYNABOOK R731-16B
  DYNABOOK R731-37B  PORT G R700-S1312  DYNABOOK R731/W2TC
 PORT G R700-11E  Tecra R700-00G  PORT G R700-1DM
 PORT G R700-173  DYNABOOK R731/37B  PORT G R700-174
 PORT G R700-ST1300   PORT G R830-10R  R700-18P
  PORT G R700-13K  PORT G R700-19L  SATELLITE R845
 PORT G R830-10U  PORT G R830-118  DYNABOOK R734-37K
  PORT G R830-137  PT321A-01L002  Dynabook RX3 SM240E/3HD
 DYNABOOK R730-27A  PORT G R705-P40  DYNABOOK R730-38A
  SATELLITE R840-12C  PORT G R700-ST1303  PT321A-01M002
 Satellite R845-ST6N02  Dynabook RX3 SN240Y/3HD  Portege R830-126
 Dynabook RX3/T6M  Tecra R700-00K  PORT G R705-ST2N03
  Satellite R630-141  PT320A-03N007  PT429A-00L004
 Satellite R630-13R  PT429A-006004  Satellite R845-ST6N01
 Tecra R700-00E  PORT G R705-ST2N04  DYNABOOK R742
  Dynabook R730/B  Satellite R630-138  PT439A-00N003
 Satellite R830-14F  DYNABOOK R731/39B  Satellite R630-13V
  Dynabook RX3/T8M   SATELLITE R630-13P   Satellite R630-13F
 Dynabook RX3/T7M  Dynabook RX3 SM226Y/3HD  SATELLITE R630-13N
  DYNABOOK R731/36DB  Satellite R630-155   PT439A-00R003
 Dynabook RX3/T9M  Satellite R630-144  DYNABOOK R742/F
 DYNABOOK R730/26A  Dynabook RX3 TN240Y/3HD  DYNABOOK R732/W3TF
 Portege R705-SP3010L  Dynabook R731/16C  Tecra R700-00H
 DYNABOOK R732/W5UF  Satellite R630-13T  Satellite R630-139
 PORT G R700-1CF  Tecra R700-00L  SATELLITE R630-105
 Satellite R630-156  Dynabook R731 Series  Tecra R940-S9431
 SATELLITE R630-13U  Dynabook RX3W/8MW  Satellite R630-14R
 Satellite R830 Series  Tecra R700-007  DYNABOOK R732/W4UF
  Portege R835 Series  Portege R830-1EE  Portege R705 Series
  Portege R705-SP3003L   Satellite R830-143  TECRA R830
  Satellite R630 Series   Portege R700-19M  Portege R705-SP3002L
 DYNABOOK R732/W2TF  TECRA R700-K05   Dynabook RX3 SN266E/3HD
 SATELLITE R940  Portege R930-KLK  Satellite R830-142
 Satellite R630-13J  Tecra R940-S9441   Portege R930-KNK
 DYNABOOK R730/38A  Portege R705-SP3003M  Dynabook RX3W/9MWMA
 DYNABOOK R730/39A  Satellite R630-12G  Dynabook RX3 TN266E/3HD
 Tecra R700-00J  Portege R705-SP3010M  DYNABOOK R730/27A
 Tecra R700-006  Dynabook R731/38C  Dynabook R731/36C
 Satellite R630-14X  PORT G R830-13C  SATELLITE R630-148
 PORT G R700-188  SATELLITE R830-1E2   PORT G R700-1C2
  Satellite R630-135  Dynabook R741/B  Tecra R700 Series
 Tecra R940-S9421  Dynabook RX3W   PORT G R700-17H
 Portege R930-KMK  SATELLITE R835-P84  SATELLITE R930
 PORT G R700-1CX  Satellite R830-13D  DYNABOOK R731/36B
 Satellite R630-14J  Satellite R630-14H  PORT G R700-14F
 PORT G R830-13P  Satellite R830-11C  SATELLITE R630-10K
 DYNABOOK R731/W2MD  PORT G R700-1CZ  Dynabook R731/37C
 Satellite R830-146  SATELLITE R835-P83  Tecra R700-00F
