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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for HP VH08 High Quality Battery 8 Cells

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹2,099. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • Splendid Branded Battery
  • Specifications : 8 Cell Li-ion Battery
  • Rating 14.8V 83Wh
  • One Year Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number
  • High Grade Li ion Cells are used with all Quality Benchmark Test

Availability: Available on backorder

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹2,099. ( FREE DELIVERY )

Availability: Available on backorder

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Splendid, this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an affordable price.
Standard Backup
This 8 cell Splendid battery delivers the backup you need with high quality cells inside.
Protected from the unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your Laptop safe from sudden power changes.
Forget down time
A quality product specifically designed to enhance productivity with minimum down time.
Easy organization
Very easy installation. Just plug and play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind coverage
Rest Easy with One Year Carry In Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 14.8V 83Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Cell 8 Cell
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No VH08
Warranty One Year Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers

HSTNN-LB2Q  632427-001  632113-141
 632113-151  632425-001  VH08
 HSTNN-LB2P  HSTNN-F10C  632113-151
 632114-421  QK641AA  632114-141
  632114-151  632114-141  HSTNN-IB2Q
 632113-421  VH08075  VH08075-CL
 629756-351  VH08083  VH08083-CL
 HSTNN-F93C   VH08075-CL XL  VH08083-CL XL
 632115-321  632115-341  629756-3B1

