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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for Lenovo L17M3P53 High Quality Battery

4,999 GST Included

  • 100% Genuine Original Lenovo Product
  • Battery Type :Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 7.6 V  30Wh
  • Six Month India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be L17M3P53. Lenovo Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number


4,999 GST Included

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Splendid , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 7.6V 30Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No L17M3P53
Warranty Six Months Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers

L17C3P52   L17M3P53  01AV464
 01AV466  01AV465  L17M3P54
  SB10K97611  SB10K97612   SB10K97613
 5B10W13896  5B10W13895  SB10T83140
 SB10T83138  SB10T83139  ThinkPad L15(20U70004GE)
 ThinkPad L15(20U8)  ThinkPad L15(20U7)

Fit Laptop Models

 ThinkPad E490   ThinkPad L14  Thinkpad L590
 ThinkPad L580   ThinkPad E580  ThinkPad E495
 ThinkPad E595-20NFCTO1WW  ThinkPad E590  ThinkPad E495-20NECTO1WW
 ThinkPad L480  ThinkPad L490  ThinkPad L15
 ThinkPad E595  ThinkPad L15 Gen 1  ThinkPad L480(20LS)
 ThinkPad E595 20NF000KCD  ThinkPad E495 20NE000NCD  ThinkPad E595 20NF000NCD
 ThinkPad E495 20NE000RCD  ThinkPad E495 20NE000PCD  ThinkPad E595 20NF000RCD
 ThinkPad E495 20NE000VCD  ThinkPad E485   ThinkPad E590(20NC)
 ThinkPad E595(20NF)   ThinkPad E490(20N8002JCD)  ThinkPad E490(20N8002KCD)
 ThinkPad L580(20LW/20LX)   ThinkPad E490(20N8002XCD)  ThinkPad E490 20N8A00JCD
 ThinkPad E490(20N8002DCD)  ThinkPad E490(20N8002BCD)   ThinkPad E590(20NB001AGE)
 ThinkPad E580-20KSCTO1WW  ThinkPad E580(i5-8250U UHD 620  ThinkPad E490 20N80032CD
 ThinkPad E485(20KU000NGE)   ThinkPad E590-20NBA00ECD   ThinkPad E590-20NBA00FCD
 ThinkPad L480-20LSCTO1WW  ThinkPad L490 20Q50021PB  ThinkPad E580(20KS002BCD)
 ThinkPad E580(20KS/20KT)  ThinkPad L580-20LW000VGE  ThinkPad E495(20NE000JGE)
 ThinkPad E490(20N8/20N9)   ThinkPad E580-20KS001RGE  ThinkPad E590(20NB)
 ThinkPad L490(20Q5/20Q6)  ThinkPad E590(20NB/20NC)  ThinkPad E590(20NB0029GE)
 ThinkPad E490(20N8002NCD)  ThinkPad E590(20NB002XCD)  ThinkPad E490-20N8000RGE
 ThinkPad L480-20LS001AGE  ThinkPad E580(20KS0027CD)  ThinkPad E490(20N80037CD)
 ThinkPad L590(20Q7/20Q8)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA019CD)  ThinkPad E585 20KVCTO1WW
 ThinkPad E590(20NB0034CD)  ThinkPad E490(20N8002UCD)   ThinkPad E490 20N80038CD
 ThinkPad E590-20NBCTO1WW  ThinkPad E590(20NB002VCD)  ThinkPad E580(16CD)
  ThinkPad E580 20KSA00QCD  ThinkPad E580(20KSA00FCD)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA00LCD)
  ThinkPad E580 1HCD  ThinkPad E580 20KSA00WCD  ThinkPad L590-20Q70019GE
  ThinkPad E580(20KS002MCD)  ThinkPad E490(20N8003ACD)  ThinkPad L490(20Q6S08600)
  ThinkPad E495(20NE)  ThinkPad L480(20LT)  ThinkPad E590(20NB0032CD)
  ThinkPad E580(20KS0028CD)  ThinkPad E580(i5-8250U UHD 620 SSD)   ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMX
  ThinkPad E580(20KS0001CD)  ThinkPad E590 20NB001DUS  ThinkPad E580 1JCD
