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LENOVO 01AV429 – 01AV249 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

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Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹4,699. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • 100% Genuine Original Lenovo Product
  • Battery Type :Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 11.52 V 57 Wh
  • 6 Month Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Supplied Model no will be 01AV429 Lenovo Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number

Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹4,699. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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SKU: LENOVO01AV4290001 Category: Brand:

Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Lenovo , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with  Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support)

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Lenovo Original
Specifications 11.52V 57Wh
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No 01AV429
Warranty Six Month India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Compatible Part Numbers

01AV429 01AV431
01AV494 01AV430
SB10K97588 SB10K97587

Fit Laptop Models ( use ” ctrl+F” to find your model)

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA004CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH000JCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA003CD)
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH0025CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA000CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH000BCD)
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH000HCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA005CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 KHK
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017  X1 Carbon 2018  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen
 X1 Carbon 2017  ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 6  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA02JCD)   ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6   ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20KGCTO1WW
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018-20KGS03900   ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20KHCTO1WW  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HQS03P00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH0009CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6-20KG0025UK  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA001CD)
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA00GCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 1HK  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 LHK
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018-20KHCTO1WW  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA02GCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6 2018
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KGA0BRCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA02FCD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6-20KH006MGE
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HR0027GE  ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6-20KG0039GE  ThinkPad X1 Carbon G5-20HR0021G
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018-20KH0039MC  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018-20KGS03800  Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2017-20HR0021RT
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6-20KG0027GE   ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HR006SUS   ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HR002MGE
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KH0027CD)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20KHCTO1W  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021PG)
 TP X1-20KGS23S11  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K30016xx)  TP X1-20KGS5L100
 TP X1-20KGS9750U  X1 Carbon 20K3A053AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022GE)
 TP X1-20KGS32600   TP X1-20KHS00700  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JUK)
 TP X1-20HQS78000  TP X1-20KGSDM500  TP X1 20HQS0KC00
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MPB)  TP X1-20KGS1FH15  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH003BMZ)