 PORT G R700-1DP  SATELLITE R830-182  Dynabook RX3 TM240E/3HD
  Portege R930-S9321  PORT G R700-15X  DYNABOOK R731/W4UC
 Tecra R840-S8415  DYNABOOK R731/16DB  PORT G R700-18E
  PORT G R700-110  Tecra R700-00C  DYNABOOK R731/W4UD
 PORT G R700-1F1  PORT G R700-1F0  DYNABOOK R731-W4UD
 Portege R700-19T  DYNABOOK R731/W2MC  DYNABOOK R731/W2TD
  DYNABOOK R730-26A  Portege R935-P332   DYNABOOK R731-36B
  PORT G R700-1EG  PORT G R700-19M  PORT G R700-177
 PORT G R830-1C8  Satellite R845-S80  PORT G R700-11G
 PORT G R700-15H  SATELLITE R840-13J  PORT G R700-16R
 PORT G R700-11P  PORT G R700-183  PORT G R705-P41
 PORT G R700-13L  PORT G R700-14H  PORT G R830-112
 Portege R830-Landis  SATELLITE R830-17M  PORT G R700-158
 SATELLITE R630-130  PORT G R700-15R  PORT G R700-1DJ
 TECRA R840-128  PORT G R700-1DC  PORT G R830-117
 PORT G R700-157  PORT G R700-1EN  Satellite R840-11E
  TECRA R840-10E  SATELLITE R835-P86  SATELLITE R630-143
 SATELLITE R835-P81  SATELLITE R830-1H3   Satellite R830-14U
  PORT G R700-18Q   PORT G R700-14P  PORT G R830-110
 PORT G R700-14L  PORT G R700-1FJ  SATELLITE R630-131
 PORT G R700-1F5  PORT G R700-15Q   Tecra R940-1GQ
 Portege R705-SP3001M  PORT G R830-1GD  PORT G R830-10P
 PORT G R700-15U  PORT G R700-1E1  PORT G R700-10E
 Satellite R830-138  PORT G R830-10Q  PORT G R700-135
  PORT G R830-115  PORT G R830-138  Satellite R830-13C
  Satellite R830-10Q  DYNABOOK R730-39A  SATELLITE R630-150
 PORT G R700-18C  PORT G R700-18P  PORT G R830-1K2
  Portege R935-ST4N01   SATELLITE R630-13Z  PORT G R700-1C8
 Tecra R940-1EE  PORT G R700-100  Portege R705-SP3011L
 SATELLITE R630-145  PORT G R700-1DF  PORT G R830-1DZ
 PORT G R700-1E9  SATELLITE PRO R840  Portege R930-1FU
 PORT G R830-1FR  Portege R930-1FV  PORT G R830-1JN
 SATELLITE R830-13N  SATELLITE R630-14N  Tecra R840-15M
 Portege R935-ST3N02  PORT G R700-1FL   PORT G R830-1EE
 Portege R705-SP3114M  PORT G R830-1DU  PORT G R700-1FP
 TECRA R840-10T  PORT G R830-13E  SATELLITE R630-146
 PORT G R700-1DL  PORT G R700-1C4  PORT G R830-1K1
 Portege R830-ST6N03  Tecra R940-W9420  Dynabook RX3 TM226Y/3HD
 PORT G R700-13J  Portege R830-1C1  PORT G R700-136
 Tecra R940-1FT  PORT G R700-14K  PORT G R700-1FT
 PORT G R830-11K  PORT G R700-1E8  PORT G R830-135
 TECRA R840-18Z  PORT G R700-18D  TECRA R840-18T
 SATELLITE R630-153  TECRA R930  PORT G R700-1D1
  PORT G R700-17G  SATELLITE R630-149  Dynabook RX3 Series
 PORT G R830-147  SATELLITE R830-10F  PORT G R830-1FT
 Tecra R940-1FD  Dynabook R730 Series  PORT G R700-179
  SATELLITE R830-14N  PORT G R700-S1332  PORT G R700-1FK
 Satellite R830-16K   TECRA R840-14R  Tecra R940-SMBN22
 Tecra R840-10J  SATELLITE R830-12N  Tecra R840-11F
 Satellite R830-13M   PORT G R830-1NX  Satellite R830-S8330