 ThinkPad E495(20NE000BGE)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA001CD)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA00MCD)
 ThinkPad E580(20KSA00RCD)  ThinkPad L14(20U50003GE)  ThinkPad L490 20Q50025PB
 ThinkPad E580(20KSA002CD)  ThinkPad E480-20KNCTO1WW  ThinkPad E580(20KSA00PCD)
 ThinkPad E590-20NC0003GE  ThinkPad E490-20N8CTO1WW  ThinkPad E580(20KSA00HCD)
  ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CPB)  ThinkPad E490 20N8005MUS  ThinkPad E590(20NB001AUK)
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50023PB   ThinkPad L480 Type 20LS  ThinkPad E580(20KS001JGE)
 ThinkPad E595(20NF0000GE)  ThinkPad E595 20NFA004CD  ThinkPad L580 20LW0010GE
 ThinkPad E590 20NBA00GCD   ThinkPad L590(20Q7000XGE)   ThinkPad L14(20U50001GE)
 ThinkPad E495(20NE000JUK)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA01QCD)  ThinkPad E590(20NB005HGE)
  ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CGE)  ThinkPad L490(20Q5002HGE)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA01PCD)
  ThinkPad L490(20Q5002DGE)  ThinkPad L480(20LS0026GE)   ThinkPad E595 20NF0006MX
 ThinkPad L490(20Q5002GGE)  ThinkPad E490(2DCD)  ThinkPad E580(20KS002KCD)
 ThinkPad E580(20KSA01ACD)  ThinkPad E580(20KS004GGE)  ThinkPad E590(20NB0016UK)
  ThinkPad L590(20Q7001HGE)  ThinkPad L480 20LS0002US  ThinkPad L580 20LW000YGE
  ThinkPad L480(20LS0025GE)  ThinkPad E595(20NF0006PB)   ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YMX
  ThinkPad L480(20LS0018GE)  ThinkPad E490(20N8000RUK)  ThinkPad L580 20LW000WGE
 ThinkPad E490(20N80029GE)  TP L480-20LS001WAU  ThinkPad L580 20LW000UGE
 ThinkPad E595(20NF001HGE)  ThinkPad E580(20KSA01HCD)  ThinkPad E485 20KU001BUS
  ThinkPad E595 20NF0000IX  ThinkPad L14(20U1002KGE)  ThinkPad E590(2VCD)
 ThinkPad L480(20LS001AMZ)   ThinkPad L480(20LTS01800)  ThinkPad E590(20NB001BGE)
 ThinkPad E495 20NE000BIX  ThinkPad E495(20NE001GGE)  ThinkPad E490(20N8005UGE)
 ThinkPad E495(20NE000BUK)  ThinkPad L590(20Q700ANGE)  ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01000
 ThinkPad L14(20U1/20U2)   ThinkPad L15-20U8S0AH00  ThinkPad E590(20NB0012GE)
  ThinkPad L590(20Q700AMGE)   ThinkPad L490(20Q500E2GE)   ThinkPad E590 20NB001SUS
 ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00N00  ThinkPad L490 20Q500E1IX  ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00S00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50025MC   ThinkPad E595(20NF0006GE)  ThinkPad L480 20LS0005US
 ThinkPad E490 20N80029MC   ThinkPad E490 20N8005NUS  ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00Q00
 ThinkPad E590 20NB005WTX  ThinkPad L580(20LW000VMH)  ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CUK)
 ThinkPad E580(20KS0039GE)  ThinkPad E580(20KTA000GE)  ThinkPad E590 20NB001CUS
 ThinkPad E490 20N8000YUK  ThinkPad L490 20Q50021MX   ThinkPad L490(20Q50030GE)
 L490-20Q5S01400  ThinkPad E485 20KUCTO1WW  ThinkPad E580(20KTA001GE)
  ThinkPad E580 20KSCTO1WW Tx  TP L580-20LW002FAU  ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01400
 ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00R00  TP L580-20LW002EAU  ThinkPad E595 20NF0019US
 ThinkPad E490 20N8001LUS   ThinkPad E490(20N8000YGE)  L490-20Q5S01000
 TP L480-20LS000JAU  ThinkPad L580-20LWCTO1WW  ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMB
