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LENOVO 45N1158 – 45N1158 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

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Original price was: ₹4,999.Current price is: ₹3,199. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • 100% Genuine Original LENOVO Product
  • Specifications : 6 Cell Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 10.8V48wh
  • One Year Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Supplied Model no will be 45N1158 LENOVO Part no may be different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part No.

Original price was: ₹4,999.Current price is: ₹3,199. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Lenovo , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This 6 cell Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with  One Year Replacement Warranty.

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Lenovo Original
Specifications 10.8V 48Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Cell 6 Cell
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No 45N1158
Warranty One Year India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Compatible Part Numbers

45N1158  3ICR19/65-2  45N1160
 45N1159  45N1150  45N1161
 0A36302  45N1146  45N1145
 45N1148   45N1779  45N1144
  45N1147   45N1149  45N1153
 45N1151  45N1152  45N1162

Fit Laptop Models(use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

  ThinkPad T540P  T540P   ThinkPad T440p
 Thinkpad T440  ThinkPad L540  ThinkPad L440
 ThinkPad W540  ThinkPad W541  ThinkPad T540p(20BE005YGE)
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN-006VGE  3550 M  ThinkPad L440 20AT004QGE
 ThinkPad W541(20EF000SGE)   ThinkPad T440p-QCD  ThinkPad T540p 20BE
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN/20AW)   ThinkPad L540(20AV002YGE)  20AT0019CD
 ThinkPad W540 20BG   ThinkPad L540(20AU/20AV)  ThinkPad L440 20AS
 ThinkPad W541(20EG000BCD)  ThinkPad W541(20EG000ACD)  ThinkPad W541(20EF/20EG)
 ThinkPad W540-20BGCTO1WW  ThinkPad W540 20BG0011US  ThinkPad T540p(20BF/20BE)
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN006NUS)  ThinkPad T540(20BF/20BE)  ThinkPad L540 20AU003HUS
 ThinkPad L540 20AV000SUS  ThinkPad W540(20BG/20BH)  ThinkPad W541 20EF
 ThinkPad L440(20AT0019CD)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0037US  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS06X00)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A04SCD)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS02MCD)  ThinkPad T540p(20BF002FCD)
  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03HCD)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS07000)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFA0Y500)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A05GCD)  ThinkPad L440(20AT)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03GCD)
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0E1CD)  ThinkPad L540 20AV0029US  ThinkPad L540 20AU003JUS
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANS01Q00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A04UCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00300)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BFA1AR00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS0BV00)  ThinkPad T440p(20ANS04G00)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BFS03H00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03NCD)  ThinkPad L440 20AS002KUS
 ThinkPad T440p(20AW000GCD)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS01C00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03SCD)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BFA0YX00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFA0Y200)   ThinkPad T540p(20BFS03F00)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BFS0BT00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS02J00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A0BCCD)
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0DXCD)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS01M00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A04RCD)
  ThinkPad L440(20ASA18ECD)  ThinkPad L440(20AT001CCD)  ThinkPad T440p(20AW0009CD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6002YCD)  ThinkPad L440(20AT001BCD)  ThinkPad L440(3550M)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BF002VCD)   ThinkPad T440(20B6S06T00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFA0Y300)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S02100)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS0B800)   ThinkPad L440(20AT001DCD)
  ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0AMCD)  ThinkPad W541 20EG   ThinkPad T440(20B6S02X00)
 ThinkPad L440(20AT000YCD)  ThinkPad L440(20AT001ECD)   ThinkPad L440(20AT0016CD)
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANA092CD)  ThinkPad W540 20BH  ThinkPad L440 20AS002JUS
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A04QCD)  ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0ALCD)   ThinkPad T440p(20ANA079CD)
 ThinkPad L440(20ASA1BWCD)   ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0E0CD)  ThinkPad T440p(20ANA07ACD)
 ThinkPad T440p(20AWS0KP01)  ThinkPad T440p(20AWS0KN01)  ThinkPad T540P 20BF0021US
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE0085US  ThinkPad W541 20EF000LUS  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003AUS
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A03FCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03KCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6002XCD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S00G00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS01L00)  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS0BA00)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A050CD)   ThinkPad T440(20B6A07UCD)   ThinkPad T440(20B6S00200)
 ThinkPad T440(20B60037CD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A069CD)  ThinkPad L440(20ASA18SCD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S00U00)   ThinkPad T440(20B6A04VCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00Q00)
 ThinkPad T440(31P20B6S01W00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00400)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00X00)
 ThinkPad T440(20B7S1AA0H)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00T00)   ThinkPad T440(20B7S0NT0E)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A07TCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S00P00)   ThinkPad T440(20B6A03LCD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S00N00)  ThinkPad T440(20B7S0PM0A)   ThinkPad T440(20B6S03900)
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANA07PCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A04TCD)   ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0N4CD)
 ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0AJCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A05ACD)   ThinkPad T440p(20AWS0YB04)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S00V00)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A059CD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A03ECD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A06PCD)   ThinkPad T540p(20BFA0Y400)  ThinkPad T440(20B6A06TCD)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BFS02N00)   ThinkPad T440(20B6S00M00)   ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0A1CD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6A07SCD)  ThinkPad T440(20B6S01Y00)  ThinkPad T440p(20ANA07NCD)
 ThinkPad T440(20B6S00W00)  ThinkPad T440p(20ANA0AKCD)  ThinkPad L440 20AS002CUS
 20ANA0AMCD  20BFS0BT00  20BFS0BV00
 20ANA0DXCD  20ANA0AKCD  ThinkPad L540 20AV0025US
 ThinkPad T440P 20AN006MUS  20ANA0AJCD  ThinkPad W540 20BG0016US
 20ANA0ALCD  ThinkPad T550 20CK  ThinkPad T440P 20AW004BUS
  ThinkPad L540 20AU000YUS  ThinkPad L540 20AU002PUS  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003RAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN005SAU  ThinkPad W541 20EF000MUS  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0MD00)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BE0065GE)   ThinkPad T540p(20BE0060GE)   ThinkPad L540 20AU002RUS
 ThinkPad L540 20AU001EUS  ThinkPad W540 20BG000SAU   ThinkPad W540(20BHS0JJ00)
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN005NAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU002NUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001EUS
 ThinkPad W540(20BHS0N900)  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0ME00)  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000GUS
 ThinkPad W540(20BH002PCD)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001JUS  ThinkPad W540(20BHS08HCD)
  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0MB00)  ThinkPad W540 20BH002QUS   ThinkPad W540(20BHS0MA00)
 ThinkPad W540(20BHS09N01)  ThinkPad L440 20AS0011US  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0M800)
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN000KUS  ThinkPad L440(20AT0038GE)  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000LUS
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN0072MB)  ThinkPad T540p(20BE003YGE)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0036
 ThinkPad W540(20BH002NCD)  ThinkPad L540 20AU002N  ThinkPad W540(20BHA0C8CD)
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANCTO1WW  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0M900)  ThinkPad W540(20BH002GCD)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BE0041GE)  ThinkPad W540(20BHS0MF00)   ThinkPad T540p(20BE00B5GE)
 ThinkPad L440 20AS002WUS  ThinkPad L540 20AU002XUS  ThinkPad L440 20AS0003US
 ThinkPad W540(20BG001CGE)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0036US  ThinkPad L540 20AU0039US
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE003MUS   ThinkPad L540 20AU0038US  ThinkPad W540(20BH002FCD)
 ThinkPad L540 20AU001E  ThinkPad T540p(20BE0061GE)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0030US
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN000JUS  ThinkPad L540 20AU002WUS  ThinkPad T440P 20AW000EUS
 ThinkPad W540 20BG0013US  ThinkPad W540 20BH001AUS  ThinkPad W540 20BG0017US
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002Q  ThinkPad L440(20AT0032GE)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0034US
 ThinkPad L540 20AU000Y  ThinkPad L440 20AS001NUS  ThinkPad L440 20AS000SUS
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002P  ThinkPad T440p(20AN006VMH)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001KUS
 ThinkPad T540p(20BE00BVGE)  ThinkPad L440 20AS000U  ThinkPad L440 20AS0011
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN0072MH)  ThinkPad T440p(20AN0095MH)  ThinkPad W541 20EF000HUS
 ThinkPad W541(20EGS0HL0F)  ThinkPad T540p(20BE00BUGE)   ThinkPad W541(20EF001UGE)
 ThinkPad W540(20BG001DGE)  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003DUS  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000NUS
  ThinkPad L440 20AS0012  ThinkPad T540p(20BE0089GE)  ThinkPad L440 20AT0032
  ThinkPad W541(20EF0013GE)  ThinkPad W541(20EF000UGE)  ThinkPad T540P 20BE003PUS