 TECRA R840-11T  TECRA R700-01B  PORT G R700-101
 TECRA R700-S1332W  SATELLITE R830-1JR   Satellite R800 Series
 Portege R830-Oracle  Portege R830-Landis-052059  PORT G R700-18L
  TECRA R700-02B  Tecra R940-1FF  Satellite R830-136
  Tecra R940-BT9400  TECRA R700-K02  SATELLITE R630-112
 TECRA R700-K01  TECRA R840-105  Tecra R840-Oracle
 Tecra R940-1JH  Satellite R830-1CM  TECRA R800
 PORT G R830-1JL  TECRA R840-110  Tecra R940-SMBNX1
 PORT G R830-1LK  Tecra R940-1FE  PORT G R830-1JQ
  Dynabook R741 Series  Tecra R940-1L0   Tecra R840-14Q
  Satellite R830-1F6  PORT G R700-153  Satellite R840-139
 Satellite R840-125  Tecra R840-S8432  Portege R830-Landis-0NP059
 TECRA R840-1C5  TECRA R840-111  PORT G R700-14M
 PORT G R700-133  TECRA R840-126  Satellite R830-10G
 PORT G R700-10U  Dynabook RX3W Series  Satellite R830-17N
 TECRA R700-03B  Tecra R940-1MJ  TECRA R840-15L
  PORT G R700-14J  Tecra R940-SMBN23  Satellite R830-16C
 PORT G R700-13N  TECRA R840-1DC   Satellite R830-1CL
 PORT G R830-1JD  Tecra R940-1MQ  Tecra R940-1L1
 SATELLITE R840-12D  Satellite R830-1CN   TECRA R830-K10B
 Satellite R830-131  Tecra R940-1JQ  Tecra R940-1JG
 TECRA R830-K07B  TECRA R840-1CM  TECRA R830-K02B
  SATELLITE R630-140  Tecra R940-1HR  Tecra R940-SMBGX3
 PORT G R700-13F  Tecra R940-SMBNX4  TECRA R830-K03B
  TECRA R830-K01B  Satellite R830-10H  Tecra R940-ST3N01
 Tecra R940-1PD  Tecra R940-1KF  PORT G R700-1DN
 Portege R930-S9331  Satellite R830-120  Tecra R940-1HV
 Tecra R940-SMBNX3  PORT G R700-15P  TECRA R630
 Tecra R940-1L3   PORT G R700-13H  PORT G R830-10L
 TECRA R830-K08B  Tecra R940-1NR  TECRA R830-K06B
 Tecra R940-SMBNX2  Tecra R940-SMBGX2   Tecra R840-116
 Tecra R940-SMBGX4  Tecra R940-1L4  TECRA R840-16Q
 TECRA R840-18W  PORT G R830-042  Tecra R840-11W
 Portege R830-192  Satellite R630-13-U   SATELLITE R630-11L
 TECRA R830-K05B  Tecra R940-1KR  PORT G R700-1E3
  PORT G R700-1EZ  Tecra R940-1FH  Tecra R940-1JF
 Tecra R940-1ME  TECRA R840-1D5   PORT G R830-1M6
 Tecra R940-1RQ  PORT G R700-1FH  TECRA R840-10L
 Tecra R940-1GR   TECRA R840-16M  PORT G R700-105
  PORT G R700-12D  Tecra R840-16V  PORT G R700-115
 PORT G R700-1CW  Portege R705-SP3011M  Tecra R940-1KW
 Portege R705-SP3001L   PORT G R700-1EC   TECRA R840-197
  PORT G R830-1HJ   TECRA R840-14T  Portege R930-DBK
  PORT G R700-1FN   Portege R830-16U  TECRA R840-17X
 Tecra R940-1GN  Tecra R940-1JZ  PORT G R700-1CP
 TECRA R840-19Q  Tecra R940-SMBG1X   Portege R705-SP3002M
 PORT G R830-1MZ  TECRA R840-16W  PORT G R700-19T
 Tecra R940-1G2  PORT G R700-131  TECRA R840-19N
 Tecra R940-1GT  PORT G R830-1C4  Tecra R940-1MM
 TECRA R840-19R  Tecra R940-1G3  TECRA R840-1CC
  TECRA R840-1CX   PORT G R700-1D3  PORT G R700-12U