  ThinkPad E580(20KS003GGE)  ThinkPad E595 20NF000BUS  ThinkPad E590(20NB002AGE)
  ThinkPad E580(20KS001QGE)  ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01300  ThinkPad L480 20LS0016MX
 ThinkPad E485 20KU0018US  ThinkPad E590 20NB0016FR  ThinkPad E595 20NF001NMH
 ThinkPad E590 20NB001LUS  ThinkPad L580(20LW003AGE)  TP L580-20LW000BAU
 L490-20Q5S01300  ThinkPad L480(20LS0017GE)  ThinkPad L490(20Q500E0UK)
  ThinkPad L580(20LW0039GE)  ThinkPad E495 20NE0000US  ThinkPad L480 20LS001AUK
 TP L480-20LSS00400   TP L480-20LTS1A808  L590 20Q7S00S00
 ThinkPad E590 20NB0057UE  ThinkPad L480 20LS0009US  ThinkPad E580(20KS001FMZ)
 TP L480-20LS000HAU  TP L480-20LS001XAU  ThinkPad L490 20Q5002DMX
  ThinkPad E490 20N8000MMX  ThinkPad E590 20NB001AFR-G  ThinkPad L480(20LS0018MZ)
 ThinkPad E590 20NB001AFR  ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMH  ThinkPad L480(20LS0017MZ)
  ThinkPad E490 20N8000YFR  ThinkPad L480(20LS0016MZ)   ThinkPad E580(20KS001JMZ)
 ThinkPad E495 20NE0005US  ThinkPad L480 20LS002GUS  ThinkPad L480 20LS0007US
 ThinkPad E590 20NB0029UK  ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YIX  TP L480-20LSS06Y00
  ThinkPad E590 20NB001EUS  ThinkPad E590 20NB0003AD  ThinkPad E580(20KS007QGE)
 ThinkPad E590(20NB001AMZ)  ThinkPad E590 20NB001QUS  ThinkPad E590 20NB004UUS
  TP L480-20LSS0P300  ThinkPad E590 20NB005EUS  ThinkPad E590 20NB001TUS
 ThinkPad E590 20NB001KUS  ThinkPad L480 20LS0016UK  ThinkPad E590 20NB001MUS
 ThinkPad L580(20LW000VMZ)  ThinkPad L480 20LS0003US  ThinkPad L490(20Q5001YUK)
 ThinkPad L580(20LW000YMZ)  ThinkPad L480 20LS0004US  TP L580-20LW0034AU
 ThinkPad E490(20N8000UMZ)  TP L480-20LSS00700  ThinkPad E485 20KU0019US
 L590-20Q7A00AAU  TP L580-20LWS00900  ThinkPad L480 20LS000JAU
  ThinkPad E590 20NB001NUS  ThinkPad E490 20N8000RMH   ThinkPad L480 20LS0000US
 ThinkPad L480 20LS0017HV  TP L480-20LS000RAU  TP L580-20LWS00800
 ThinkPad E590 20NB0057AD  ThinkPad L590 20Q7CTO1WW  ThinkPad E590 20NB002AMH
 ThinkPad L480 20LS000UUS  ThinkPad E590 20NB0050MH  ThinkPad L480 20LS001AIX
 ThinkPad E490 20N8000RFR  L590-20Q7S00T00  ThinkPad L580(20LW000XMZ)
  TP L480-20LSS00000  ThinkPad L480 20LTS6VS00  TP L480-20LS002WAU
 ThinkPad E490(20N9S03300)  TP L480-20LTS7MS00  ThinkPad E495 20NE000JMB
 TP L480-20LS002XAU  ThinkPad E595 20NF0006MB  ThinkPad L590(20Q7001BGE)
 ThinkPad E490 20N8000RMB  ThinkPad E590(20NB0012UK)  TP L480-20LTS00D00
 ThinkPad E590 20NB0058MH  ThinkPad E590 20NB001AIX  ThinkPad L14 20U5000JAU
 ThinkPad E490 20N8000UMX   ThinkPad L480 20LS001ASP  ThinkPad L490(20Q5002KGE)
 ThinkPad E580 20KS0002AD  ThinkPad L480 20LTS1T400  TP L580-20LXS00E00
 L590 20Q7S00Q00  E595-20NFA00NAU  ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMD
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50024MZ   ThinkPad L480 20LTS7ND00  ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00T00
 ThinkPad L480 20LS001AFR  ThinkPad L14(20U10014GE)  ThinkPad E590 20NB0029IX
 L490-20Q5S01500  ThinkPad L14 20U5000DAU  ThinkPad L480 20LS001XAU
 ThinkPad L15 20U7000FAU  ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01500   ThinkPad L14 20U1001BAU
