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HP ZO04XL – ZO04XL Original Laptop Notebook Battery

8 customer reviews

2,999 GST Included

  • 100% Genuine Original HP Product
  • Battery Type : Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 15.2V  64Wh
  • Six Month India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be ZO04. HP Part no may be different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part No.

2,999 GST Included

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like HP, this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an affordable price.
Standard Backup
This Original HP battery delivers the backup you need with high quality cells inside.
Protected from the unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your Laptop safe from sudden power changes.
Forget down time
A quality product specifically designed to enhance productivity with minimum down time.
Easy organization
Very easy installation. Just plug and play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Fit Laptop Models

Color Black
Condition New
Brand HP Original
Specifications 15.2V  64Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 2.0-2.5 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No ZO04XL
Warranty Six Month Replacement Warranty (Door Delivery Door Support)

Compatible Part Numbers

808396-421  808450-002  HSTNN-LB6W
 ZO04  808450-001  HSTNN-CS8C
 ZO04XL  HSTNN-C88C  ENR606080A2-CZO04
  HSN-C02C  B07796CNDQ  Z004XL
 ZO04-4S1P  ZO04B4  808396-422
 4ICP7/60/80   ZL04064XL-PR  808396-721
 ZO04064XL  B076PJ4S25  BDH0441

Fit Laptop Models

ZBook Studio G3   ZBook Studio G4  ZBook Studio G4-Y6K17EA
 ZBook Studio G3-1CR70PA  ZBook Studio G4-Y6K33EA   ZBook Studio G4-1RR16EA
 ZBook Studio G4(Y6K33EA)   ZBook Studio G4(Y6K17EA)  ZBook Studio G4-Y6K15EA
 ZBook Studio G4(1RR16EA)  ZBook Studio G4-2WU02ES  ZBook Studio G4-2ZC19ES
  ZBook Studio G3(T7W01EA)  ZBook Studio G3 T7W01EA  ZBook Studio G4(Y6K15EA)
 ZBook Studio G4(2WU02ES)   ZBook Studio G4(2ZC19ES)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W00EA)
 ZBook Studio G3(T3U10AW)  ZBOOK STUDIO G3(V8N23PA)  ZBook Studio G3(X3X18AW)
  ZBook Studio G3(T7V56EA)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W04EA)  ZBook Studio G4(Y6K16EA)
 ZBook Studio G3(1RR32EA)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W06EA)  ZBook Studio G3(V8N22PA)
 ZBook Studio G3(V8N25PA)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W05EA)  ZBook Studio G3(V8N24PA)
 ZBook Studio G3(V8N27PA)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W04ET)  ZBook Studio G3(T3U12AW)
  ZBook Studio G3(T7W01ET)   ZBook Studio G3(X3X16AW)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W02EA)