 TECRA R840-1CL  Tecra R840-M109  PORT G R830-1JM
 PORT G R830-1MM  Tecra R840-M15F  PORT G R700-1EQ
 Tecra R940-1F5  PORT G R830-19R  PORT G R830-1LC
 Tecra R940-1EU  PORT G R830-1FU  PORT G R830-18Z
 Tecra R940-1GV  PORT G R830-14V   TECRA R840-196
 PORT G R830-1LR   PORT G R830-19T  Portege R930-DAK
  PORT G R700-1EL  PORT G R700-15J  PORT G R830-19G
 SATELLITE R830-10D  Tecra R940-1HP  SATELLITE R830-1FJ
 Tecra R940-1GW  Tecra R940-1PK  Tecra R940-1GP
 TECRA R840-195  Tecra R840-14F  PORT G R830-1JK
 PORT G R700-192  PORT G R700-195  Tecra R940-1HQ
  PORT G R830-14T  PORT G R830-1KU  PORT G R700-19J
 Tecra R940-1F1  SATELLITE R830-1K7  SATELLITE R630-14Z
 SATELLITE R830-1JU  PT331E-02700HGR  Satellite R830-19V
 Tecra R940-1R2  Tecra R940-1HN  PORT G R830-17U
 Tecra R940-1EZ  SATELLITE R840-117  Tecra R840-1CZ
 TECRA R840-11C  PORT G R930-17U  PORT G R700-1G9
 PORT G R700-19R  Tecra R940-1HE  PORT G R700-128
 Tecra R940-1G6  SATELLITE R830-1MX  PORT G R700-156
 PORT G R700-19Q  Portege R930-L8K  PORT G R830-1HL
 TECRA R730  Tecra R940-1QZ   PORT G R830-1C2
 Tecra R940-1GF  Portege R930-CB2  TECRA R945
 TECRA R705   PORT G R700-10J   PORT G R700-1D5
 PORT G R700-1G5  Tecra R840-1DP  Tecra R940-1P9
 PORT G R830-1M3  Tecra R940-1GZ  PORT G R830-1N3
 Tecra R940-1FX  Tecra R940-1KT  Tecra R940-1FR
 Tecra R940-1JT  Tecra R940-1RG   Tecra R940-1HW
 Tecra R940-1T1  Tecra R940-1EW  Tecra R940-1NZ
 Tecra R940-1K6  Tecra R940-1KE  PT42GE-02N00XGR
 Tecra R940-1MH  Tecra R940-1G1  Tecra R940-1K7
 Tecra R940-1JU  Tecra R940-1R4  Tecra R940-1K4
 PT42FE-01C00HGR  Tecra R940-1FK  TECRA R840-192
  Tecra R940-1RJ  Tecra R940-1EH  Tecra R940-1P7
 SATELLITE R830-1L4  Tecra R940-1F2   Tecra R940-1NU
 Tecra R940-1G0  Tecra R940-1KU  PT42FE-01Q00HGR
 PT43GE-007004GR   PT330E-02C004GR  PT321E-0FR05JGR
  PT330E-00C004GR  Tecra R940-1KG  PT320E-08100SGR
 PT32LE-01T019GR  PT42GE-02X00XGR   PT32LE-00600HGR
 PT321E-0E6009GR  PT43GE-00D004GR   PT32LE-020019GR
  PT330E-08G032EP  Satellite R830 PT32JA-002002  PT331E-01K00HGR
 PT32LE-00E00HGR  PT42FE-03E00HGR  TECRA R835
 Tecra R940-1N6  Portege R930-0C  Tecra R940-1N7
 Tecra R940-1MN   Tecra R940-1F9   TECRA R935
 PT439E-00M00RGR  PT321E-02J009GR   PT42FE-04H00HGR
 PT330E-01K004GR  PT321E-00J009GR  PT320E-07C037GR
 PT321E-01F06VGR  PT42FE-03F01TGR  PT320E-07F00SGR
 PT310E-0G302MGR  PT42FE-00P00HGR  PT321E-02M009GR
 PT42GE-00C02KGR  PT31LE-01G00HGR  PT42FE-02Q00HGR
  PT310E-0G2034GR  PT310E-0G102MGR  PORT G R700-1CC
 TECRA R731   PT330E-02W004GR  PORT G R700-1F2
  PORT G R830-1DM  TECRA R741   PORT G R700-1EM
  PORT G R700-1E6  Portege R930-1KN  TECRA R940-009
 Portege R700-1DE  Portege R830-19G  Tecra R940-1FL
 Portege R930-101   PORTEGE R830-1DX   Portege R930-19V