Fit Laptop Models

EliteBook 8570W  EliteBook 8770w   COMPAQ EliteBook 8560w
 EliteBook 8760w  EliteBook 8570w(A7C38AV)  EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation
 EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation  EliteBook 8560w(YQ371EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SN802UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(YQ349EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SQ229UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP867UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP844UC)  EliteBook 8560w(QD132EP)  EliteBook 8560w(SM858UC)
  EliteBook 8560w(SP550UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP633UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP606UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP025UP)  EliteBook 8560w(WX563AV)  EliteBook 8560w(XX058AV)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP373UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP114UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP878UC)
  EliteBook 8560w(SP495UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SN890UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SN220UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP062UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SN695UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SN813UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(QD111EP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP433UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SQ934UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP285UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP972UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP763UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(YQ335EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP689UP)  EliteBook 8560w(QD146EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP930UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SN719UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SN717UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SN411UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP357UP)  EliteBook 8560w(YQ350EC)
  EliteBook 8560w(YQ342EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SQ615UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP301UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(YQ364EC)  EliteBook 8560w(YQ375EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SQ470UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(YQ334EC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP845UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP436UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SN815UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP254UP)  EliteBook 8560w(QD017EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SN814UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SN652UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SQ283UC)
  EliteBook 8560w(SP713UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SN412UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SP434UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SN289UP)   EliteBook 8560w(SQ160UP)  EliteBook 8560w(SN798UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SM873UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SM847UC)   EliteBook 8560w(SN654UP)
 EliteBook 8560w(SP993UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP435UC)  EliteBook 8560w(SP504UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(SM991UC)  EliteBook 8560w(H3C16UP)  EliteBook 8560w(LW924AW)
 EliteBook 8560w(LC570EP)  EliteBook 8570w(H5A35EP)  EliteBook 8570w(H5A42EP)
 EliteBook 8570w(B9D05AW)  EliteBook 8560w(H2K76UP)  EliteBook 8560w(H3N84UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(H1T96UC)  EliteBook 8560w(H3P07UC)  EliteBook 8570w(H5A55EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(QC940EP)   EliteBook 8560w(QC906EP)  EliteBook 8560w(QC856EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(H1Y03UC)  EliteBook 8560w(QC567PA)  EliteBook 8570w(H2W80EP)
 EliteBook 8570w(H5A56EP)   EliteBook 8570w(H3W90LC)  EliteBook 8570w(H4F81EP)
 EliteBook 8570w(H5A37EP)  EliteBook 8560w(QC885EP)  EliteBook 8770w(H3W85LC)
 EliteBook 8570w(H5A36EP)  EliteBook 8770w(H5A50EP)  EliteBook 8770w(H3W89LC)
 EliteBook 8770w(H5A46EP)  EliteBook 8770w(H5A51EP)  EliteBook 8770w(H5A38EP)
  EliteBook 8770w(H5A29EP)  EliteBook 570W  EliteBook 8570w(D3L19AW)
  EliteBook 8570w(A2X01AV)  EliteBook 8560w(A2U96LC)  EliteBook 8560w(A2F71EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(A3M97PA)  EliteBook 8560w(A2F82EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A2G44EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(A2G34EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A2F83EC)  EliteBook 8560w(B2F46EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(B8Q69UP)  EliteBook 8560w(A6V04EC)  EliteBook 8560w(B2E72EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(A3P21EC)  EliteBook 8560w(B2E55EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A6U91EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(A6V39EC)  EliteBook 8560w(B2F06EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A3P44EC)
  EliteBook 8560w(B2F05EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A3M98PA)  EliteBook 8560w(A3P45EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(A3P31EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A6V44EC)  EliteBook 8560w(A6V17EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(B3P99PP)   EliteBook 8770w(A7G08AV)  EliteBook 8570w(B9D07AW)
 EliteBook 8560w(B2E50EC)  EliteBook 8560w(B8Q48UP)  EliteBook 8560w(B2F11EC)
 EliteBook 8560w(H0F36EP)   EliteBook 8560w(H0Q61EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H0F38EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(H0F47EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H0F51EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H0F22EP)
 EliteBook 8560w(H0F45EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H0F34EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H0Q66EP)