 ThinkPad L540(20AV0035GE)  ThinkPad L540(20AV0031GE)  ThinkPad L440 20AS000W
 ThinkPad W540(20BG001KGE)  ThinkPad W541 20EF000NUS  ThinkPad W540 20BH002CUS
 ThinkPad L540(20AV0072GE)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001CUS  ThinkPad W540 20BH001NUS
 ThinkPad L540(20AV006XGE)  ThinkPad W541(20EF0001GE)  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003EUS
 ThinkPad W540 20BH001MUS  ThinkPad W541(20EF001TGE)  ThinkPad L440(20AT0030GE)
 ThinkPad W540(20BG001HGE)  ThinkPad W541(20EF001GGE)   ThinkPad L440 20AT002AUS
 ThinkPad L440 20AS005YUS  ThinkPad W541(20EF0020GE)  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003GUS
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000YUS  ThinkPad T440P 20AN00A3  ThinkPad L540(20AV0033GE)
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE003FUS  ThinkPad W541 20EF000PUS  ThinkPad L440(20AT002YGE)
 ThinkPad W540 20BH0019US  ThinkPad W540 20BH001YUS   ThinkPad T440P 20AN007E
 ThinkPad T440P 20AN007A  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003HUS  ThinkPad W541(20EGS0QP00)
  ThinkPad W540 20BH001EUS  ThinkPad W540 20BH001LUS  ThinkPad L540(20AV002WGE)
 ThinkPad L440(20ASA0X2PB)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001BUS  ThinkPad T440P 20AW0048US
  ThinkPad L440 20AS000S  ThinkPad W541 20EF000T   ThinkPad T440p(20AN009FMH)
 ThinkPad W540 20BH001XUS  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000MUS  ThinkPad L440-20ATCTO1WW
 ThinkPad L440 20AT0052US  ThinkPad L440 20AS005UUS  ThinkPad T440P 20AW004LUS
 ThinkPad L440 20AT0053US  ThinkPad L440-20ASCTO1WW  ThinkPad W541 20EF000KUS
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN00E1GE)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001WUS  ThinkPad T540p(20BE00B8GE)
 ThinkPad W541 20EF000Q  ThinkPad L440(20AT0034GE)  ThinkPad W540 20BH001VUS
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE003CUS  ThinkPad L540-20AVCTO1WW  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000HUS
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN00E3GE)  ThinkPad T540p(20BE00B4GE)   ThinkPad W541 20EF000JUS
  ThinkPad L540(20AV004VGE)  ThinkPad T440p 20AWCTO1WW  ThinkPad T540(20BF0031XS)
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0061US  ThinkPad L440 20AT0035  ThinkPad L440 20AT002DUS
  ThinkPad T440P 20AW004A  ThinkPad L540 20AV005H   ThinkPad T440p(20AN00C1GE)
 ThinkPad W540(20BHS0MC00)  ThinkPad W540(20BHS15205)  ThinkPad T540p 20BE008DAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH001DUS  20EFA01GAU  ThinkPad T440P 20AN00ANUS
 ThinkPad W540-20BHCTO1WW  ThinkPad T540(20BE009ART)  ThinkPad L540 20AV002JUS
 ThinkPad L540(20AUS1TS00)  ThinkPad L440 20AT002KUS   ThinkPad T540p(20BE00CCGE)
 ThinkPad T540p(20BE00CQGE)  ThinkPad T540(20BEA008RT)  ThinkPad L540-20AUCTO1WW
 ThinkPad T440P 20AW000K  ThinkPad T540(20BE0097RT)  ThinkPad L440(20AT004VGE)
  ThinkPad L440(20AT005FGE)  ThinkPad T440P 20AW004JUS  ThinkPad T540(20BEA00DRT)
 ThinkPad T440P 20AW0094US  ThinkPad T440P 20AW0003US  ThinkPad L540(20AV0073GE)
  ThinkPad L440 20AT0029US  ThinkPad L440 20AT002GUS  ThinkPad T540(20BEA009RT)
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE003SUS   ThinkPad L540 20AVA099AU  ThinkPad L440 20AT002EUS
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE005X  ThinkPad T540p(20BE0086GE)   ThinkPad L440 20AT002CUS
 ThinkPad T540P 20BF002VUS  ThinkPad T440P 20AW000LUS  ThinkPad W541 20EF000X
 ThinkPad T540(20BEA00FRT)   ThinkPad L440 20AT002JUS  ThinkPad L440(20AT005JGE)
 ThinkPad T440p(20AN00BYGE)  ThinkPad T540P 20BE008M   ThinkPad L440(20AT0056GE)
 ThinkPad L440(20AT005EGE)  ThinkPad W541 20EF002TUS  ThinkPad T440p(20AN00E0GE)
 ThinkPad L540 20AV0070  20EG-CT01WW  ThinkPad W541 20EF0011
 ThinkPad T540(20BEA08MHH)  ThinkPad L440 20AT0028US  ThinkPad L440(20AT005GGE)
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000HUS  ThinkPad W541 20EGCTO1WW  ThinkPad L440(20ASS1X900)
 ThinkPad T540P 20BF002WUS  ThinkPad T540(20BF002RMC)  ThinkPad W540 20BG002XAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EF000R  ThinkPad T540p(20BE00CUGE)  ThinkPad T540(20BE0041MS)
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0066US  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001SUS  ThinkPad W541 20EF0012
  ThinkPad L440 20AT0056   20BFS0RK0J  ThinkPad L440 20AT0060US
 ThinkPad T440P 20AW000DUS  ThinkPad W541 20EF001V  ThinkPad W541 20EGS01E17
 ThinkPad L440 20AT004T  ThinkPad T440P 20AW000MUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001QUS
 ThinkPad T540P 20BF001LUS  ThinkPad T540p 20BE003BAU  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001UUS
 ThinkPad L440 20AT004W   ThinkPad T540P 20BF001FUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001JUS
 ThinkPad T440P 20AN00C6  ThinkPad W541 20EG0009US  ThinkPad T440P 20AW000GUS
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000BUS  ThinkPad W541 20EG000CUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BF005SUS
 ThinkPad T440P 20AN00CD  ThinkPad L440 20AT004U   ThinkPad W540 20BHS02902
 ThinkPad T540P 20BF002FUS  ThinkPad L440 20AT0061US  ThinkPad T540P 20BF002PUS
 ThinkPad T540P 20BF0037US  ThinkPad W541 20EF0015AU  ThinkPad T540P 20BE003RUS
 ThinkPad L440 20AT004Y  ThinkPad L440 20AT004N  ThinkPad T440P 20AW004EUS
  ThinkPad T540P 20BF002XUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BF001CUS  ThinkPad L540 20AV006B
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN00BJAU  ThinkPad T540P 20BE00BSUS  ThinkPad T540P 20BE00CVUS
 ThinkPad T440P 20AN00E4  ThinkPad L540 20AV0082US  ThinkPad T540p(20BE00CFGE)
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE00CE  ThinkPad W541 20EF002MUS  ThinkPad L540 20AVA098AU
 ThinkPad L540(20AV006TGE)  ThinkPad W541 20EF002RUS  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01DAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0045AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0047AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0DJ00
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004JAU  ThinkPad T540P 20BEA0A1HH  ThinkPad T540P 20BF002HUS
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004PAU   ThinkPad T540p(20BE00CBGE)  ThinkPad T540P 20BE00BB
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002YAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004LAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003YAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUA20W00  ThinkPad L540 20AU004BAU  ThinkPad L540 20AVA0CTAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU003PAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003AAU  ThinkPad W541 20EF0016AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS38500  20EGS0RT13   ThinkPad T540p20BECTO1WW
  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1JV01  ThinkPad L540 20AU004FAU  ThinkPad T540p(20BFS40V00)
 ThinkPad T540P 20BE00B3  ThinkPad L540 20AUS3C100  ThinkPad L540 20AU003SAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004AAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003VAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU006FAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU001KAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BEA06DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004CAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV000HAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU0038AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0041AU
  ThinkPad L540 20AU004NAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0PL00  ThinkPad L540 20AU0036AU
  ThinkPad L440 20AT001FAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGA02800  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0Y200
 ThinkPad L540 20AUA17WAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BE008CAU  ThinkPad W541 20EFA01HAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV000KAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV001AAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU004VAU
 ThinkPad T440p(78995)  ThinkPad L540 20AU0044AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0CA00
 ThinkPad L540 20AU003WAU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS1W700  ThinkPad L540 20AUA0HNAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA06YAU   ThinkPad L540 20AV003BAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0066AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0039AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS03B00   ThinkPad L540 20AU003QAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUZ03PUS  ThinkPad L540 20AV000JAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0XY00
 ThinkPad L540 20AU006DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004FAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT000PAU
  ThinkPad L440 20AS000HAU  ThinkPad L540 20AVA02AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN009MAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AT000QAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA1A6AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001KAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000LAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA0FEAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS12N00
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0EV0R  ThinkPad L540 20AUA0K0AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003BAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BG000QAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0VL00  ThinkPad L540 20AU004RAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS12A00  ThinkPad L540 20AUA0LDAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU006EAU
 ThinkPad L540-20AUA0MRAU  ThinkPad L540 20AVA0F1AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU000EAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000UAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0002AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003XAU
  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0PK00  ThinkPad T540p 20BE001KAU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS0V200
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0037AU   ThinkPad L540 20AV003CAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0XX00
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002XAU   ThinkPad L540-20AUS0X900   ThinkPad L540 20AUA22GAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1F000   ThinkPad L540 20AU003DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0035AU
  ThinkPad T440p-20AWS1BL09  ThinkPad L540 20AU0033AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0063AU