 Portege R930-1F1  Portege R835-P92  Portege R700-184
 Portege R930-1M4  Tecra R840-S8410  Portege R830-10R
 Portege R700-1DN  TECRA R940-1CV  Portege R930-17Q
 Portege R930-1CC  Tecra R840-109  Portege R830-1H5
  Portege R700-1F5   Portege R930-11J  Portege R700-12U
 Portege R930-14Z  Portege R930-1H8  Portege R930-1QK
  Tecra R940   Portege R835-P50X  Portege R700-1C2
 Portege R700-1EQ  Portege R930-18D  Portege R830-1K1
 Portege R930-1DK  Portege R830-1M3  Portege R705-P41
 Portege R930-12Z  Portege R700-14M   TECRA R840-008
 Portege R930-162  Portege R930-1DW   Portege R830-03Y
 Portege R700-172   Tecra R840-00U  Portege R830-1NX
 Portege R830 PT321A-01L002  Portege R930-13U   Portege R700-1CX
 TECRA R840-13M  Portege R930-16R  Portege R700-15V
 Portege R830-1DQ  Portege R930-10M  Portege R700-110
 PORTEGE R930-10J  Portege R930-14D  Portege R930-1FJ
 Portege R930-1NW  Portege R830-137  Portege R700-1E8
 Portege R930-181   Portege R930-1CV  Tecra R940-1CQ
 Portege R830-1JN   Portege R700-Oracle  Portege R930-122
 Portege R700-13J  Portege R930-15D   Portege R930-1JL
 Portege R700-S1330  Portege R830-11M  PORTEGE R835-P83
 PORTEGE R830-02F  Portege R700-1FL  Portege R930-18V
 TECRA R940-006  Portege R700-1DG  Portege R830-14V
 TECRA R840-ST8401  PORTEGE R830-17C  Portege R700-1G5
 Portege R930-19P  Portege R930-1EV  Portege R835-P88
 Portege R700-182  Portege R930-1LQ  Tecra R840-11E
 Portege R830-01K  Portege R700-1DL   TECRA R940 PT439A-00N003
 Portege R930-17M  Portege R930-1C8  Portege R705-P25
 Portege R830-1FU  Portege R700-1F3  Portege R930-11F
 Portege R700-12K  Portege R930-14W  Portege R930-1GW
  Portege R930-1QF  Tecra R840 Series  Portege R830-ST8300
 Portege R830-13P   Portege R700-1EN  Portege R930-189
 Portege R930-1DE  Portege R830-1LR  Portege R705-P35
 Portege R930-12W   Portege R700-14K   TECRA R840-002
  Portege R930-15L  Portege R930-1KF  Portege R700-11E
 Tecra R840-00K  Portege R830-1N3  Portege R830 PT320A-03N007
  Portege R930-13H  Portege R700-1CV  TECRA R840-02X
 Portege R930-16K  Portege R930-1LH  Tecra R940-SMBGX1
 Portege R700-15X  Portege R830-1C8  Portege R930-10G
 Portege R700-10J  PORTEGE R830-1JX  Portege R930-149
 Portege R930-1FE  Portege R930-1NT  Portege R830-118
 Portege R700-1E3   Portege R930-17X  Portege R930-S9330
 Portege R930-1CP  Tecra R940-1CL   Portege R830-1JL
  Portege R700-K03  Portege R930-120   Portege R700-13F
  Portege R930-157  Portege R930-1J2  Portege R700 Series
  Portege R830-117  PORTEGE R835-P75  Portege R700-1FJ
 Portege R930-18T  Portege R930-008  Portege R930-1DU
 Portege R930-W9320  PORTEGE R830-0GE  Portege R700-1G0
 Portege R930-19G  Portege R930-1EQ  Portege R830-0KF