  ZBook Studio G3(T6E16UT)  ZBook Studio G4(Y6K32EA)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W03EA)
 ZBook Studio G3(X1X79UT)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W00ET)  ZBook Studio G3(T7V56ET)
 ZBook Studio G3(T6E85UT)   ZBook Studio G3(T6E14UT)  ZBook Studio G3(M6V82AV)
 ZBook Studio G3(T7W06ET)  ZBook Studio G3(T7W05ET)  ZBook Studio G3(W0V05UP)
 ZBook Studio G3(T7W02ET)  ZBook Studio G3-T7V98EA  ZBook Studio G3(V8N26PA)
 ZBook Studio G3-T7W08EA  ZBook Studio G3-T7W07EA  ZBook Studio G3-T7V99EA
 ZBook Studio G3-V1P96LT  ZBook Studio G3-T7W09EA  ZBook Studio G3-2NV56EP
 ZBook Studio G3-V1P95LT  ZBook Studio G3-1LA17US  ZBook Studio G3-1RR32ET
 ZBook Studio G3-T7W03ET   ZBook Studio G3-1FA18US   ZBook Studio G3-V2W78LA
 ZBook Studio G3-V2W17LT  ZBook Studio G3-1HY77US   ZBook Studio G3-1BR11UP
 ZBook Studio G3-T5J03EC  ZBook Studio G3-1AG14EC  ZBook Studio G3-1NL35LA
 ZBook Studio G3-V8N17PA  ZBook Studio G3-1LG62US  ZBook Studio G3-1RR31EA
 ZBook Studio G3-V8N18PA  ZBook Studio G3-1TS30US  ZBook Studio G3-1BB21US
 ZBook Studio G3-V8H98US   ZBook Studio G3-1BB19US  ZBook Studio G3-V8H29US
 ZBook Studio G3-3CW99EP  ZBook Studio G3-2UL21UP  ZBook Studio G3-1FA45UP
  ZBook Studio G3-3MF80UC  ZBook Studio G3-1BB20US  ZBook Studio G3-1CR68PA
 ZBook Studio G3-V8H28US  ZBook Studio G3-2EZ81US  ZBook Studio G3-3NU55LA
  ZBook Studio G3-1DX22UP  ZBook Studio G3-2EZ83US  ZBook Studio G3-2EZ80US
 ZBook Studio G3-W5H58US  ZBook Studio G3-W3X06PA  ZBook Studio G3-1KH22US
 ZBook Studio G3-T7V83ES  ZBook Studio G3-1BC45US  ZBook Studio G3(1GS13PA)
 ZBook Studio G3-1JD55US  ZBook Studio G3-3BH34UP  ZBook Studio G3-1PJ57US
 ZBook Studio G3-1GF00US  ZBook Studio G3-2CF88US  ZBook Studio G3-2FV48UC
  ZBook Studio G3-1WH38US  ZBook Studio G3-1WT16US  ZBook Studio G3-2DR77US
 ZBook Studio G3-1GA69US  ZBook Studio G3-1FC45US  ZBook Studio G3-1MP29US
 ZBook Studio G3-1JZ55US  ZBook Studio G3-1GA22US  ZBook Studio G3-1BB91US
 ZBook Studio G3-1GF33US   ZBook Studio G3-1EZ88US  ZBook Studio G3-2DR89US
 ZBook Studio G3-1JC35US  ZBook Studio G3-1BH74US  ZBook Studio G3-1BR28UP
 ZBook Studio G3-3XV36US  ZBook Studio G3-2TY29UT  ZBook Studio G3-W3W99PA
 ZBook Studio G3-1BH77US   ZBook Studio G3-1RG41UC  ZBook Studio G3-1BC48US
  ZBook Studio G3-1BR26UP  ZBook Studio G3-T7W08ET  ZBook Studio G3-W5J55US
  ZBook Studio G3-1RA23US  ZBook Studio G3-1ZE48UP   ZBook Studio G3-1BH98UP
 ZBook Studio G3-1WZ46UP  ZBook Studio G3-1DW76US  ZBook Studio G3-1AG26EC
 ZBook Studio G3-V8N16PA   ZBook Studio G3-5JH40UP  ZBook Studio G3-3ZA78US
 ZBook Studio G3-3FC49UC  ZBook Studio G3-4QP55US  ZBook Studio G3-1RG40UC