  EliteBook 8560w(C4M37AV)  EliteBook 8560w(H0Q73EP)  EliteBook 8560w(H1T21UC)
 EliteBook 8560w(C4H74UC)   EliteBook 8770w(D1S01UC)  EliteBook 8560w(H1T95UC)
 EliteBook 8770w(B9C91AW)   EliteBook 8770w(H0R06EP)   EliteBook 8770w(D3C76AW)
 EliteBook 8770w(B9C89AW)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T71EC)  EliteBook 8770w(E3R83UP)
 EliteBook 8770w(D2C48UP)  EliteBook 8770w(D6R80UC)  EliteBook 8770w(D7M16EC)
 EliteBook 8770w(D5K78UC)  EliteBook 8770w(D0M74UC)  EliteBook 8770w(H0R02EP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5Z97UP)  EliteBook 8570w(H0R01EP)  EliteBook 8770w(D5G39AW)
 EliteBook 8770w(D4H61EC)  EliteBook 8770w(D2D48UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C3H29UP)
 EliteBook 8770w(D3W80PP)  EliteBook 8570w(H0Q92EP)  EliteBook 8770w(E2F50EC)
 EliteBook 8770w(D3C77AW)  EliteBook 8770w(D5Y48UP)  EliteBook 8770w(D5W88UP)
 EliteBook 8770w(D2D85UP)  EliteBook 8570w(H0Q99EP)   EliteBook 8570w(E6S81UC)
 EliteBook 8770w(D4H96EC)   EliteBook 8770w(D5G38AW)  EliteBook 8770w(D2Z96UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D3L20AW)  EliteBook 8770w(D6R77UC)  EliteBook 8570w(F4F62PP)
 EliteBook 8770w(E0H15UP)  EliteBook 8570w(H0Q88EP)  EliteBook 8570w(C9S82EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(H0Q94EP)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T07EC)  EliteBook 8570w(E3R84UP)
  EliteBook 8570w(E8K67UP)  EliteBook 8770w(D2C15UP)   EliteBook 8570w(H0Q91EP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5A26UC)  EliteBook 8770w(D0M09UC)   EliteBook 8770w(D3W69UC)
 EliteBook 8770w(D1Z60UC)  EliteBook 8770w(D3W79PP)  EliteBook 8570w(D3L54UC)
 EliteBook 8770w(D2C32UP)   EliteBook 8770w(D2E59UP)  EliteBook 8770w(E2F84EC)
  EliteBook 8570w(E9H43UC)  EliteBook 8570w(H0Q98EP)  EliteBook 8570w(D2D69UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C4Q17UP)   EliteBook 8570w(H0Q86EP)  EliteBook 8770w(A2Y14AV)
  EliteBook 8770w(C3Z25EC)  EliteBook 8570w(E8K68UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C5Z15UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(D3W48UC)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T53EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C4Q00UP)
 EliteBook 8770w(C9T25EC)  EliteBook 8770w(E0H13UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C8M06UP)
  EliteBook 8770w(C9T65EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D5X34UP)   EliteBook 8770w(D0M44UC)
 EliteBook 8770w(C9E74UC)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T11EC)  EliteBook 8770w(C9S71EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D9F27UC)  EliteBook 8770w(D0M72UC)   EliteBook 8570w(H0Q95EP)
 EliteBook 8770w(C7M65UP)  EliteBook 8570w(E0G80UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C8L07UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C4Z96UC)  EliteBook 8570w(D3L17AW)  EliteBook 8770w(D7M18EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(E4A42PP)  EliteBook 8570w(C4Q24UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C7N40UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C9S80EC)  EliteBook 8570w(E3R76UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T08EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D3L18AW)   EliteBook 8570w(E0G77UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D2D01UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(D2A90UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C9Z08UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C9S70EC)
  EliteBook 8570w(D2C46UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C9S56EC)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C40AV)
 EliteBook 8570w(E0G79UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C8E85UC)  EliteBook 8770w(C0S31PA)
 EliteBook 8570w(A7C42AV)  EliteBook 8570w(D4R87UC)  EliteBook 8770w(C9T24EC)
  EliteBook 8570w(D3W47UC)  EliteBook 8570w(D2D00UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D2C45UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C4P11UP)   EliteBook 8770w(C0R76PA)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C45AV)
 EliteBook 8570w(A7C39AV)   EliteBook 8570w(C9Z07UP)   EliteBook 8570w(B2G32EC)
  EliteBook 8570w(C5Y52UP)  EliteBook 8770w(C8L06UP)   EliteBook 8570w(D3W68UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D2D68UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D0V73UC)  EliteBook 8570w(D0M75UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C8K99UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D2C30UP)  EliteBook 8570w(E0G85UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5A24UC)   EliteBook 8570w(C9S39EC)  EliteBook 8770w(E3R77UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(D1R85UC)   EliteBook 8570w(D7M35EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D5V13UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(D5Y18UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z48EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D4H78EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D2D52UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D2D91UP)  EliteBook 8570w(D7W68UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(E0G76UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C9T76EC)  EliteBook 8570w(B2G33EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D7M30EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9S38EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9Y45UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(E2F97EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D8S96PP)  EliteBook 8570w(D8S95PP)
  EliteBook 8570w(D9F29UC)  EliteBook 8570w(D4H92EC)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C43AV)
 EliteBook 8570w(C4Q01UP)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C41AV)  EliteBook 8570w(C8M05UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(A7C44AV)  EliteBook 8570w(B9D15AA)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z62EC)
  EliteBook 8570w(D7M29EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D3W46UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C8L74UP)