 Portege R700-17Z  Tecra R840-10Q  Portege R830-01H
 Portege R700-1D5  TECRA R840-198  Portege R930-17C
 Portege R930-1C4  Tecra R840-13U  Portege R700-155
 Portege R830-1FR  Portege R700-19L  Portege R930-10Z
 Portege R700-128   PORTEGE R935  Portege R930-14T
 Portege R930-1GF  Portege R930-1P7  Portege R830-S8320
  Portege R700-1EL  Portege R930-187   TECRA R940-015
 Portege R930-1D4  Portege R830-1LC  Portege R700-ST1300
 Portege R930-12N  Portege R700-14H  Portege R930-15J
 Portege R930-1KD  Portege R700-1DJ  Portege R830-14M
 TECRA R840-S8422  Portege R930-137  Portege R700-1CC
 TECRA R840-020  Portege R930-166  Portege R930-1KZ
 Tecra R940-S9420  Portege R700-194  Portege R830-1C2
 Portege R930-10D  Portege R700-105  PORTEGE R830-1HD
 Portege R930-147  Portege R930-1F8  Portege R835-ST6N02
 Portege R930-1N9   Tecra R840-S8440  Portege R830-110
 Portege R700-1E0  TECRA R940-1DC  Portege R930-17V
 Tecra R940-S9440  Portege R930-1CK   Tecra R940-1C0
  Portege R830-1JD  Portege R700-K01  Portege R930-11R
 Portege R700-135  Portege R930-153  Portege R930-1HM
 Portege R830-113  PORTEGE R830-S8332  Portege R835-ST3N01
 Portege R700-1F1   Portege R700-1F2  Portege R930-18N
  Portege R930-006  Portege R930-1DQ  Portege R930-00V
 Portege R700-01B  Tecra R840 PT429A-00L004  Portege R830-1MM
 Portege R705-ST2N04  Portege R930-193  Portege R930-1EL
 Portege R830-0F6  Portege R700-17W  Tecra R840-017
 Portege R700-100  Portege R830-00S  Portege R930-145
 Portege R700-1D1   TECRA R840-17Q  Portege R930-16X
 Portege R930-1C0  Tecra R840-10C   Portege R700-15R
 Portege R830-1E8  Portege R930-10V  Portege R700-11P
 PORTEGE R930-117  Portege R930-14G   Portege R930-1G2
 Portege R930-1P4  Portege R830 Series   Portege R830-13C
 Portege R700-1EG  Portege R930-184  Portege R930-1CZ
 Portege R830-1K2   Portege R700-S1322W  Portege R930-12H
 Portege R700-13W  Portege R930-15G  Portege R930-1K8
 Portege R700-S1311  Portege R830-13E  TECRA R840-S8411
 PORTEGE R830-05L  Portege R700-1FT  Portege R930-163
 Portege R930-1KT  TECRA R940-00K  Portege R700-1DD
 Portege R830-19R  Portege R930-109  PORTEGE R830-1DZ
 Portege R930-1F3  Portege R835-P94   Portege R700-185
 Portege R930-1MM  Tecra R840-S8420  Portege R830-10U
 Portege R700-1DT  TECRA R940-1CW  Portege R930-17R
 Portege R930-1CE  Tecra R840-12K  Portege R830-1HJ
 Portege R700-1F6  Portege R930-11M  Portege R700-131
 Portege R930-151   Portege R930-1H9  Portege R930-1QL
 PORTEGE R830-S8312  Portege R835-P55X   Portege R830-1GC
 Portege R700-1EZ  Portege R930-18L   Portege R700
 Portege R930-1DN   Tecra R840  Portege R830-1M6
  Portege R705-P42  Portege R930-131   Portege R700-1C4
 TECRA R840-009   TECRA R940-008   Portege R930-1EF