 ZBook Studio G3-1AG12EC  ZBook Studio G3-2QR87UP  ZBook Studio G3-V2W75LA
 ZBook Studio G3-3MF81UC  ZBook Studio G3-3VN01UP  ZBook Studio G3-6BW53PA
  ZBook Studio G3-1LA48US   ZBook Studio G3-4WX16UP  ZBook Studio G3-1RR31ET
 ZBook Studio G3-3AV50US  ZBook Studio G3-4CS28US  ZBook Studio G3-5CZ50UC
 ZBook Studio G3-3AV30US  ZBook Studio G3-1MS22UP  ZBook Studio G3-3VU31US
  ZBook Studio G3-3FC92UC  ZBook Studio G3-4RH99US   ZBook Studio G3-3RT64US
 ZBook Studio G3-2XR38PC  ZBook Studio G3-3XV43US  ZBook Studio G3-1CS90UP
 ZBook Studio G3-2DM38LP  ZBook Studio G3-5SF80US  ZBook Studio G3-4YP95US
 ZBook Studio G3-2DS82US  ZBook Studio G3-1JD16US  ZBook Studio G3-3WV98US
 ZBook Studio G3-3AV51US  ZBook Studio G3-4FU22US  ZBook Studio G3-V1P96LA
 ZBook Studio G3-1NV86UP  ZBook Studio G3-3NV55US  ZBook Studio G3-1GE58UP
 ZBook Studio G3-3AV33US   ZBook Studio G3-4AM02US  ZBook Studio G3-2BC20US
  ZBook Studio G3-1FC57US  ZBook Studio G3-1VX15US   ZBook Studio G3-3FF72PA
 ZBook Studio G3-2DR17US  ZBook Studio G3-3SR90US  ZBook Studio G3-2RJ67PC
 ZBook Studio G3-2XR41PC  ZBook Studio G3-1FB79UP   ZBook Studio G3-3MJ29UP
 ZBook Studio G3-1VF35EC  ZBook Studio G3-1CT27UP  ZBook Studio G3-1GA29UP
 ZBook Studio G3-2XP95EC  ZBook Studio G3-1FB70UP  ZBook Studio G3-4KN22U8
 ZBook Studio G3-2DF21UP  ZBook Studio G3-1FP52UC  ZBook Studio G3-W3W97PA
 ZBook Studio G3-1BJ59UP  ZBook Studio G3-T9S33PA   ZBook Studio G3-3JZ16UP
 ZBook Studio G3-2AP03US  ZBook Studio G3-3MK80US  ZBook Studio G3-1KH69US
 ZBook Studio G3-2DR15LP  ZBook Studio G3-2RE21PC  ZBook Studio G3-1FB78UP
 ZBook Studio G3-W3X07PA  ZBook Studio G3-1VE17EC  ZBook Studio G3-3XG17EC
 ZBook Studio G3-1AG04EC   ZBook Studio G3-T7V95ES  ZBook Studio G3-2PF30UP
 ZBook Studio G3-1BR03UP  ZBook Studio G3-T9S32PA  ZBook Studio G3-1FP31UC
 ZBook Studio G3-2MC14EP   ZBook Studio G3-3JZ21UP  ZBook Studio G3-2FM66EC
 ZBook Studio G3-4TN17UP  ZBook Studio G3-1RM11US  ZBook Studio G3-V8H37US
  ZBook Studio G3-T9S45PA  ZBook Studio G3-W5H97US  ZBook Studio G3-V8N15PA
 ZBook Studio G3-W5J17US   ZBook Studio G3-V8H95US   ZBook Studio G3-V8N14PA
 ZBook Studio G3-T9S43PA  ZBook Studio G3-V2W16LT  ZBook Studio G3-2AH54US
 ZBook Studio G3-1MP52US  ZBook Studio G3-3VT97US   ZBook Studio G3-W5J41US
 ZBook Studio G3-2DR06US   ZBook Studio G3-3RF89US  ZBook Studio G3-5QA16US
 ZBook Studio G3-1ZE93US  ZBook Studio G3-1LM46US  ZBook Studio G3-W5H51US
 ZBook Studio G3-2EZ72US  ZBook Studio G3-1BB81US   ZBook Studio G3-1GS14PA
 ZBook Studio G3-V8H79US  ZBook Studio G3-3XB93US  ZBook Studio G3-1CS35UP
 ZBook Studio G3-W5J79US  ZBook Studio G3-3PH77US  ZBook Studio G3-T7V96ES
 ZBook Studio G3-1XK26US   ZBook Studio G3-3LJ36US  ZBook Studio G3-W5H73US
