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ASUS B31N1637 – B31N1637 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

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Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹4,699. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • 100% Genuine Original ASUS Product
  • Specifications : Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 11.52V 42Wh
  • Six Month Replacement Warranty
  • Supplied Model no will be B31N1637. ASUS Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number

Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹4,699. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like ASUS, this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an affordable price.
Standard Backup
This Original ASUS battery delivers the backup you need with high quality cells inside.
Protected from the unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your Laptop safe from sudden power changes.
Forget down time
A quality product specifically designed to enhance productivity with minimum down time.
Easy organization
Very easy installation. Just plug and play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand ASUS Original
Specifications 11.52V 42Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 2.0-2.5 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No B31N1637
Warranty Six Month Replacement Warranty (Door Delivery Door Support)

Compatible Part Numbers

B31Bi9H  B31N1637
 B31Bi2H  0B200-02590000
 0B200-02590100  0B200-02590200

Fit Laptop Models(use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

 X510  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ217T  S510UA
  X510UA  S510UN  X510UN
 F510UA  X510UQ  X510U
 S510UQ  S510UF  VivoBook F510UA
 VivoBook 15 X510UN  VivoBook S15 S510UA   X510UF
 VivoBook 15 X510UR  S5100U   F510UF
 X510UR  VivoBook S15 S510UR  R520UA
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ   VivoBook 15 X510UA  S501UA
 X510UA-BR667T  X510UA-BR517T   X510UA-BQ573T
 F510QA  S510UR  VivoBook S15 S510UN
 F510UN  K510UF   VivoBook F510QA
  VivoBook X510UF  X510UA-EJ695  X510UA-EJ748
  15 X510UA  X510UA-BR081  VivoBook 15 X510UQ
 X510UA-BR1025T  X510UA-BR649T  X510UA-BR519
 VivoBook 15 X510UF  K510UN   X510QA
 S510UF-BQ674T  X510UA-BR665T  VivoBook F510UA-AH51
 VivoBook X510U   VivoBook 15 F510UA  VivoBook S15 S510UA-RB51
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ189T  VivoBook X510UF-EJ370T   K510UR
 VivoBook X510UA  R520UF  X510UA-BR666T
 X510UA-BR1272T  X510UA-BQ438  VivoBook 15 X510U
 VivoBook X510  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ763T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ708T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-EH76   VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ534T  X510UA-BQ439T
 X510UA-BR578T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ288  X510UA-EJ1177R
 F510QA-WB91   VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ327T  VivoBook S15 S510UF
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR305T  VivoBook X510UQ  X510UA-BR305T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ707T  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BR107T  K510UA
 X510UR-BR107T  K510UQ  X510UA-BQ437
 X510UA-EJ1405T   X510UA-1A  VivoBook 15 S510UN
 R520UF-EJ724T  A510QA   X510UA-EJ796T
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ743T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ643T  X510UA-EJ750T
  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ118T  X510UA-BQ493T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ698T
  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ002T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR641T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ706T
 A510QA-BR061T   VivoBook 15 F510UF  VivoBook 15 X510
 X510UQ-1A  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ121T  X510UA-EJ624
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ359T   Vivobook F510UA-AH55  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ256T
 S501UF  X510UA-BQ492   VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ714T
 VivoBook F510UA-AH50  VivoBook 15 X510QA  X510UR-3B
 X510UA-BR650T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ526T   VivoBook 15 X510UA-BQ364T
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ610T  X510UN-1A  VivoBook S15 S510UA-DB71
 VivoBook F510QA-DS99  VivoBook S X510UA  VivoBook F510QA-WB91
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ413   S510UF-BR203T  R520UA-EJ932T
 VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ527T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1070T  X510UA-BR483T
 S510UF-BQ091  R520UQ  X510UA-EJ770T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR249T  X510UA-BR709T  R520UF-EJ521T
 VivoBook S X510UF   VivoBook S15 S510UA-RB31  R520UA-EJ930T
 VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ101T  VivoBook S X510U   R520UF-EJ020T
 VivoBook 15 F510UF-ES71  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-Q72SP   X510UA-EJ1070T
 VivoBook S X510UQ  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ592T  S510UF-BQ056
 R520UA-EJ1536  Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ927T  X510UA-BB51-CB
 VivoBook S510UA-BR223T  X510UQ-3G  X510UQ-3B
 X510UA-BR539T  X510UQ-3C  VivoBook S X510
 X510UA-BR1528  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR686T  X510UQ-1B
 X510UQ-3F  X510UF-3C   VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ194T
  K510UQ-BQ668T  X510UA-BQ1001T  K510UQ-BQ667T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-DS51  X510UF-1B  Vivobook S15 S510UQ-BQ475T
 X510UF-3B  X510UF-3F  X510UA-BQ963
  X510UA-3G  S510UF-BR195R  X510UA-3F
 X510UA-EJ1235T  X510UA-3B   S510UF-BQ158R
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ147T  VivoBook X510UF-EJ592T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR409T
 K510UN-BQ497T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ042R  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ052T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ178T  X510UA-BQ444  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ102T
 VivoBook X510UA-BR483T   K510UA-BQ1318  X510UA-1B
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR425T  X510UR-3F  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ796T
 S510UF-BR452T   K510UN-BQ502T  K510UN-BQ297T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1223T  VivoBook S15 X510UN  X510UN-1B
  S510UF-BQ242  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR180T  VivoBook S510NA
 X510UA-EJ908  Vivobook X510UA-BR081  VivoBook X510UA-BQ573T
 X510UR-1A   K510UA-BQ024  X510UA-3C
 R520UQ-BQ830T  K510UQ-BQ336R  VivoBook X510UA-BR484T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ020T   VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ122T  X510UR-3C
 K510UF-BQ298R   VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ193T  X510UR-1B
 K510UA-BQ366T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ182T   X510UR-3G
 K510UF-BQ502R  K510UQ-BQ684R  X510UA-BQ916
  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ483T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ215T  X510UA-BQ488T
