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LENOVO 01AV480 – 01AV480 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

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4,999 GST Included

  • 100% Genuine Original Lenovo Product
  • Battery Type : Li-ion Battery
  • Rating :  11.58V  57Wh
  • Six Month India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be 01AV480.Lenovo Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number


4,999 GST Included

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Lenovo , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Lenovo Original
Specifications 11.58V  57Wh
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No 01AV480
Warranty Six Month India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Compatible Part Numbers

01AV470  L17L3P71  SB10K97617
 01AV480  01AV478  L17M3P71
 SB10K97621  SB10K97620  01AV479
  L17S3P71   L17M3P72  SB10K97622

Fit Models (use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

ThinkPad T480s  ThinkPad T480s-20L8S02D00   ThinkPad T480s 20L7CTO1WW
 ThinkPad T480s 700  ThinkPad T480s GHK  ThinkPad T480s(20L7002LCD)
 ThinkPad T480s(20L7002XCD)  ThinkPad T480s(20L7A006CD)  ThinkPad T480s(20L7A00UCD)
 ThinkPad T480s 6HK   ThinkPad T480s FHK  ThinkPad T480s(20L7A00TCD)
 ThinkPad T480s(20L7A011CD)  ThinkPad T480S 20L7002DUS  ThinkPad T480S 20L70029US
 ThinkPad T480s(20L7A01WCD)  ThinkPad T480s 20L8CTO1WW  ThinkPad T480S 20L7002CUS
 ThinkPad T480S 20L7002KUS  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001RGE  ThinkPad T480S 20L7001YUS
 ThinkPad T480S 20L70021US  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LMH  ThinkPad T480S 20L70023US
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VUK   ThinkPad T480S 20L7001XUS  ThinkPad T480S 20L7002EUS
 ThinkPad T480S 20L70025US  ThinkPad T480S 20L70024US  ThinkPad T480s 20L70053GE
 ThinkPad T480S 20L7002HUS  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001PPB  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005QGE
 ThinkPad T480S 20L70026US  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LPB  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001PUK
 ThinkPad T480S 20L7001WUS  ThinkPad T480S 20L70027US   ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2450C
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S04E00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004PGE  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005PGE
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001RPB  ThinkPad T480S 20L7002FUS  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005WIX
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5B001  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005PMZ  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S04B00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SMB  ThinkPad T480S 20L70020US   ThinkPad T480s 20L70044AU
 ThinkPad T480s 20L70057GE  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001PIX  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VMX
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7004NMX  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004PMH   ThinkPad T480S 20L70022US
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7000VAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002BMX  ThinkPad T480s 20L70058GE
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LMB  ThinkPad T480s 20L7003KAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SMH
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7002HAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LUK  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001NSP
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8002AMX   ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LMX  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001THV
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7004MMX  ThinkPad T480s 20L70045AU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002XMX
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VIX  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LMZ  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001NMZ
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7004PMB   ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SSP  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SMX
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001UMX  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002AMD  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002UMX
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001QMZ  ThinkPad T480s 20L70008UE  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002WMH
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S04A00   ThinkPad T480s 20L7001PMD  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001MHV
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VMD  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004MSP  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SMD
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001UHV  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005EUS  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LMD
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VUE  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001UMD  ThinkPad T480s 20L8002BMD
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4AA0K  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001LML  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S07A0U
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7005NSP  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004NMD  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S04000
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J02  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S68G00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCYD00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0KU00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1R70D  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S50E00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCFD00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3MQ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S00600
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4FQ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001NPG  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S46K01
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001QMH  ThinkPad T480s 20L70013UE   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SAPG03
 ThinkPad T480s 20L80014MX   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8810D  ThinkPad T480s 20L8A03KAU
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4E200  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S04V00  ThinkPad T480s 20L70012UE
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8A0JBAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001RSP  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4G300
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6G21Q  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1YF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S75N00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3TE00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001BAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S24J0M
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S00300  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5NR00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8T200
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9JN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBG500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SA3Q05
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S29R00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0EC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9BL00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S12900  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3TA00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2QT00
  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1JB00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0A800  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0WE00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1VT06  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SC9V1L  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S00L00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S97Y00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4CP09  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S56C00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5MY00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S79U00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3VF00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5L400   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1D100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5WJ00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0A600  ThinkPad T480s 20L7005WFR  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004MMD
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7YL00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0R000  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6SR00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001SML  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SB3300  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5N400
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9YS13  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PA00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7004PML
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4SF00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2CW00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PU0L
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6YC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3H71B  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2BB00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PT0K  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SF9500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0FE0B
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8000KAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S25M00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8D000
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S63600  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0XA00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S00700
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1C512  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBAP00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0FF03
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3630Q  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S45500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4SM00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6SK00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0XE00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J1L
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8000CAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2CN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S33803
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S01P00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD4F00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17K2A
 ThinkPad T480s 20L80006AU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2SD01  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SF9900
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1ML00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3EU00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8001KAU
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3630W  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S06Q00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J0K
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2A000  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S28W0H  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WH02
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SFF100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17G0N  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J2B
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDPR00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S34B04  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD9700
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PU0S   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S02308  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S17B00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDHF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8000EAU   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S33806
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD7J00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3H73S  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J1K
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDH600  ThinkPad T480s 20L8000BAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2BG00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WL0U  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1MN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDXE00
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S37G00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S06R00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J0W
 ThinkPad T480s 20L80005AU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2J200  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1GK00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J2E  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDSX00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8000TAU   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1VD00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SF8801
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WH00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S15Q03  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J1U
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8000HAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3432Y  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1U100
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3LQ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WM04  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9LX01
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7WX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1F606  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBK60Y