  ThinkPad L540 20AU003NAU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS0YQ00  ThinkPad L440 20AT001GAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUA0EMAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT001HAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0031AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU006CAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003TAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003RAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS0YP00  ThinkPad L440 20AT000LAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS001CAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS24300  ThinkPad W540 20BH000HAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS000MAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000CAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH000JAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU003MAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0022AU   ThinkPad L440 20AS0012AU  ThinkPad L440 20AT000MAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1PQ03  ThinkPad L440 20AS000TAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU003LAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0011AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS32P00  ThinkPad L540 20AV0017AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS3JE00  ThinkPad T540p 20BE009JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF005SAU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0NBAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS15L00  ThinkPad T440p(20AW000DGB)
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1GN0J  ThinkPad L440 20AS0035AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA26UAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUA22VAU  ThinkPad W540 20BG003DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004WAU
  ThinkPad L440 20AT000KAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003UAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004SAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS15M0J  ThinkPad L440 20AS000WAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU0046AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002WAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0040AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1L4AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS0WY00  ThinkPad L540 20AU004XAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003JAU
  ThinkPad L540 20AUS1CE00  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0P500   ThinkPad L540 20AU003CAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0065AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA17VAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT000NAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1VF00  ThinkPad L440 20AS000EAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001MAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000KAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS4WN00  ThinkPad L440 20AS0008AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0010AU   ThinkPad T440p(20AWS2AX00)  ThinkPad L440 20AS000FAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS27E00  ThinkPad L440 20AS000DAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS001NAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001JAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0004AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS001PAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001YAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS0036AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS001LAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0009AU   ThinkPad L440 20AS0021AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000AAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0006AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0037AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0007AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001HAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0005AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0001AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS1W600  ThinkPad L540 20AV004SAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH0056AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00QAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV000EAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004HAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF002DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004CAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFS1JV11  ThinkPad L540 20AUA17TAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV0018AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH0035AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1FU00  ThinkPad L540 20AU004QAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV004QAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00NAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU002PAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV000CAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA26RAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS02D01
 ThinkPad L540 20AV003EAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0052AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS35B00
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA14FAU   ThinkPad W540 20BH0032AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA009AU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE009HAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA030AU  ThinkPad L540 20AV000AAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004DAU  ThinkPad L540-20AUS18300  ThinkPad W540 20BH0033AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS35900  ThinkPad L540 20AU0042AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00TAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFS4NK0F  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003XAU   ThinkPad L540 20AU002UAU
  ThinkPad L540 20AUS0FS00  ThinkPad L540 20AU0030AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003FAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV0008AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA18RAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000JAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA1A5AU   ThinkPad L540 20AV001BAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS0AY0D
  ThinkPad L540 20AU004TAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS1T900  ThinkPad W540 20BH002YAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV004TAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0KCAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU002SAU
  ThinkPad L540 20AV000FAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BE001JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA17KAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUA17UAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA15YAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV0019AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1R100  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01EAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004DAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA00AAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0000AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS3B700
  ThinkPad L540 20AU002QAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV000DAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004GAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS1JV0R  ThinkPad L540 20AU0010AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0053AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA14HAU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS0WX00   ThinkPad L540 20AV004PAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002NAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV000BAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU004EAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AV003DAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0051AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS35A00
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0043AU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003UAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002VAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0031AU   ThinkPad L540 20AU004MAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU003GAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004GAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV0009AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0034AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0003AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0030AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS2X000  ThinkPad W540 20BHS21A00   ThinkPad L540 20AUA00SAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BEA09GAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU002TAU   ThinkPad L540 20AV000GAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU004KAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU003EAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU0032AU
  ThinkPad L540 20AV004EAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS004JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003UAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU002RAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1JXAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS001QAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU0064AU   ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0DTAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU001FAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005CAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0U0AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003XAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF0009AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS03C01  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS02S00
  ThinkPad W540 20BHS15K01  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0030AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0002AU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF006RAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUS1QN00   ThinkPad W540 20BH0054AU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFS39Q00  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003SAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0CMAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0WA00  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS15V00  ThinkPad L540 20AU000LAU
  ThinkPad L540 20AVA0BKAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0QGAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS01F0C
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003EAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004HAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA03SAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000SAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003QAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU001LAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFS0W60Q  ThinkPad L440 20AS0020AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS21H00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BEA0B0AU   ThinkPad T540p 20BE001QAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS000GAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BF002PAU  ThinkPad W540 20BG003EAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003MAU
 ThinkPad L540 20AU001JAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASS2QT00  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS3G900