  EliteBook 8570w(D0N80PA)  EliteBook 8570w(D4H99EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9T50EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(D3W49UC)   EliteBook 8570w(B2G21EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9T38EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(E0G78UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C9Z18UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z71EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C9S58EC)  EliteBook 8570w(D0M73UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C4P34UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C3Z19EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9Y29UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C5A27UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C7R66UC)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C48AV)  EliteBook 8570w(C5Z09UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C9Z12UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C9S93EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C0R77PA)
  EliteBook 8570w(D7W67UC)  EliteBook 8570w(B2G15EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C0R73PA)
 EliteBook 8570w(C7N21UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C9S99EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C8L18UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C9S77EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9T64EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9T70EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C9R99UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9R90UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C4P23UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C3J12UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C5Z03UP)   EliteBook 8570w(C3Z67EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C0S30PA)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z30EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C6A08UP)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5K12UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C9S55EC)  EliteBook 8570w(C5Q62UC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C7N02UP)  EliteBook 8570w(C5R20UC)   EliteBook 8570w(C0R75PA)
 EliteBook 8570w(A7C46AV)  EliteBook 8570w(A7C47AV)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z47EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5R19UC)   EliteBook 8570w(C5Q52UC)  EliteBook 8570w(C3Z12EC)
 EliteBook 8570w(C5Q54UC)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G15AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G18AV)
 EliteBook 8770w(A7G10AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G12AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G09AV)
 EliteBook 8770w(A7G11AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G16AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G13AV)
 EliteBook 8770w(A7G17AV)  EliteBook 8770w(A7G14AV)   EliteBook 8770w(C9T63EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SP739UP)  EliteBook 8760w(B2E99EC)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ230UC)
  EliteBook 8760w(QD024EP)  EliteBook 8760w(B2F57EC)  EliteBook 8760w(A3P28EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(A2G35EC)  EliteBook 8760w(YQ356EC)  EliteBook 8760w(A3M96PA)
 EliteBook 8560w(DUME8560WPRE)   EliteBook 8760w(SQ177UP)   EliteBook 8760w(A6M71AW)
  EliteBook 8760w(H1T81UC)  EliteBook 8760w(QC956EP)  EliteBook 8760w(SP323UP)
 EliteBook 8760w(SN610UP)   EliteBook 8760w(SP712UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A3P04EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SQ469UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A2G26EC)  EliteBook 8760w(B3P27PC)
 EliteBook 8760w(B2E52EC)  EliteBook 8760w(SN907UC)  EliteBook 8760w(QC912EP)
 EliteBook 8760w(A2F65EC)  EliteBook 8760w(B2F17EC)  EliteBook 8760w(SP785UP)
 EliteBook 8760w(A3N93EC)  EliteBook 8760w(LW870AW)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ445UP)
  EliteBook 8760w(A2G15EC)  EliteBook 8760w(YQ343EC)  EliteBook 8760w(A3P39EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SP589UC)  EliteBook 8760w(A2U97LC)  EliteBook 8760w(A3N37PA)
 EliteBook 8760w(LC568EP)  EliteBook 8760w(B2F02EC)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ231UC)
 EliteBook 8760w(A2F96EC)  EliteBook 8760w(H3P88UC)  EliteBook 8760w(SP886UC)
 EliteBook 8760w(QC584PA)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ621UP)  EliteBook 8760w(SP551UC)
 EliteBook 8760w(H0Q68EP)  EliteBook 8760w(DUME8760WPRE)   EliteBook 8760w(B2E96EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SP098UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A6M72AW)  EliteBook 8760w(H1T82UC)
 EliteBook 8760w(H3N85UC)  EliteBook 8760w(B2F47EC)  EliteBook 8760w(XY697AV)
 EliteBook 8760w(SN611UP)  EliteBook 8760w(LY671EC)  EliteBook 8760w(B3P71PP)
 EliteBook 8760w(H0Q64EP)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ161UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A3Z12PP)
 EliteBook 8760w(H1T54UC)  EliteBook 8760w(SP303UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A2F68EC)
  EliteBook 8760w(B2F18EC)  EliteBook 8760w(WX720AV)  EliteBook 8760w(A3N94EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(LW871AW)  EliteBook 8760w(SP287UP)  EliteBook 8760w(SQ448UP)
 EliteBook 8760w(A2G25EC)  EliteBook 8760w(YQ348EC)  EliteBook 8760w(A2F62EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SQ935UC)   EliteBook 8760w(SN371UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A2U98LC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SN655UP)  EliteBook 8760w(SP777UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A3N92EC)
 EliteBook 8760w(SP255UP)  EliteBook 8760w(QD112EP)  EliteBook 8760w(A2G05EC)
  EliteBook 8760w(B8Q65UP)  EliteBook 8760w(A3P32EC)  EliteBook 8760w(H1W65UP)
 EliteBook 8760w(SQ928UC)  EliteBook 8760w(SP586UC)

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm
Cell Type

Battery Cell

8 Cells

External Battery




Laptops Batteries



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