 TP X1-20KGS6J30G  TP X1-20K3S19E00  TP X1-20KGSAT700
 TP X1-20KHS2NF00  X1 Carbon 20KHA039AU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022MX)
  TP X1-20KGS3X61T  TP X1-20KGS4S80F  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0081GE)
 TP X1-20HQS4FW00  TP X1-20KGS2BQ00  TP X1-20HQ002TAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002VGE)  TP X1-20KGA00SAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006FMX)
 TP X1-20KGS81600  TP X1-20K3A04TAU  TP X1-20KGSBXG00
 TP X1-20KHS0C200  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K40030US)  TP X1-20KG000SAU
  TP X1-20KHS0PM00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JMD)  TP X1-20HRS17N00
 TP X1-20KGSCE200  TP X1 20HQS02000  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FMX)
 TP X1-20KGS06700  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035MX)  TP X1-20KGS5T000
 TP X1-20K3S1VP00  TP X1-20KGSA8T00  TP X1-20KHS2GK00
 X1 Carbon-20KGCTO1WW  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HRS02N00)  TP X1-20KGS3LN00
 TP X1-20KH006QAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MMD)  TP X1 20HRA00GAU
 TP X1-20KH000FAU  TP X1-20HQS17402  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RUK)
 TP X1-20KG002KAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DMH)  TP X1-20KGS6TL00
 TP X1-20K3S0U500  TP X1-20KGSB4X00  TP X1-20KHS3FN00
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HRCTO1WW  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FSP)  TP X1-20KGS44C00
 TP X1-20KGS54800  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KGS5DU00)  TP X1-20HQS1PM05
 X1 Carbon 20HQS1FY00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021ML)  TP X1-20KGS22700
 TP X1-20KGS5EQ00  TP X1 20HQS01T00  TP X1-20KGS93U02
 X1 Carbon 20K3000TAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RGE)  TP X1-20KGS31J00
 TP X1-20KHS03L00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JRT)  TP X1-20HQS70W00
 TP X1-20KGSCQT00  TP X1-20HQS0F900  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MML)
 TP X1-20KGS1EC00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0039RT)   TP X1-20KGS68600
  TP X1-20K3S12F00  TP X1-20KGSAMP00  TP X1-20KHS2LF00
  X1 Carbon 20KHA02VAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022UK)  TP X1-20KGS3VE00
  TP X1-20KGS4LT00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0079FR)  TP X1-20HRA04HAU
  TP X1-20KGS2BA00  TP X1-20HQ0026AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002TUS)
 TP X1-20KG003NAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006EGE)  TP X1-20KGS7NB00
 TP X1-20K3A03CAU  TP X1-20KGSBS200   TP X1-20KHS0AK00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20K4001XUS  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002XUS)  TP X1-20KG0005AU
 TP X1-20KHS0LK00   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JIX)   TP X1-20HRS15P00
  TP X1-20KGSC3C00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FMB)  TP X1-20KGS02G10
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035MD)  TP X1-20KGS5SK09  TP X1-20K3S1JA00
 TP X1-20KGS9TU00  TP X1-20KHS2DR00  X1 Carbon 20K4001XUS
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MMZ)  TP X1-20KGS3DQ00  TP X1-20KHS01G00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MHV)  TP X1 20HR001SAU  TP X1-20KGSF6800
 TP X1 20HQS0RA00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RMX)  TP X1-20KG002FAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DMB)  TP X1-20KGS6SE00   TP X1-20K3S0QG0B
 TP X1-20KGSB3X00  TP X1-20KHS30300  X1 Carbon-20KHS03M00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002KMC)  TP X1-20KGS43M1D  TP X1-20KGS50400
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KGS03900)  TP X1-20HQS3JM00   TP X1-20KGS2JY00
 X1 Carbon 20HQ0004SG   TP X1-20KGS1VR2Q  TP X1-20KGS5AF00
 TP X1-20HQS2HQ00  TP X1-20KGS8X200   X1 Carbon 20HQS4U200
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002KGE)  TP X1-20KGS2Q700  TP X1-20KHS00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JPB)  TP X1-20HQS67G00  TP X1-20KGSCM600
 TP X1 20HQS0EG00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MMD)  TP X1-20KGS1AL00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0039GE)  TP X1-20KGS67200  TP X1-20K3S0YP03