  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00RAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003VAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1L3AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN009NAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF002EAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1P700
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003KAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU001GAU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS3JD00
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS2GT02  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000AAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0034AU
 ThinkPad L540 20AUS1UK00  ThinkPad L540 20AV004RAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00PAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003TAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1JMAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT003YAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BG002YAU  ThinkPad L540 20AV004BAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHA03YAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS000VAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS0066AU   ThinkPad L540 20AUS36A00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0TLAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0008AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0034AU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF002YAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASZ03HUS  ThinkPad L540 20AUA00MAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003RAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS009JAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1HSAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0B30J  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0NMAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BF002TAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003DAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BFA00SAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS3Q000
  ThinkPad L540 20AU004UAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS4JV00  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003WAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BF002GAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA00DAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS23C00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003LAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU001HAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA16400
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFS06G00  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0036AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0001AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0DN06  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1SN00  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0CEAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA287NZ  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS3CY07  ThinkPad W540 20BHA12QAU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0RE00  ThinkPad T540p 20BF005XAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1NV00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE000VAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003JAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0H4AU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHS2G000   ThinkPad W540 20BH005LAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS003QAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF0048AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA151AU  ThinkPad L440 20ATA03QAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1GP0M  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA06CAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0B2AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS2R800   ThinkPad T540p 20BE00BQAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS003EAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS009LAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1K800  ThinkPad L440 20AS004GAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF003GAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0PF0V  ThinkPad W540 20BHS28T00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE008GAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0046AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA12M00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1QDAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BF002WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS5BY00
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1SP00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1GF03   ThinkPad L440 20ASA22JNZ
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0PFAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0YMAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHZ04VUS  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1JK00  ThinkPad W540 20BH005RAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS01D0D   ThinkPad W540 20BHS0AB0L  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0MFAU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASS0KK04  ThinkPad L440 20AS003KAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1LFAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005YAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT0047AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0066AU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS2S100  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA00EAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS24402
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE008EAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005FAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0T40L
  ThinkPad T540p 20BF004EAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA1AJ00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS16004
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF0037AU   ThinkPad L440 20AS004KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0017AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS39B00  ThinkPad T540p 20BEA083AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0U0AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005WAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0064AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS001RAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS3JV00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS20D00  ThinkPad W540 20BH005DAU
 TP T540P 20BFA1Y2AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF004CAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS0510C
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1KL00  ThinkPad W540 20BH0055AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BE00BRAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA0QDAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005UAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF002BAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF005UAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS004HAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS1U500
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE0038AU   ThinkPad T540p 20BF003HAU   TP T540P 20BFA1XDAU
 ThinkPad L440-20ASA002AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0047AU  TP W541 16G 500 W8PD 20EGS0260C
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF006AAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003FAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA05HAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA266NZ  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS3650H  ThinkPad L440 20AS003DAU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0ABAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0CBAU  ThinkPad L540 20AU000KAU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0P204  ThinkPad W540 20BHS27X00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1EN00
 ThinkPad T540p 20BES04K00  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0045AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1LYAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF0068AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS003BAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0SK00
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005GAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS33300  ThinkPad T540p 20BF004FAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1G705  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS0D10Q  ThinkPad W540 20BHA071AU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFA0KGAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS3VK00  ThinkPad W540-20BHA10J00
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS11M00  ThinkPad L440 20AS004BAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0065AU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS4E80L  ThinkPad L440 20AS0039AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2L103
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005EAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA186AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000BAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF004DAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA041AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0016AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH000GAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA00QAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002RAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005VAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS36B00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0091AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN000VAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASS3GH00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1VX00
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001EAU   NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0GTAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS29G00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0072AU  TP T540P 20BFA1XS00  ThinkPad L440-20ASA00EAU
  ThinkPad W541 20EG000KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW002SAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS19716
 ThinkPad W540 20BH003EAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH000EAU  NoteBook TP W541-20EGS0XR00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW006SAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1DTAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA11SAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1JHAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005TAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT003KAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BF000TAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0047AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0340C