 Portege R830-042  Portege R700-173  Tecra R840-00V
 Portege R830-A067  Portege R830 PT321A-01M002  Portege R930-141
  Portege R700-1CZ  TECRA R840-14H  Portege R930-16V
 Portege R930-19W  Portege R700-15U   Portege R830-1DR
 Portege R930-10N  Portege R700-115  PORTEGE R930-115
  Portege R930-14E  Portege R930-1FL   Portege R930-1NZ
  Portege R830-138  Portege R700-1E9  Portege R930-182
 Portege R930-1CW  Tecra R940-1CX  Portege R830-1JP
 Portege R700-S1312  Portege R930-126   Portege R700-13L
 Portege R930-15E  Portege R930-1K5  Portege R700-S1321
 Portege R830-130  PORTEGE R835-P84  PORTEGE R830-02P
 Portege R700-1FN   Portege R930-18W  Portege R930-1KJ
 Portege R700-1DF  Portege R830-18Z  TECRA R840-ST8402
 PORTEGE R830-195  Portege R700-1G9   Portege R930-19T
 Portege R930-1EX  Portege R835-P89  Portege R700-183
 Portege R930-1LV  Tecra R840-12F  Portege R830-10Q
 Portege R700-1DM  TECRA R940 PT439A-00R003  Portege R930-17N
 Portege R930-1C9  Portege R830-1GD  Portege R700-1F4
 Portege R930-11H  Portege R700-12M  Portege R930-14X
  Portege R930-1H5  Portege R930-1QJ  Portege R930
 Portege R835  Portege R700-1EP   Portege R930-18C
 Portege R930-1DH  Portege R830-1LX  Portege R705-P40
  Portege R930-12X  Portege R700-14L  TECRA R840-003
 Portege R930-15V  Portege R830-03X  Portege R700-13K
  Tecra R840-00L   Portege R830-1NM  Portege R830 PT321A-01K002
 Portege R930-13M  Portege R700-1CW   TECRA R840-04H
 Portege R930-16P  Tecra R940-ST2N01  Portege R700-15W
 Portege R830-1DM  Portege R930-10H  Portege R700-10U
 PORTEGE R830-1JZ  Portege R930-14C  Portege R930-1FG
 Portege R930-1NV  Portege R830-11Q   Portege R700-1E6
 Portege R930-180  Portege R930-1CR   Tecra R940-1CN
 Portege R830-1JM  Portege R700-K05  Portege R930-121
 Portege R700-13H  Portege R930-158  Portege R930-1J7
 Portege R700-S1331  Portege R830-11K  PORTEGE R835-P81
 PORTEGE R830-003  Portege R700-1FK  Portege R930-18U
 Portege R930-009  Portege R930-1DV  Portege R830-14T
  TECRA R840-S8450   PORTEGE R830-104  Portege R700-1G4
  Portege R930-19N  Portege R930-1ER  Portege R830-0KH
 Portege R700-181  Portege R930-1LK  Tecra R840-10Z
 Portege R830-01J  Portege R700-1DK  TECRA R840-199
 Portege R930-17L   Portege R930-1C7  Tecra R840-14D
  Portege R830-1FT  Portege R700-1CQ  Portege R930-11C
 Portege R700-12D  Portege R700-S1332   Portege R930-14V
 Portege R930-1GH  Portege R930-1PP  Portege R830-S8330
 Portege R700-1EM  Portege R930-188  Portege R930-1D7
 Portege R830-1LK  Portege R700-ST1303  Portege R930-12V
 Portege R700-14J  Portege R930-15K  Portege R930-1KE
 Portege R700-1DH   Portege R830  Portege R930-13F
  Portege R700-1CP  TECRA R840-021  Portege R930-16E
 Portege R930-1L0  Tecra R940-S9430   Portege R700-160