 TP X1-20KGSALJ00(S  TP X1-20KHS2KS00   X1 Carbon 20KHA02TAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0027MD)  TP X1-20KGS3T400  TP X1-20KGS4EV00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MRT)  TP X1-20HRA04DAU  TP X1-20KGS27V0J
 TP X1-20HQ0012AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K40021US)   TP X1-20KG003CAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DRT)  TP X1-20KGS7D400  TP X1-20K3A0DRAU
  TP X1-20KGSBQ100   TP X1-20KHS08000  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20K4002UUS
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MD)  TP X1-20KHS0L900  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JFR)
 TP X1-20HRS0KA00  TP X1-20KGSC3700  TP X1-20KHS0C500
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0027GE)   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021UK)  TP X1-20KGS02000
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035GE)  TP X1-20KGS5PK00  TP X1-20K3S1FW00
 TP X1-20KGS9KD02  TP X1-20KHS1NU00  X1 Carbon 20K3S0X400
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR003FMZ)  TP X1-20KGS38T00  TP X1-20KHS00A00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MFR)  TP X1 20HR0012AU  TP X1-20KGSEUX00
 TP X1-20HQS0PB0F  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MUK)  TP X1-20KGS1NA05
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DHV)  TP X1-20KGS6RA03  TP X1-20K3S0H805
  TP X1-20KGSB1E00   TP X1-20KHS2WA00  X1 Carbon 20KHA03FAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022SP)  TP X1-20KGS3Y80Z  TP X1-20KGS4VB00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KG0025UK)  TP X1-20HQS3Y60S  TP X1-20KGS2EX00
 TP X1-20HQA0EGAU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002VUK)  TP X1-20K4A003AU
 TP X1-20HQS22J0H  TP X1-20KGS8MB00  X1 Carbon 20HQS3PP00
 TP X1-20KHS0VK00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JMX)  TP X1 20HRS02200
 TP X1-20KGSCHW00  TP X1 20HQS04W00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MFR)
 TP X1-20KGS0JY00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035UK)  TP X1-20KGS60S1W
 TP X1 20K40000AU  TP X1-20KGSAD800   TP X1-20KHS2H400
 X1 Carbon-20KGS4DA00   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0027FR)   TP X1-20KGS3T100
 TP X1-20KHA01CAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MMZ)   TP X1-20HRA041AU
 TP X1-20KH003HAU  TP X1-20HQS1AN07   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4001YUS)
 TP X1-20KG0037AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DPB)  TP X1-20KGS76400
 TP X1-20K3S06D1L  TP X1-20KGSBJ600  TP X1-20KHS05A00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HR0011US  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MB)  TP X1-20KGS4D800
 TP X1-20KGS58K1C  TP X1-20KHS0C300  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MGE)
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021RT)   TP X1-20KGS01J00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K30017xx)
 TP X1-20KGS5P600  TP X1-20K3S1AX00   TP X1-20KGS9DU00
 TP X1-20KHS1L700   X1 Carbon-20K3S00R06  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HRS0LQ)
  TP X1-20KGS36900  TP X1-20KHS00800  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006KMZ)
  TP X1 20HR000VAU  TP X1-20KGSDVX00  TP X1 20HQS0KF00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MPG)  TP X1-20KGS1HP0A   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DFR)
 TP X1-20KGS6L407  TP X1-20K3S08V0T  TP X1-20KGSAU503
 TP X1-20KHS2RM00  X1 Carbon 20KHA03BAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022MD)
 TP X1-20KGS3X90J  TP X1-20KGS4T50H  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KHS05G00)
 TP X1-20HQS4QA00  TP X1-20KGS2BQ07  TP X1-20HQA02JAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002VMD)  TP X1-20KGA02QAU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006FPB)
 TP X1-20K3002UAU   TP X1-20KGSC0100  X1 Carbon-20HQS2R400
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K30015xx)  TP X1-20KG000VAU   TP X1-20KHS0Q700
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JMH)  TP X1-20K3000MAU   TP X1-20KGSCEL00
 TP X1 20HQS02100  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FPB)  TP X1-20KGS0AN04
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035MZ)  TP X1-20KGS5XF00  TP X1-20K3S1WH00
 TP X1-20KGSAB900  TP X1-20KHS2GQ00   X1 Carbon-20KGS1QY0M