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE001NAU   ThinkPad L440 20AS0064AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0B4AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH002EAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS11D13   ThinkPad L440 20ASS12C00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0070AU  ThinkPad L440-20AS0065AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW0023AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS15008   ThinkPad W540 20BH0061AU   NoteBook TP W541 20EGS06A07
 ThinkPad W540 20BGA06JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF0069AU   ThinkPad W540 20BH004QAU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS2JV00   ThinkPad L440 20ASS3QG00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS2ED01
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN0018AU   ThinkPad L440 20ASA0C7AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS008SAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0UK05  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1F5AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000LAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA11BAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA01WAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0FE0U
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE001LAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0062AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA07AAU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0019AU  ThinkPad L540 20AU000JAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0H40H
  ThinkPad W540 20BH002CAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0F1AU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS1F300
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA08QAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA01XAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA146AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA10PAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS11U03  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000QAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0NSAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS004CAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH003AAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH004NAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS3PY00   ThinkPad T440p 20AW006NAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2LC00  NoteBook TP W541 20EFA01YAU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0057AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005PAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0HSAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AT003FAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0CY00  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0CX05
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS07800   ThinkPad L440 20ASS05R00  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0D6AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003HAU   ThinkPad T440p 20ANS04U00  ThinkPad L440 20ASA01LAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW001YAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002SAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000MAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0093AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000WAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH003FAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EG0040AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006LAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0GSAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EFA01GAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001FAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0SN04
 ThinkPad W540 20BH002HAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005MAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0H1AU
 NoteBook TP W541-20EGS2AK00   ThinkPad L440-20ASS1VB00  ThinkPad W541 20EG000LAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA22QAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0036AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0UWAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0015AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH000FAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA09WAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0WU0M   ThinkPad L440 20ASA27BAU   NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0B9AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS2XS00  NoteBook TP W541-20EGS0XS00  ThinkPad L440 20AS003FAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANS04A00  ThinkPad L440 20ASA00PAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA11TAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0XK0G  ThinkPad W540 20BH002QAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2UN00
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA163AU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS06Q0D  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0CCAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW001DAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0QJ01  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0FRAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EGS1WH00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0071AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003WAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3GB00  ThinkPad W541 20EG000JAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW002RAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS15200  ThinkPad T540p 20BFA1RHAU   ThinkPad W540 20BH003DAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EG0039AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH000DAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0A8NZ
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA031AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002NAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1JL00
  ThinkPad W540 20BH005SAU  ThinkPad L440 20AT003JAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2T20R
  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000MAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0046AU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF004NAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA11CAU   ThinkPad T540p 20BFS0W900  ThinkPad T540p 20BE001MAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA0A9AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS0UF00  ThinkPad L440 20AS003LAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BE0039AU   ThinkPad W540 20BHA147AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA110AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1Q4AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS5BX00  ThinkPad W540 20BH003BAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1SM00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006PAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0017AU
  ThinkPad T540p 20BE008FAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS006JAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF003NAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EFA02LAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0T905  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1JQAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005QAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AN005PAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BF000KAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BG000RAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0R8AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA1BFAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1JG0N  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1840V  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2010U
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0061AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0058AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS003JAU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0006AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA13RAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005XAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN009PAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0039AU  ThinkPad W541 20EG000WAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW006EAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1T600  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006MAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0069AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0T305   ThinkPad T440p 20AW0056AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS2N700  ThinkPad W540 20BH005NAU  ThinkPad W540 20BG000PAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS1EQ0A   ThinkPad W540 20BH0037AU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS0CJ04
  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01FAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS0730B   ThinkPad W541 20EGS0PD00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0073AU   NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0D000  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006UAU
  ThinkPad L440 20AS003GAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANS04F00  ThinkPad L440 20ASS0UH0B
 ThinkPad W541 20EG0009AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1QF00  ThinkPad W541 20EGS02Q00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000LAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0049AU   ThinkPad W540 20BG0030AU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS2H300   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS48000  ThinkPad L440 20ASA16GAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000UAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW006CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1DA07
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA057NZ  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1QE0E  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA00SAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2JU00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0SL03  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0051AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH002GAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASS19B0B  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0D700
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA160AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0063AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS06211
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000SAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1K7AU  NoteBook TP W541 20EG003DAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0BC0K  ThinkPad W541 20EF0017AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0WR03
 ThinkPad L440 20AT000HAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA04RAU  ThinkPad W541 20EG0007AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005CAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002PAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS02M03