 TP L580-20LX000QAU  ThinkPad L580(20LX0013xx)  ThinkPad L590(20N40009GE)
 ThinkPad L14(20U10016GE)  ThinkPad L580 20LX0011xx  ThinkPad L15 20U30011AU
 ThinkPad E490 20N8000RIX  ThinkPad L14 20U1001AAU  ThinkPad L14 20U10017AU
 ThinkPad L15 20U30014AU  ThinkPad E590 20NB001AMH  ThinkPad E490 20N9000CMX
 ThinkPad L14 20U5000FAU   ThinkPad L580(20LX0012xx)  ThinkPad L480 20LS0019UK
  ThinkPad L14 20U5000EAU   ThinkPad L14 20U1001CAU  ThinkPad E590-20NBS0S900
 ThinkPad L490 20Q5CTO1WW  ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MX  L490-20Q5S01100
 ThinkPad E590 20NB002BIX  ThinkPad L15 20U30013AU  L590 20Q7CTO1WW
 ThinkPad E490(20N8000RMZ)  L590 20Q7S00N00  ThinkPad L14 20U5000HAU
 ThinkPad E490 20N8A003IX  ThinkPad L580(20LW0010MZ)  ThinkPad L580(20LX0014xx)
 ThinkPad L14 20U5000GAU  ThinkPad L480 20LS000HAU  ThinkPad E485 20KU000NMX
 ThinkPad L14 20U10019AU   ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01100  ThinkPad E490 20N8002AIX
 ThinkPad E590 20NB0018HV  ThinkPad E490 20N8000YHV  ThinkPad E595 20NF001HMB
 ThinkPad E490 20N80028IX  ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MD  ThinkPad E590 20NB002BML
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50025PG  L590 20Q7S00R00  ThinkPad E490 20N80028MX
 ThinkPad L480 20LS0026FR  ThinkPad E590 20NBS0QH00  ThinkPad E590 20NBA001MB
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50023PG   ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01200  ThinkPad E590 20NB001AHV
 L490-20Q5S01200  ThinkPad E590 20NB0058MB  ThinkPad E490 20N8000UMH
 ThinkPad L480 20LS0016SP  ThinkPad E590 20NB005AIX  TP L480-20LTS0TR00
 ThinkPad L15 20U7000GAU  ThinkPad E595 20NF000LCD  ThinkPad L15 20U3000YAU
 ThinkPad L480 20LS000GSP  TP L580-20LXS00D00   ThinkPad E590 20NCS02G00
 ThinkPad L15 20U7000HAU  ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YPG  TP L480-20LSS05T00
 TP L580-20LW003PAU  L490-20Q5CTO1WW  ThinkPad L15 20U7000DAU
  ThinkPad L15 20U7000JAU  TP L480-20LT000HAU   ThinkPad L480 20LS0016MD
 ThinkPad E590-20NBA013AU  ThinkPad L490 20Q50007AD  ThinkPad L490 20Q50021PG
 TP L480-20LSS0M600  TP L580-20LWS00G00  ThinkPad L14 20U1CTO1WW
 ThinkPad L15 20U30012AU  TP L480-20LSS1MD00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2E50N
  TP L580-20LXS52200  TP L480-20LTS68T00  TP L480-20LTS9WB00
 E595-20NFA00PAU  TP L580-20LXS31H00  ThinkPad E590 20NB0019MZ
 TP L480-20LTS00E00  TP L480-20LTS61K00  ThinkPad E595 20NF0008MZ
  TP L480-20LTS3JX00  TP L480-20LTS00M00  ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YMZ
 TP L480-20LTS00K00  TP L480-20LTS13300  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F08
 TP L580-20LXS78A00  TP L480-20LTS1LE00  ThinkPad E590-20NBA014AU
 TP L580-20LXS6LY00   TP L480-20LTSASJ00  TP L580-20LWS0PV00
 TP L480-20LTS1BH00  TP L480-20LTS21U0F  ThinkPad L15 20U30010AU
 TP L480-20LSS1EH00   TP L480-20LTS1X40F   TP L580-20LWS07K00
 TP L580-20LXS7Y800  TP L580-20LXS1GD00  TP L480-20LTS3ML0Z
 TP L480-20LTSA6D00   TP L580-20LXS5WR00  ThinkPad L15 20U3CTO1WW
  TP L580-20LXS4E10E   TP L580-20LWS05600  TP L480-20LSS0HQ00
 TP L580-20LXS5H100  TP L480-20LTS8KN0U   TP L580-20LXS6KP00
 TP L580-20LWS0PU00  TP L480-20LSS1K700  TP L480-20LTS40724