 X510UA-BQ912  K510UQ-BR159T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ189T
 K510UN-BQ242T  K510UQ-BQ338R  K510UF-BQ389R
 VIVOBOOK S15 S510UR-BQ271T  K510UQ-BQ097T  X510UA-BQ094
 K510UQ-BQ654T  K510UN-BQ267T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ702T
 X510UA-BR540T  K510UF-BQ047T   X510UA-EJ1227T
 X510UA-BQ490T  K510UN-BQ268T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ156T
 X510UA-BR485T  K510UA-BQ602T  F510UR
  X510UA-BR1112T  K510UR-BR038T  K510UR-EJ307T
 K510UN-BQ196T  K510UR-BQ205T  K510UR-EJ321T
 K510UR-EJ293T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ462T  K510UQ-BQ831T
 K510UQ-BQ559R  K510UR-BQ020T  VIVOBOOK S15 S510UF-BQ089T
  VivoBook 15 F510UF-BQ697T  X510QA-BR010T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ514T
 F510UQ  S510UF-BQ051R   VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ457T
  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ217T  S510UF-BR239T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR153T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR154T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BH71  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR223T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-BQ573T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ139T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ521T
  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQR24T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ612T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ214T
 Vivobook S15 S510UQ-BQ660T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR152T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ101T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR155T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ113T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ591T
 X510UA-BQ323  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR1528T  VivoBook X510UF-BR154T
 A510QR  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ184T  X510QA-BR017T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ750T  VivoBook 15 S510UN-BQ256T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ181T
  F510QA-EJ050T  X510UA-BQ319  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ004
  S510UF-BQ222   VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ495T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQB63T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR709T   VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ647T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BR128
 X510UA-BQ327  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ265T  X510UA-BR484T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ488R  S510UF-BR196T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ425T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ600T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ293T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ132T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQA36T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ193T   VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ746T
 S510UF-BQ042R  VivoBook 15 S510UN-BQ299T  X510UF-1A
  S510UF-BQ044T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQR24T  K510UN-BQ191T
 VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ328T  Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ770T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ069T
  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ222  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ008  X510UA-BQ914
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ579T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR124T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR203T
 R520UA-EJ933T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ173T   Vivobook S15 S510UF-BQ158R
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ268R  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ423T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ477T
  VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ330T  VivoBook 15 S510UN-BR128  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ297T
 X510UF-3G  Vivobook S15 S510UA-BR1321T  R520UA-BR580T
  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ183T  VivoBook F510QA-EJ050T   VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ199T
 X510UA-BR080T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ180T   R520QA
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-Q72SP   VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ461T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ132T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR1431   VivoBook 15 X510UR-3B  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ168T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ674T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ151T   R520UN
 Vivobook S15 S510UQ-BQ487T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ329T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQR24T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ695  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ758  Vivobook 15 X510UN-EJ460T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ165T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ680T  X510UA-EJ927T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR452T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ079T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ146T
 F510QR  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ490  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ258T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ141T  Vivobook 15 X510UA-BR081  X510UA-BQ321T
 X510UA-BQ328  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ055T  S510UF-BQ325T
 S510UF-BR436T   VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR130T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ062T
 X510UA-EJ625T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ054T  X510UA-BR1160T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1235T  X510UA-EJ1223T  X510QR
 A510QA-BR098T  X510QA-EJ141T  R520UQ-BQ729T
  X510UA-EJ592T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ482T   VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ253
 R520UN-EJ529T  VivoBook F510QA-EJ148T   VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ114T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR506T  X510UA-BR554T   X510UA-BQ175
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ346  R520UA-EJ729T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ083T
  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ226T  VivoBook 15 X510QR-BR007T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQD39T
 VivoBook X510UA-BR305T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ165T   VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ167T
 VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ198T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQH46T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ126T
 X510UA-BQ913  S510UF-BQ118  Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ624
 VivoBook S15-S510UQ-BQ216T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ890T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BQ439T