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000HAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2T213  ThinkPad L440 20ASA15WAU
 TP W541 8G 500 W8PD 20EGS2LA0N  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0VC01   ThinkPad T440p-20AWS0DS0M
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA03UAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0N001  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0011AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA007AU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0CGAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004YAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH005BAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS1QR05  ThinkPad T540p 20BFZ055US
 ThinkPad T540p 20BES05500  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0CBAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0E9AU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000EAU   ThinkPad L440 20AT0049AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW000PAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS004EAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1ALAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH003CAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG0010AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004GAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0TD00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0059AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002MAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS15414
 ThinkPad W541 20EGS00U0V  ThinkPad L440 20AT003HAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN005QAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS1N900  ThinkPad T540p 20BF004MAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS41900
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000QAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1GU08  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0068AU
 TP W541 32G 256 W8P 20EGS1XG00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0LR08  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0012AU
  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01TAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0RA01  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0092AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0YL0M  ThinkPad W540 20BH0059AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003TAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH002UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1E700  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000FAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS54N00  ThinkPad W541 20EG000XAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000YAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2AA02  ThinkPad W540 20BH0005AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGA00UAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0PAAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS006GAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002KAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1500Q  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GK00  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2HL00
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0J9AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0Q4AU  ThinkPad W541 20EG000NAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1HK0S  ThinkPad W540 20BHA00QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0010AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004EAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1U50J  ThinkPad W540 20BHA04LAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EGS0QG1W  ThinkPad T440p 20AW007BAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWZ025US
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0Y20H  ThinkPad W540 20BH0057AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS1830V
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA05LAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASA0F0AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GL06
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS37503  ThinkPad W540 20BHS10U0F  ThinkPad W541 20EGS03900
  ThinkPad L440 20AT0041AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000AAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS004AAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BG003CAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA17KAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0038AU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000VAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004LAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006DAU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1LDAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0014AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0068AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA0LKAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0054AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1HXAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1360V  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0005AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003YAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003RAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3NX00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1EB03
 ThinkPad W541 20EGS0580T   ThinkPad L440 20ASS2JV03   ThinkPad W540 20BH0064AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0621R  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0047AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0003AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004SAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0055AU  ThinkPad L440 20AT000JAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW006TAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA02UAU  ThinkPad W541 20EG0008AU
  ThinkPad W541 20EGA03VAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1N0AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS18S04
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS1PW00  ThinkPad W541 20EGS02P03  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000JAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0090AU  hinkPad T440p 20AW0006AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN007KAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS0048AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS45Q00  ThinkPad W540 20BHS1N900
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN00CAAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0PC00  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2V900
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN0012AU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0DLAU  ThinkPad T440p-20AWS2H406
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS2C200  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1EVAU   ThinkPad W540 20BH002FAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS15900  ThinkPad W540 20BH005KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0CCAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003PAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1EXAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0G6AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA14QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1F71V  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2HA00
 ThinkPad W540 20BH0062AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS07C07  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0390G
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000RAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0000AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS5C600
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0052AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH004RAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS2FK00
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANS04100  ThinkPad L440 20ASA15TAU   ThinkPad W541 20EG0006AU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0VC06  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005BAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS01T0E
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN005RAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS03300  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004DAU
  TP W541 16G 256 W8PD 20EGS2L405  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0VB0Z  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0B70A
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1PP00  ThinkPad L440 20AS004FAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA02PAU
  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0GY02  ThinkPad L440 20ATA02QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0010AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2GA00  ThinkPad L440 20AS0063AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001BAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0094AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH002DAU  ThinkPad W540 20BH005AAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0F2AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0001AU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS1N901
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW006YAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0CAAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA082AU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000DAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0022AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS14V00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0TDAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1EH0R  ThinkPad W540 20BH0060AU
 ThinkPad W541 20EGS0690N  ThinkPad L440 20AT0048AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW000GAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN009RAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS004DAU  ThinkPad W540 20BGA066AU
  ThinkPad W541 20EG000YAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA103AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH0006AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0S900  ThinkPad W540 20BH004PAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGA01JAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS28W00  ThinkPad L440 20AS006HAU   ThinkPad W540 20BH002LAU
 ThinkPad T540p 20BFA19CAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GU00  ThinkPad L440 20AT003GAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2KW00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0JVAU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0044AU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GW00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3WA00  ThinkPad W541 20EG000PAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0048AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0ED0E  ThinkPad W540 20BHA00RAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EGS0E001  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0011AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS0A800