 ThinkPad L15 20U7000EAU  TP L580-20LWS0DT00  TP L580-20LWS05W00
 TP L580-20LXS1FR00  TP L480-20LTS3KQ00  TP L480-20LTS42J00
 TP L580-20LXS3ND00  TP L480-20LSS0DD00  TP L480-20LTS0WH17
 TP L480-20LTS00R00  TP L580-20LXS5DN00  TP L480-20LTS00L00
 TP L580-20LWS0DV00  TP L480-20LTS1B200  TP L480-20LTS4060X
 TP L580-20LXS65Q00  TP L480-20LTS0SW00   TP L580-20LXS01700
  TP L480-20LTS1690M  TP L480-20LTS93Q00  TP L580-20LXS7FX00
 TP L480-20LTS0MB00  TP L480-20LT0013AU  TP L480-20LTS1Q600
 TP L480-20LTS5MH0S  TP L480-20LTS0YF0J  TP L580-20LXS19T00
 TP L580-20LXS73U00  TP L480-20LTSAXK00   TP L480-20LTS4V80K
 TP L480-20LTS0W800  TP L580-20LXS0SC00   TP L480-20LTS24000
 TP L580-20LXS54Y00  L480-20LTSA6D00  TP L480-20LTS1B300
  TP L580-20LXS35A02  TP L480-20LSS04C00   TP L480-20LTS0TD00
 TP L580-20LXS4RJ00  TP L480-20LSS1AY00  TP L480-20LTS3P200
 TP L580-20LXS62S00  TP L580-20LXS7KX00  TP L480-20LTS0Q200
 TP L580-20LXS01600  TP L580-20LXS4E10L  TP L480-20LTS61400
 TP L480-20LTS91A00  ThinkPad L480 20LS002DPG  TP L480 20LTS2BD07
  TP L480-20LTS5LQ00  TP L580-20LXS0Y40C  TP L480 20LTS0C300
 TP L580-20LXS3BW00  P L480-20LTS42J00  TP L580-20LXS0PB00
 TP L480-20LSS02L00  TP L580-20LXS4PV00  ThinkPad L490 20Q5001QUE
 ThinkPad L490 20Q5000SAD  TP L480-20LTS1HT04  TP L580-20LXS3J100
 TP L480-20LSS0AK00  TP L480-20LTS7050U  ThinkPad L480 20LS0018SP
 ThinkPad E485 20KU001HMB  TP L580-20LXS0KD00   TP L480-20LTS21700
  TP L480 20LTS66B00  TP L480-20LTS9NF00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2B40D
 TP L580-20LXS2K80G   TP L480-20LTS1X40D  TP L480 20LTS3JV00
 ThinkPad L590 20Q8S1F900  ThinkPad L490 20Q5000SUE  ThinkPad E595 20NF001JAU
 ThinkPad L590 20Q8S15200  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S6KR00  TP L480-20LT000WAU
  L480-20LTS66B00  TP E480-20KNA01UAU  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S5WR00
 ThinkPad E485 20KU001UFR  TP E480-20KN000EAU   TP E590-20NBS0S900
 ThinkPad E595 20NFA00NAU  ThinkPad L590 20Q7A00AAU  ThinkPad L15 20U3S04200
 TP E480-20KN0006AU  E595-20NF001JAU  TP E590-20NBA013AU
 L480-20LTS9EU00  ThinkPad E490 20N80057AD  TP L480 20LTS38P00
 TP E580-20KSA010AU  L480-20LTS0C300  ThinkPad L580 20LWA00KAU
 ThinkPad E595 20NFA00PAU  ThinkPad L480 20LSA00KAU  TP E580-20KSA00TAU
 TP L480 20LTS2SX00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS9EU00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F0A
 TP E580-20KS000UAU  ThinkPad L15 20U3S01100  TP L480 20LTS2DQ0C
 TP E490-20N8A002AU  ThinkPad L480 20LTS63300  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S03K00
  L590-20Q8S1F900  L590-20Q8S6KR00   TP E590-20NBA001AU
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50003UE  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F0B  ThinkPad L480 20LSS0RB00
  ThinkPad E590 20NBCTO1WW Tx   ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4M700  ThinkPad L15 20U7S05K00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S47E00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS6UY02   ThinkPad L490 20Q6S1VQ0H
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S1060B  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S43400  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2EF00
