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Lenovo 45w Original Laptop Charger – 20V 2.25A Genuine AC Power Adapter (1.7mm) L17L3P61

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹1,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • Lenovo Smart AC Power Adapter
  • 100% Genuine Original Lenovo Product
  • Specifications : ( 20V 2.25A) 45W ( 1.7 mm )
  • Buy Only if Require 45W Adapter.
  • 65W Charger is Available Separately.(Check Link at Bottom of this page)
  • Pin Size: 4.0mm*1.7mm (Check Photographs)
  • One Year Carry In Warranty
  • Complimentary: Three Pin Power Cord (No Warranty)
  • Supplied Model no may Vary. Specifications will be the Same.

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹1,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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SKU: LENOVO45L17L3P610001 Category: Brand:

Product Description


Reliable power. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted AC adapter shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Lenovo, this standard power adapter delivers a safe, powerful charge every time, and at an affordable price.
Standard power This 45W power adapter delivers the power you need with an Lenovo standard 1.7 mm connector.
Protected from the unexpected The built-in surge-protector helps keep your laptop safe from sudden power changes.
Forget broken cables A quality cable specifically designed to alleviate stress from bending.
Stress-free connector The connector reduces cord stress and allows easy access to your other ports.
Easy organization Keep your cable neat and organized with the attached hook and loop fastener.
Peace-of-mind coverage Rest easy with  standard one-year limited warranty.

Product Detail

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Lenovo Original
Specifications 20V 2.25A (1.7 mm )
Warranty One Year Carry In Warranty
Pin Size 4.0mm*1.7mm
Power Cord Three Pin Indian Cord ( No Warranty )

Compatible Part Numbers

L17L3P61  L17M3P61  L17C3P61
 5B10N87358  5B10N87357  5B10N87359
 5B10Q39199  5B10Q39200  5B10Q39198

Fit Laptop Models ( use ” ctrl+F” to find your model)

K43  K43-ISE 8GB/512GB  V530s
  7000-13  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6  Yoga 720-12IKB
 V530S-14  Yoga 330-11IGM  V530s-14 i7 8550U/8GB/256GB
 YOGA 720-12  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001PGE  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A60058MZ
  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001NGE  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005QGE  Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003WSP
 Yoga 520-12   Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001MGE  Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005UGE
 CHAO7000-13  K43-IFI 8GB/256GB  K43-IFI 8GB/512GB
 Yoga 320-11  IdeaPad 320S-13IKBR  Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5)
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000KUS  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005BSP   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK)
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK0037GE)  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK0036GE)   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK0038GE)
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK0090GE)  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK0039GE)  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK003AGE)
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001HUS  Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003US  Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5004TGE)
 Yoga 720-12IKB(81B50057GE)   Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5005PMZ)  Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5001CGE)
 Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5001BGE)   Ideapad 320S-13IKB-81AK007DSP  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BMPB
 Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003QUS  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CKPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK008AUK
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00C7GE  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DJLT  Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5005ASP
 Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003VSP   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007QRK   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003PUS
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004LRK   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000PFR  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50045UK
 V530s-14(i5-8250U/8G/256GB)  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004MRK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003RUS
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F6RU   Ideapad 320S-13IKB-81AK003HMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00ELRA
  xiaoxin 7000-13  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007WMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00ESRA
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007YPB  V530s-14(i5-8250U/12G/256GB)  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003USP
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00ETRA  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00ENRA  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EFMX
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000QFR  V530s-14(i5-8250U/8G/512GB)   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BJPB
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007VPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EURA   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007MRK
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50017CK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007KMH  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CFBM
  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007TPB   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F1RA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002SFE
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EQRA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50018CK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EPRA
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007RPG  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BCIV  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007HGE
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50049UK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003SCF  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002CAX
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50035UE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002FED  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00ERRA
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK008LMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DLMZ  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BTMH
  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00FSPB   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004QPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DGAX
  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CBYA  V530s-14(i5-8250U/16G/512GB)   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EVRA
  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F3RA   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00B8IV  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F2RA
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001EMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BAIV  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EKPB
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00C0MX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK0080GE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002EAX
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000MFR  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004VRI  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005GUS
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EJPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50027AX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EWRA
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000NFR   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007SPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK008BUK
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50019CK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DHMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00D0FR
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000ERU  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003AUE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50023AX
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00EXMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50026ED   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CAYA
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007UPB   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50034UE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002MFE
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK008CUK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000RFR  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CGRA
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004RPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00D1FR  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DKSP
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK0089UK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50042UK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BFGE
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002YFG   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007GGE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001ASC
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50047UK   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003FBM   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK008KMH
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001WAD  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000LCK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50030FG
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007JMH   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001TSA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002WFG
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004HIV   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50044UK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003LSP
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004FIV  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50058SP  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00C8MZ
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002NFE   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CCAX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00D2FR
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001XAD  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50024AX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000HUS
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BBIV   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005CFE   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003GBM
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002QFE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50040UK   IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F5RU
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002RFE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002XFG  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004URI
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007LRK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003YUK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BVFR
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00FRPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50028AX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BDIV
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BLPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004JIV   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50029AX
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00B9IV   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003JSP   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005Fru
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002UFG  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50059SP  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002TFE
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001VAD  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00FARU  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00B5IV
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001SSA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002VFE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003BUE
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50041UK  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007XMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002JED
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003KSP  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BPPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005ERU
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CJPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004YRI  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50022AD
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00DMMZ   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004NRK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002HED
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005DGM  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00B7IV  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005RMX
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK006WMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001FMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001RSA
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005HUS  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50032FG  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007AGE
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001UAD  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002PFE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003HBM
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001MSA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003XUK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004WRI
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002LED  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50036UE  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50038UE
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001PSA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50020AD  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004DIV
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50033FG  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001GMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004GIV
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007CHV  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002BED  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002GED
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000Fru  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004BMX  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK007ESP
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BKPB  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004CIV  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004XRI
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002DAX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003TAU   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001DMX
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001QSA  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005SMX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001LSA
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50021AD  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002AAX   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50046UK
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000GUS  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50043UK  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004EIV
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003EAU  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50031FG  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004PRK
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005NMZ  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002KED  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00F4RU
  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001NSA   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004KIV   YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001YAD
 YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50025AX  YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000JUS  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00CQMX
 K43-IFI 4GB/256GB  YOGA 330-11IGM 81A6000NAU  YG 320S-13IKB-Type 81AK009PTA
 YG 320S-13IKB-Type 81AK  YOGA 330-11IGM 81A6006DAU  YOGA 330-11IGM 81A60037AU
 Yoga 320S-13 SP/A  YOGA 330-11IGM 81A60031AU  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK008YGE)
 YG 720-12IKB I7 8G 256G 10H-81B5004AAU  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK008WGE)  320S-13IKB-Type 81AK-Model 81AK009PTA
 YG 320S-13IKB I5 8G 256G 10H-81AK006VAU   YG 330-11IGM N4000 4G 64 10H-81A6006DAU  YG 330-11IGM N5000 8G 128 10H-81A60031AU
 deaPad 320S-13IKB-81AK00BLPB  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK008XGE)  YG 720-12IKB I5 8G 256G 10H-81B5003DAU
 IdeaPad 320S-13IKB(81AK008VGE)   IP 320S-13IKB I5 8G 256G 10H-81AK006VAU  YG 330-11IGM N5000 4G 128 10H-81A60037AU
 YG 330-11IGM N5000 4G 128 10H-81A6000NAU  IdeaPad 320S-13IKB


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


Adapter Pin Size


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