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDH700  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8NR00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SFAT00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S29T00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1QR00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8AX00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBUB00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SE6F00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S95N00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7001VMZ-1  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S07N01  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J0Z
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBFN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDH500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8H400
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCA700  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WL09  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17K0Q
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBR500  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0DS00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S99G00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDBM00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S35R00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8F100
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1VX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SC9V1T  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S01E07
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S42S0V   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5T91B   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2QJ00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD1T00   ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1FD00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1EU00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S84201  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PL00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBL600
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3C50V  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8WS09  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S23310
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCSG00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3YD04   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2VY00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S31400  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S70N01   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SF5B00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5N000  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3LQ02  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0BA00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S11200  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2N801   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCY100
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J1Q  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6SJ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S39V0F
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S21K03  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7DC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SFBV00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2TH00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4QF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1S800
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PT0R  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1QX0E  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3NT00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SE9X00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5LK22   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2AX00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3XY0H  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2JC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S49400
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6KD3M  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S37800  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S50500
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S33801   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S21907   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S75Q00
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCDT00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3V700  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SFAQ00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5PY16  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2TC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD4E00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17K17  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6VC0C  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5G400
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S28W0F  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2A100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7231U
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5NU00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WH03  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17J0H
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDB600  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S27F00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S42S02
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SFEF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2N80V  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1BE00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7YP00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDJE00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD9600
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PU04  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SC160X   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S01E0F
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S96Y04  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2LJ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1D800
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6SH00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S39200  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2190H
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5Q00Q   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0A300  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCTU00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S10842  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S62L00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SAKT0A
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2TG00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8A03KNZ  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S29G00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0JK00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9JE0M  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2JA00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S49300  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S15X00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7W400
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3440X  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S50200  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5P700
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S06100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCSY00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0WL07
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SA2V0E  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2SX23  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD4C00
  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S24F00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S84H00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6T700
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDT600  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5CY00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S92800
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7HV00   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2FE08  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S12800
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7L900  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S17K29  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6D600
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SB5Q00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S32800  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4YX00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S71B00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3SX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0HQ0L
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9YY03  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4DL05   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6SL00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S58Y00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7FE03  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0T400
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S15Q00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S67100   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4SG0F
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1R70K  ThinkPad T480s 20L7A01QAU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SC1U00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3P308  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S97K00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2D000
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S9UA01   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4CC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1F000
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1NH01  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBKW00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S50T00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCM900  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5Q80A  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCUM00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S13V1M   ThinkPad T480s 20L8SAL604  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2D400
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8BF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6YX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SC160M
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8A0J9AU  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S96L00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7S0KN00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1AV00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7WW00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1E603
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8HC00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCTM00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1082N
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S60U00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S4FS00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1PU0K
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBRN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3H900  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S94J00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2FF00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S46L08  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7VL0J
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S6G201  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3430U  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SDCE00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S50100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8GW00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S1WG02
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S00500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCA600  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SF9800
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCSN00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5TH0F  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SA1U01
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SD2200  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S84E00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBL900
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3DK1W   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S90700  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S23605
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7GJ28   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2E805  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S31W00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S32K00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8E700  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S71A00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3QX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S5RP00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S0E003
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S1F200  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SBL100  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3AY0D
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8T300   ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2330M  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S7FA00
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCMQ00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SCXP02  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S15P0K
 ThinkPad T480s 20L8S66800  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SAM70G  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S2UM09
 ThinkPad T480s 20L7S2GW00  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S8CX00  ThinkPad T480s 20L7001PMD_LIAB
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S70500  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3P303  ThinkPad T480s 20L8SEDX00
  ThinkPad T480s 20L8S3YD00


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries


7 reviews for LENOVO 01AV480 – 01AV480 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

Based on 7 reviews
1-5 of 7 reviews
  1. Nice service

  2. Trusted website very good product????

  3. Nice battery, Working good,

  4. Quality wise….. Great. Performance….. Perfect. 10/10

  5. Battery is good original one. Very nice n long running battery. Good charging speed. Working for 4 hour after full charge.

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