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S2PX0B  ThinkPad L14 20U5S0EJ00  ThinkPad L15 20U8S1KL00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q50007UE  TP E490-20N8A000AU  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S3C713
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S1S12A   ThinkPad E590-20NB001WAU  ThinkPad L480 20LTS08N07
 ThinkPad L15 20U8S1890W  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S58S00  TP E490-20N8001PAU
 L590-20Q8S15200  L490-20Q6S24Y00   ThinkPad L490 20Q6S2KB0C
  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S24Y00  ThinkPad L15 20U4S1BA00  TP E590-20NB001YAU
 L590-20Q8S5WR00  ThinkPad L15 20U8S00900  L490-20Q6S3N800
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS9WL09-L5   ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4HE00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S3N800
 ThinkPad L15 20U4S50800  ThinkPad L480 20LTS5MH00-L5  L490-20Q6S1RN00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S2EW0H  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S1RN00  ThinkPad L15 20U4S13F00
 L490-20Q6S28W0G  ThinkPad L480 20LTS7V40K  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S43500
  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2GV00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S28W0G  ThinkPad L14 20U2S1V10E
 ThinkPad L15 20U4S4FY00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S1VQ0A  TP L490 20Q6S12000
 L490-20Q6S4H300  ThinkPad L14 20U1S04900   ThinkPad L15 20U4S0VK00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4H300  ThinkPad L14 20U2S3W03Y   ThinkPad L15 20U4S6EE00
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S7H500  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S3KE0L  ThinkPad L14 20U2S12L00
 ThinkPad L15 20U4S1GL00  ThinkPad E490 20N80002AD  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S03H00
 L490-20Q6S4F11C  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4F11C  ThinkPad L14 20U2S29F00
  ThinkPad L14 20U2S5KQ01  ThinkPad L14 20U2S0RS00   ThinkPad E590-20NB001UAU
 L490-20Q6S45Q00   ThinkPad L490 20Q6S45Q00  ThinkPad L14 20U2S29300
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S2KB01  ThinkPad L480 20LSS0QU00   ThinkPad L480 20LTS2PE0H
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S2TB00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS51E00  L490-20Q6S1DB00
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS1P001   ThinkPad L15 20U8S1WE00  TP E590-20NB001WAU
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S1DB00  L490-20Q6S5U900  ThinkPad L14 20U1S07Y00
 ThinkPad L15 20U4S13E00  ThinkPad E590 20NB000DAD   L490-20Q5A00JAU
  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S5U900  L590-20Q8S32W00  TP L580-20LXS5T900
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S41800  ThinkPad L15 20U4S6M900  ThinkPad L15 20U7CTO1WW
  TP E480-20KNS0HV00  ThinkPad L490 20Q5A00JAU  L490-20Q6S28H00
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS7UD00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S28H00  L590-20Q7A009AU
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S1LP00  ThinkPad L15 20U4S34T00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS0C300