  ZBook Studio G3-2DS77US   ZBook Studio G3-3UJ51UC   ZBook Studio G3-1JC44US
  ZBook Studio G3-3WP18US  ZBook Studio G3-1FC77US  ZBook Studio G3-2TJ78UC
  ZBook Studio G3-V8H03US  ZBook Studio G3-1LA16US  ZBook Studio G3-4VV87US
 ZBook Studio G3-T9S42PA  ZBook Studio G3-1RR07ES  ZBook Studio G3-3TU87US
 ZBook Studio G3-1CR65PA  ZBook Studio G3-4AG09PA  ZBook Studio G3-V2W16LA
 ZBook Studio G3-W3X02PA  ZBook Studio G3-1VU06US  ZBook Studio G3-1JC24US
 ZBook Studio G3-1CZ95UP  ZBook Studio G3-T9S44PA  ZBook Studio G3-1GA45US
 ZBook Studio G3-T7V45ES  ZBook Studio G3-5LZ81UC  ZBook Studio G3-1ZF64US
 ZBook Studio G3-3MH75US  ZBook Studio G3-1HY45US  ZBook Studio G3-3VP40US
 ZBook Studio G3-V8H66US  ZBook Studio G3-4QP13US  ZBook Studio G3-V1P95LA
 ZBook Studio G3-3PJ74US  ZBook Studio G3-W0R62LA  ZBook Studio G3-V2W76LA
 ZBook Studio G3-1BB39US  ZBook Studio G3-3VL07US  ZBook Studio G3-1CS34UP
  ZBook Studio G3-2CG31US  ZBook Studio G3-W3W98PA  ZBook Studio G3-2TK90UC
 ZBook Studio G3-V2W79LA  ZBook Studio G3-4VY73US  ZBook Studio G3-W5H85US
 ZBook Studio G3-T9S41PA  ZBook Studio G3-3UJ25UC  ZBook Studio G3-L9J93LA
 ZBook Studio G3-3WF57US   ZBook Studio G3-V1P97LT  ZBook Studio G3-1MS52US
 ZBook Studio G3-3MM63US  ZBook Studio G3-W3X00PA  ZBook Studio G3-1KZ88US
 ZBook Studio G3-W5J06US  ZBook Studio G3-1GA54US   ZBook Studio G3-T7V40ES
  ZBook STUDIO G4 Mobile Workstation  ZBook STUDIO G3 Mobile Workstation   ZBook Studio G4(X5E43AV)
 ZBook Studio G3(X3X17AW)  ZBook Studio G3(W2Y21PA)  ZBook Studio G4(X5E45AV)
 ZBook Studio G3(X1D13UP)  ZBook Studio G3(Z2H80AV)  ZBook Studio G4(X5E47AV)
 ZBook Studio G3(W5U25AV)   ZBook Studio G4(1HQ53AW)  ZBook Studio G3(Y2R93UP)
  ZBook Studio G4(X5E49AV)  ZBook Studio G3(W2Y24PA)  ZBook Studio G4(X5E42AV)
  ZBook Studio G3(X5N82UC)  ZBook Studio G4(Y1F32AV)   ZBook Studio G3(W2Y22PA)
  ZBook Studio G4(X5E44AV)  ZBook Studio G3(X3X15AW)  ZBook Studio G4(X5E46AV)
 ZBook Studio G3(W9W57AV)  ZBook Studio G4(1HQ51AW)  ZBook Studio G3(Z2H78AV)
 ZBook Studio G4(X5E48AV)   ZBook Studio G3(W5N86UP)  ZBook Studio G4(2WN18PA)
 ZBook Studio G3(Y2Q70UP)  ZBook Studio G4(Y1F31AV)  ZBook Studio G3(W2Y23PA)


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Battery Cell
Cell Type

Internal Battery




Laptops Batteries


8 reviews for HP ZO04XL – ZO04XL Original Laptop Notebook Battery

Based on 8 reviews
1-5 of 8 reviews
  1. The warranty they give they actually work on it quick and got good response of adapter after warranty too..

  2. Adapter is good for my field work.

  3. So so according to me. Because of late delivery

  4. Very much good????

  5. Good enough to buy

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