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004FAU  ThinkPad T540p 20BFS1U806  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0QG2Z
 ThinkPad W540 20BHS0GY04  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004VAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW008YAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA17WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0YC00   ThinkPad L440 20ASS09118
  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003SAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0F1AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1R807
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000BAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW0020AU  TP W541 32G 256 W7P 20EGA0LG00
  ThinkPad W540 20BH002TAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS21303  ThinkPad W541 20EGS03W0C
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0NRAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN000XAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1J001
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0NC08  ThinkPad W540 20BH004MAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EG0041AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0J9AU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA0LLAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW001QAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH002JAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GD00   NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0HAAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AT003EAU  NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2EY00  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0040AU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003SAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3P500  ThinkPad W541 20EG000MAU
  ThinkPad W540 20BHA19LAU  TP W541 32G 256 W8PD 20EGS05Q0K  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA25BAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS2KR00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0VNAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BH0004AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004TAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA153AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0Y102  ThinkPad W541 20EGS10B06  ThinkPad T440p 20AN001CAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA04TAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA089AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS35V04
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW001XAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHS10C00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA056AU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1N7AU  ThinkPad L440 20AT0040AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW0009AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0NCAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0EB0B
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004RAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AW006KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0013AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3HM00   ThinkPad L440 20AS0067AU  ThinkPad W541 20EFA00AAU
 ThinkPad T440p-20AWS13004  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0004AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1JNAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3NP00  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0KBAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA18GAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1QVAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2HJ00  ThinkPad W541 20EGS07P00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0UBAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0053AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AN001AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANS04501  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2U000
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA02WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1MVAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS17B0G
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS1P900  ThinkPad T440p 20AW007AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0MPAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS21B00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS42D0P   ThinkPad W541 20EG000SAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004HAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1PT01
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0014AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS5ED00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006HAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2SY22  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1EUAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0FLNZ  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0002AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN003VAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AS003NAU  ThinkPad L440-20ASA0MMAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3DJ00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA18EAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1EY0P  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2FM00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0R5AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004PAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS2V100  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA104AU  ThinkPad W540 20BH000CAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EGA020AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0UV01  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006QAU
 TP W541 20EGS2UN00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA02V00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2QW00
 ThinkPad W541 20EG0005AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001TAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009XAU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1L8AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000DAU   NoteBook TP W541 20EGS2S300
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0078AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0K8AU  ThinkPad L440 20AS0045AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0049AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS09U00  ThinkPad T440p 20AN009SAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW009QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS28J00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004WAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0000AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006XAU  ThinkPad L440-20ASA0H5AU
 ThinkPad W541 20EG000CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0NQAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1P0AU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS2BK00  ThinkPad W541 20EGS04G0G  ThinkPad T440p 20AN009QAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA1ACAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004MAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006FAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0RC06  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1U9AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0016AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA01KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001RAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009VAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0008AU  TP W541 20EGA0D000  ThinkPad L440 20AS003TAU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GV00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3T400  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0046AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005SAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS00W00  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01HAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0VPAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA157AU
 TP W541 20EFA02LAU  ThinkPad W541 20EG000AAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA05JAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1NTAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1B11S  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS48S00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1FH07  TP W541 20EGS1N901  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0FA17
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3HN00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA00TAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0074AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0EKAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA19EAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW002TAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005QAU  ThinkPad T440p-20AWS1GA05  ThinkPad W541 20EGS08L00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000XAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA144AU   ThinkPad T440p 20AN001BAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2YV00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA051AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0MQAU  ThinkPad W541 20EG000TAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006BAU
 TP W541 32G 256 W8P 20EGS31800   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS17P06  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0DV0F
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1Q800  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006JAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA00JAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EF001FAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0050AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1200W
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0003AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000VAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0T300
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0WP08  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0VE03
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW006RAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0019AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2T107
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW001UAU   ThinkPad W541 20EGA02700   ThinkPad T440p 20AWA01BAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1MRAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS16U07  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0079AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0L4AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS42C0L  ThinkPad W541 20EG000RAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0069AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AN00BHAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0013AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004XAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS0YT0T  ThinkPad L440-20ASA0JHAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3DD1N   ThinkPad T440p 20AW000TAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA1AHAU