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS4XX00  TP L480 20LTS3B000  ThinkPad L480 20LTS0YX0L
 TP E580-20KSS00P00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S0YE02  L490-20Q6S4F41B
 ThinkPad L15 20U3S0GN00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F06  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4F41B
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S2L200  ThinkPad L15 20U4S6ED00  ThinkPad L14 20U2S69900
  ThinkPad L580 20LWA00LAU  L490-20Q6S28A00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS7GL00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S28A00  ThinkPad L14 20U2S11307   ThinkPad L15 20U4S1BE00
 ThinkPad L480 20LSA00MAU  ThinkPad L480 20LTS48500  ThinkPad L480 20LTS5VG16
 TP E580-20KSA00UAU   L490-20Q6S4C300  ThinkPad L15 20U3S08S00
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F03  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S4C300  ThinkPad L14 20U2S29400
 ThinkPad L15 20U4S5VJ00  TP L480 20LTS38000  ThinkPad L14 20U2S5C300
 ThinkPad L580 20LWA00JAU  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S46900  ThinkPad L480 20LTS7G300
  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2E50H  ThinkPad L14 20U6S1KD02  ThinkPad L14 20U2S0LY1Y
  TP E580-20KSA00SAU  ThinkPad E590 20NB005XAD  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F00
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S30800  ThinkPad L14 20U2S25P00   TP L480 20LTS2P800
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS66B00   ThinkPad L590 20Q8S2PQ06  ThinkPad L14 20U6S1CW01
 L490-20Q6S69R0S  ThinkPad L14 20U1S1K100  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F09
 TP E490-20N8A003AU  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S69R0S  L590-20Q8S46900
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S46N00  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S1F300  ThinkPad L15 20U7S05J00
 TP E580-20KS000FAU  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S6XF00  ThinkPad L14 20U6S2QC00
  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2BD07  ThinkPad L480 20LTS4Y000  TP L480 20LTS3C71T
 L490-20Q6S0YE02  ThinkPad L480 20LTS6PH00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS1690R
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S0R800   ThinkPad L15 20U8S1TV00  TP E590-20NB001UAU
 ThinkPad E590 20NCS2CR00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F07  TP E490-20N8A001AU
 L590-20Q8S2PQ06  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S0G800  L590-20Q8S6XF00
 TP E480-20KNS09D00  TP L580 20LXS0PQ00  L490-20Q6S28G00
 ThinkPad L590 20Q8S6G500   ThinkPad L480 20LTS2E601  ThinkPad L14 20U6S1SP06
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S28G00  ThinkPad L480 20LSA00NAU  ThinkPad L480 20LTS4SP00
 TP E590-20NBA003AU  ThinkPad L480 20LTS63200  TP E480-20KNA01KAU
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS0FP00  ThinkPad L14 20U5CTO1WW  ThinkPad L15 20U8S1BW00
 ThinkPad L15 20U3S0GA00  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S5X100  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F05
  TP E490-20N8001XAU  L590-20Q8S1F300  ThinkPad L15 20U4S68K00