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HRS0T400)  TP X1-20KGS3PK00   TP X1-20KH006TAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MMH)  TP X1 20HRA01PAU   TP X1-20KH001CAU
  TP X1-20HQS1742B  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0068FR)  TP X1-20KG002XAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DML)  TP X1-20KGS75000  TP X1-20K3S0WY0N
 TP X1-20KGSBFG0E  TP X1-20KHS1CK00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021FR)
 TP X1-20KGS48R00  TP X1-20KGS54P00   TP X1-20HQS1RP0B
 TP X1-20KGS89800  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MX)   TP X1-20KGS23S0W
 TP X1-20KGS5ET00  TP X1-20KGS95L05  X1 Carbon-20K3A01MAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR006FGE)  TP X1-20KGS31P2V  TP X1-20KHS00100
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JSP)  TP X1-20HQS75C00  TP X1-20KGSDB300
 TP X1-20HQS0G00Y  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MMX)  TP X1-20KGS1EQ00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0039SP)  TP X1-20KGS6CF06  TP X1-20K3S15V00
 TP X1-20KGSANF00  TP X1-20KHS2LP00  X1 Carbon 20KHA037AU
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022FR)  TP X1-20KGS3W81D   TP X1-20KGS4QH24
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0079GE)  TP X1-20HRA04JAU  TP X1-20KGS2BC00
 TP X1-20HQ0029AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002VFR)  TP X1-20KGA00CAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006FMD)  TP X1-20KGS7W201  TP X1-20K3A04BAU
 TP X1-20KGSBTV00  TP X1-20KHS0AM00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002YUS)
 TP X1-20KG000HAU  TP X1-20KHS0LW00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JMB)
 TP X1-20HRS17800  TP X1-20KGSCE000  TP X1 20HQS01Y00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FML)  TP X1-20KGS05D0V  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035MH)
 TP X1-20KGS5ST00  TP X1-20K3S1MH00  TP X1-20KGSA7Q00
 TP X1-20KHS2GH00  X1 Carbon-20KG0022US  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FGE)
 TP X1-20KGS3FP00  TP X1-20KHS01Q00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MIX)
  TP X1 20HR0043AU  TP X1-20KGSFHW00  TP X1 20HQS0S900
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RPB)  TP X1-20KG002JAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DMD)
 TP X1-20KGS6TK00   TP X1-20K3S0RU00  TP X1-20KGSB4800
 TP X1-20KHS30400  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HQCTO1W  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FMH)
 TP X1-20KGS43N0X  TP X1-20KGS53A00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KGS5DU)
 TP X1-20HQS1MX0B  X1 Carbon-20HQS01A0V  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MH)
  TP X1-20KGS1VR43  TP X1-20KGS5C900  TP X1 20HQS01S00
 TP X1-20KGS92C0H  Thinkpad X1 Carbon G6 2018-20KH006DSP   X1 Carbon-20HRS0DS00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0068GE)  TP X1-20KGS2VB00  TP X1-20KHS1A500
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JPG)  TP X1-20HQS6PW05   TP X1-20KGSCNS00
 TP X1-20HQS0F800   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MMH)  TP X1-20KGS1CY00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0039PG)  TP X1-20KGS67V00   TP X1-20K3S0YW36
 TP X1-20KGSALN00  TP X1-20KHS2KU00  X1 Carbon 20KHA02UAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0027PB)  TP X1-20KGS3U000  TP X1-20KGS4HL2L
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MSP)  TP X1-20HRA04EAU  TP X1-20KGS2AQ1A
  TP X1-20HQ001MAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002SUS)  TP X1-20KG003JAU
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DSP)  TP X1-20KGS7KT00  TP X1 20K3A01SAU
 TP X1-20KGSBRU00  TP X1-20KHS0A100  ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20K4002RUS
 TP X1-20K4S0EA00   TP X1-20KHS0LJ00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JGE)
  TP X1-20HRS13M00  TP X1-20KGSC3A00  TP X1-20KHS0JY00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FFR)  TP X1-20KGS02500  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035MB)
 TP X1-20KGS5PU04  TP X1-20K3S1HN00  TP X1-20KGS9SA0R
 TP X1-20KHS2BX00  X1 Carbon-20K3S1A100  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MZ)
 TP X1-20KGS3CF00  TP X1-20KHS01E00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MGE)
 TP X1 20HR0013AU  TP X1-20KGSF0400  TP X1 20HQS0QF00
  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RMD)  TP X1-20KG002BAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DIX)