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004NAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2S200  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006GAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA1UEAU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0RT06  TP W541 20EGS2T213
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA01UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0PBAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW001SAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0058AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1540A
 Notebook ThinkPad W541 20EGCTO1WW  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0077AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005TAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS06C0Y  ThinkPad L440 20ATA01JAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0AXAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0018AU  ThinkPad W541 20EGS1AR00
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA07VAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS38H0S
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005JAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0G5AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW000NAU
 ThinkPad L440 20AT0046AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009CAU   ThinkPad L440 20ASA1A4AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW004LNZ  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2QU00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS4C200
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA01CAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS13F0D  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0007AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0075AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0FB00  ThinkPad L440 20ASS17D00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005RAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1H500  ThinkPad W540 20BH0065AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000YAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005GAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWS19405
 TP W541 20EGS2HL00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009SAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1GJAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005PAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA12K00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW001VAU  TP W541 20EGA0F2AU  TP W541 20EGS0XR00
 TP W541 20EGS2AK00  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2D50H  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009FAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW005MAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1Q8AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS1NW0H
 ThinkPad T440p 20ANA0AYAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1AFAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS3BW00
  ThinkPad T440p 20AW0021AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005KAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009DAU
 TP W541 20EGS1WH00  TP W541 20EGS2T20R  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1JBAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW0076AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009NAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW006VAU
 ThinkPad W540 20BHA13QAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005HAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1SE00
  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0NDAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2KL00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009TAU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1GC00  TP W541 20EGA0B2AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0LCAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW009LAU   ThinkPad T440p 20AWA04SAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005FAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASS23M00  ThinkPad T440p 20AW004JAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWS39X00
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW009RAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW005NAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA18FAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1QFAU  ThinkPad L440 20ATA00NAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009JAU
 ThinkPad L440 20ASA1GWAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA12FAU  ThinkPad W540 20BHA104AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000EAU  TP W541 20EGA0F1AU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS1QW00
 TP W541 20EGS0CJ04  ThinkPad T440p-20AWS2CT02   ThinkPad T440p 20AW005LAU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASS2F400  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009GAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA0PMAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AWS2P200  ThinkPad W541 20EGS0V600  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009PAU
 NoteBook TP W541 20EGA0EQAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA01WAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1NUAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW000BAU   ThinkPad W540 20BHS1PP00  TP W541 20EGS1QR05
  ThinkPad T440p 20AN0015AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW009UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1J1AU
  ThinkPad L440 20ASA0M7AU  ThinkPad T440p 20AW002UAU  ThinkPad T440p 20AWA1SPAU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW009MAU   TP W541 20EFA01GAU  TP W541 20EGA0FRAU
 TP W541 20EGS1F300  TP W541 20EGA0A8NZ   TP W541 20EG0040AU
 ThinkPad T440p 20AW009HAU  TP W541 20EGA0EQAU  TP W541 20EGS06A07
 TP W541 20EG0039AU  TP W541 20EGA0HAAU  TP W541 20EGA0GTAU
 TP W541 20EGS2KW00  TP W541 20EGA0FLNZ  TP W541 20EGS0XS00
 TP W541 20EGS2EY00  TP W541 20EGS36B00  TP W541 20EGS29G00
 TP W541 20EGA0D6AU  TP W541 20EGA0HSAU   TP W541 20EGA0H1AU
 TP W541 20EGS2S300  TP W541 20EGA0B9AU   TP W541 20EGS36F00
 20BFS 07000  TP W541 20EFA01YAU   TP W541 20EG0041AU
 ThinkPad T440p BLAU 20AW00BLAU  TP W541 20EG003DAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF004GAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF000HAU  ThinkPad L540 20AUA2HYAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA039AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF002RAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0033AU  ThinkPad T540p20BEA0A8AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF005YAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002CAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA0R2AU
 ThinkPad L440 2ASA26PAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF004AAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000FAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BFA02CAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002NAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0031AU
  ThinkPad T540p20BEA08BAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF005RAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000SAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BFA0J8AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0041AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000DAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF0067AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002LAU   ThinkPad T540p20BF002VAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BE008HAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF004KAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS3CG11
 ThinkPad T540p20BF000QAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA0E0AU   ThinkPad T540p20BFA107AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF003YAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0062AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002JAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF004HAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000NAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA06BAU
  ThinkPad T540p20BF002SAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0035AU  ThinkPad T540p20BEA0AEAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF0060AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002FAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA0SHAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF004BAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000GAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA02SAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF002QAU   ThinkPad T540p20BF0032AU  ThinkPad T540p20BEA0A7AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF005TAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000UAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA0J9AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF0049AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF000EAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF006BAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF002MAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002XAU  ThinkPad T540p20BE009KAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF004LAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASS3NB00  ThinkPad T540p20BF000RAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BFA0G7AU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA1L5AU   ThinkPad T540p20BF0040AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF000CAU   ThinkPad T540p20BF0063AU  ThinkPad T540p20BF002KAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF002UAU  ThinkPad T540p20BE001PAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF004JAU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF000PAU  ThinkPad T540p20BFA0CJAU  ThinkPad L440 200ASS3NB0
 ThinkPad T540p20BF003PAU  ThinkPad T540p20BEA0ATAU  ThinkPad T540p20BF0061AU
 ThinkPad T540p20BF002HAU   ThinkPad T540p20BFA0SJAU  TP W541 32G 512 W7P 20EGA04D00 TP W541 16G 256 W8PD 20EGA06AAU
 ThinkPad W541 20EGCTO1WW Rx 20EGCTO1WW ThinkPad W541 20EGS00N0C  TP W541 16G 256 W7P 20EGA0D500 TP W541 32G 512 W8P 20EGA0JWAU  ThinkPad L440 20ASA26PAU



Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

Battery Type

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7 reviews for LENOVO 45N1158 – 45N1158 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

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  1. RT

    Having good battery working short great performance battery.

  2. NC

    Truly geniune products.

  3. T

    Amazing and good battery. Working also long and in nice way.

  4. T

    Amazing and good battery. Working also long and in nice way.

  5. T

    Amazing and good battery. Working also long and in nice way.

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