 L490-20Q6S2770F  ThinkPad L590 20Q8S5J900  ThinkPad L480 20LTS7GK00
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S3660B  ThinkPad L480 20LTS2E50L  ThinkPad L14 20U6S1RX2D
 ThinkPad L490 20Q6S2770F   ThinkPad L15 20U4S1BD00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F0C
  TP E590-20NBA000AU  ThinkPad L590 20Q7A00BAU  L590-20Q8S6G500
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS5MH0A  TP E480-20KN000BAU  ThinkPad E590 20NB0029GE-G
 ThinkPad L480 20LSS16C00  ThinkPad L15 20U8S0PH00  ThinkPad L480 20LTSB2H04
 ThinkPad L15 20U3S08P00  ThinkPad E590 20NB0066T00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS33F02
  ThinkPad L14 20U6S31100  L590-20Q8S0G800  ThinkPad L15 20U4S5C800
  L490-20Q6S21M00   ThinkPad L590 20Q8S32W00  ThinkPad L480 20LTS77700
 ThinkPad L14 20U6S1EM0F   TP E590-20NBA014AU  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S21M00
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S02C00  ThinkPad L15 20U4S18T0M  ThinkPad L590 20Q7A009AU
 L590-20Q8S5J900   ThinkPad L14 20U2S51D0R  L490-20Q6S2PU00
 ThinkPad L480 20LTS7V40L  ThinkPad L490 20Q6S2PU00  L590-20Q7A00BAU
 ThinkPad L14 20U2S24L00  ThinkPad L15 20U4S4H800  ThinkPad E590 20NB001AMX-G
 ThinkPad L14(20U1000VGE)  ThinkpadE590(Type 20NB 20NC)-20NG 20NC 20NB  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000NGE)
 ThinkPad E580-20KT  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000UGB)   ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3)
 ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U4)  ThinkpadL14(type 20U1 20U2)s-20U1 20U2  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1)
 ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000SGE)  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000WGE)  Thinkpad11e 5th Gen(Type 20LR 20LQ)-20LS 20LT 20LQ 20LR
 L15 Gen 2(20X7)  ThinkPad L14(20U50007GE)  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3002EGE)
 ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000VGE)  TP E490-20N8A000AU(20N8-A000AU)  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000UGB)
 L14 Gen 2(20X5)  ThinkPad L14(20U10012GE)  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3002FGE)
 ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000UGE)   ThinkpadE490(Type 20N8 20N9)-20NB 20N9  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000VGB)
  ThinkPad L14(20U1000WGE)  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3)  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X2)
 ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X4)  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000XGB)  L15 Gen 2(20X8)
 ThinkPad L14(20U50004GE)  ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000RGE)   ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000WGB)
 TP E490-20N8A001AU(20N8-A001AU)  L14 Gen 2(20X6)  ThinkPad L14(20U1000XGE)
 ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000QGE)  ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000VGB)  TP E490-20N8001XAU(20N8-001XAU)
 ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000UGE)
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries



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