 TP X1-20KGS6RG00  TP X1-20K3S0LG00  TP X1-20KGSB2A00
  TP X1-20KHS2X500  X1 Carbon 20KHS03100  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002KSP)
 TP X1-20KGS43400  TP X1-20KGS4XY00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KGS03800)
 TP X1-20HQS41800  TP X1-20KGS2GS00  TP X1-20HQA0L5AU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002WUS)  TP X1-20KGS58L01  TP X1-20HQS2F100
 TP X1-20KGS8N100  X1 Carbon 20HQS43U00   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HQS03P00)
 TP X1-20KHS12400  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JMZ)  TP X1-20HQS4YY00
 TP X1-20KGSCJF00  TP X1 20HQS0B400  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MMB)
  TP X1-20KGS0LB0S  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0039CX)  TP X1-20KGS60S2T
 TP X1-20K3S0XE00  TP X1-20KGSADG00  TP X1-20KHS2H700
 X1 Carbon 20KH0062AU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0027MX)  TP X1-20KGS3T200
 TP X1-20KHA023AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MPG)  TP X1-20HRA042AU
 TP X1-20KH003JAU  TP X1-20HQ000FAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K40020US)
 TP X1-20KG0038AU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DPG)  TP X1-20KGS78R00
 TP X1-20K3S06R0C  TP X1-20KGSBPJ00   TP X1-20KHS06Y00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HR0057US  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021MC)  TP X1-20KGS1SB00
 TP X1-20HRS0JH00  TP X1-20KGSC3500  TP X1-20KHS0C400
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021GE)  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021SP)  TP X1-20KGS01N00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K30018xx)  TP X1-20KGS5P800  TP X1-20K3S1C300
 TP X1-20KGS9HK19  TP X1-20KHS1LJ00   X1 Carbon 20K3S07Q00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002RMZ)  TP X1-20KGS36S00  TP X1-20KHS00900
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006LMZ)  TP X1 20HR000XAU  TP X1-20KGSE6500
  TP X1 20HQS0KX00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002MSP)  TP X1-20KGS1HW0A
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DGE)  TP X1-20KGS6QW00  TP X1-20K3S08W0Z
 TP X1-20KGSB1C00  TP X1-20KHS2RX00  X1 Carbon 20KHA03EAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0022PB)  TP X1-20KGS3Y80K  TP X1-20KGS4TR0H
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KHS2T00C)  TP X1-20HQS4SF00  TP X1-20KGS2EW00
 TP X1-20HQA05HAU  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4002VMX)  TP X1-20KGA0AJAU
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006FUK)  X1 Carbon-20HQS3H600  TP X1-20K3S1AA00
  TP X1-20KHS0TM00  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006JML)  TP X1-20K3000QAU
 TP X1-20KGSCF500  TP X1-20HQS0430H  ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR002FPG)
 TP X1-20KGS0DQ0P   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH0035RT)   TP X1-20KGS5XP00
 TP X1-20K3S1XB00   TP X1-20KGSAC500  TP X1-20KHS2H300
 X1 Carbon-20KGS23T2M   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0069PB)  TP X1-20KGS3T000
 TP X1-20KHA006AU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006MMX)  TP X1-20HRA02CAU
 TP X1-20KH001DAU  TP X1-20HQS1AN04   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20K4001WUS)
 TP X1-20KG0036AU   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20KH006DMX)  TP X1-20KGS75800
 TP X1-20K3S01120  TP X1-20KGSBGD00  TP X1-20KHS04K00
 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HR006SUS   ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20HR0021HV)  TP X1-20KGS4CT00
  TP X1-20KGS58G0N  TP X1-20HQS2040M  TP X1-20KGS8GB11


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm
Battery Type


Laptops Batteries


Internal Battery

Cell Type

11 reviews for LENOVO 01AV429 – 01AV249 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

Based on 11 reviews
1-5 of 11 reviews
  1. PS

    Thank you battery is excellent while using.

  2. KD

    Ordered item is very good.

  3. SK

    Battery is original and great to go on for buying.

  4. AG

    Battery life is fantastic and battery also???

  5. KJ

    1- Battery is original. 2- Packed in original box. 3- Delivered on time. 4- Proper bill with gst. 5- Normal usage is long. 6- Backup is good.

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