 Portege R830-1C4  Portege R930-10F  Portege R700-10E
 PORTEGE R830-1JV  Portege R930-148   Portege R930-1F9
  Portege R930-1NM   Tecra R840-ST8400  Portege R830-112
 Portege R700-1E1  Portege R930-17W  Portege R930-S9320
 Portege R930-1CL  Tecra R940-1CH   Portege R830-1JK
 Portege R700-K02  Portege R930-11W  Portege R700-136
 Portege R930-154  Portege R930-1J1  Portege R830-115
 PORTEGE R835-P70  Portege R700-1FH  Portege R930-18P
  Portege R930-007  Portege R930-1DT  Portege R930-BT9300
  Portege R700-02B   Tecra R840-00G  Portege R830-1MZ
 PORTEGE R830-06R  Portege R700-1FV  Portege R930-195
 Portege R930-1EP  Portege R830-0H4  Portege R700-17X
 Tecra R840-10N  Portege R830-01G  Portege R930-146
 Portege R700-1D3  TECRA R840-17R  Portege R930-16Z
  Portege R930-1C1  Tecra R840-12Z   Portege R700-15Q
 Portege R830-1EJ  Portege R930-10X  Portege R700-123
 PORTEGE R930-12Q  Portege R930-14R  Portege R930-1G3
 Portege R930-1P6  Portege R830-S8310  Portege R700-1CF
 Portege R700-1EH   Portege R930-185  PORTEGE R930-F0251
 Portege R930-1D0  Portege R830-1KU   Portege R700-S1332W
 Portege R930-12J  Portege R700-14F  Portege R930-15H
 Portege R930-1K9  Portege R700-S1310  Portege R830-147
 TECRA R840-S8412  Portege R930-165   Portege R930-1KW
 TECRA R940-00L  Portege R700-1DC   Portege R830-19T
 Portege R930-10C   Portege R700-101  PORTEGE R830-1G2
 Portege R930-1F7  Portege R835-ST6N01  Portege R700-19H
 Portege R930-1N2  Tecra R840-S8430  Portege R830-10V
  Portege R700-1DZ  TECRA R940-1D6  Portege R930-17U
 Portege R930-1CH  Portege R830-1HL  Portege R700-1F7
 Portege R930-11P  Portege R700-133  Portege R930-152
 Portege R930-1HL  Portege R830-10P  PORTEGE R830-S8322
 Portege R835-P56X  portege R830-136  Portege R700-1F0
 Portege R930-18M  Portege R930-005  Portege R930-1DP
 Tecra R840 PT429A-006004  Portege R830-1MH  Portege R705-ST2N03
 Portege R930-133  Portege R700-1C8   TECRA R840-01J
 Portege R930-18X  Portege R930-1EK   Portege R830-0F5
 Portege R700-174  Tecra R840-012  Portege R830-M1K4
 Portege R830-00R  Portege R930-144  Portege R700-1D0
 TECRA R840-15J  Portege R930-16W  Portege R930-19Z
 Tecra R840-103  Portege R700-15T  Portege R830-1DU
 Portege R930-10P  Portege R700-11G  PORTEGE R930-116
 Portege R930-14F  Portege R930-1G1  Portege R930-1P2
 Portege R830-139  Portege R700-1DP  Portege R700-1EC
  Portege R930-183  Portege R930-1CX  Tecra R940-1CZ
 Portege R830-1JQ  Portege R700-S1322  Portege R930-127
 Portege R700-13N  Portege R930-15F  Portege R930-1K7
 Portege R700-S1320  Portege R830-135   PORTEGE R835-P86
 PORTEGE R830-030  Portege R700-1FP


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries



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