 A510QR-EJ063T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ199  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ436T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ149T  R520UR  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UF-EJ282T
 VivoBook 15 S510UN-BQH46T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ299T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-NH71
 V580QR   VivoBook 15 S510UN-BQD39T  VivoBook 15 S510UN-BQ149T
 F510QA-EJ052T  F510QA-BR005T  S510UF-BQ049
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BR551T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ208T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ520T
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ277T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ456T  VivoBook 15 F510UR
  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ166T  X510QA-BR095T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1190T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ044T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ167T  K510UQ-BQ701T
 S510UF-BQ199T  K510UQ-BQ114T  Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ1222T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ747T   VivoBook S15 X510UN-EJ425T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR180
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1177R   VivoBook F510QA-EJ052T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR298T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ508T   VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR1025T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ150T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-QS72P  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ371T  Vivobook S15 S510UR-BQ197T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ135T  R520UQ-BQ813T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ607
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ213T   VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ413T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ510T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR195R  Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ758T  VivoBook X510UA-BR543T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ242T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR543T  F510UN-BQ505T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ465T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ325T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ183T
 R520UA-EJ979T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ041T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR010
  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ414  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ178T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQA36T
  Vivobook S15 S510UA-BQ458T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ601T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR232T
 F510QA-BR044T  S510UF-BQ569T  VivoBook 15 X510QR-BR012T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ078T  Vivobook 15 X510UF-BQ244T   VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ240T
  A510QR-BR017T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR154T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ246T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ114T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR532T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1344
 Vivobook 15 X510UR-BQ378T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ282T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ053T
 VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ426T  R520UF-BQ275T  R520QA-EJ053T
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ280T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR010T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR196T
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ1201T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR195T  VivoBook X510UA-BQ364T
 S510UF-BQ158T  X510UA-BQ321  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ061T
 S510UF-BQ354T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ339T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR406T
 X510UA-BQ320  X510QA-EJ042T  X510UA-EJ758T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ305T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR300T  Vivobook 15 X510UR-BQ292T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR298T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ572  VivoBook S15 X510UN-EJ526T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ556T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR306T  R520QA-EJ143T
  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ141  R520UF-BQ385T  Vivobook 15 X510UA-BQ440
 R520UN-EJ499T   VivoBook X510UF-BQ224T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ123
  R520QA-EJ046T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ547T  X510UA-EJ747T
  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ467T  R520UA-EJ1561T  S510UF-BQ022T
 R520UQ-BQ730T  X510UA-BQ715T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ604
  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BR136T  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ176T   VivoBook S15 X510UN-EJ527T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1207T   VivoBook F510QA-EJ150T  X510UA-EJ745T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ349T  X510UA-EJ748T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR299T
 VivoBook 15 X510UN-EJ436T  R520UA-EJ1147T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ512T
 VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ050  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ199T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ205T
  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ184T  X510UN-3C  VivoBook X510UF-EJ297T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR197T   VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ269  X510UA-EJ627T
 R520UF-EJ628T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-BQ482T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR126T
 R520UF-EJ635T  X510UN-3B  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ447T
 VivoBook 15 X510QR-BR012  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ434T  X510UA-BQ095
 VivoBook Flip F510UQ  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ202T  R520UF-EJ686T
  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ700T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ202  VivoBook 15 X510QR-BR007
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ181R  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ191T  X510UA-AH7101E
 R520UN-EJ498T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ308  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ158T
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ253T  VivoBook X510UF-EJ353T   S510UF-BR529T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ050T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ100T   VivoBook S15 S501UA-EJ767T
  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR139T  VivoBook F510UF-BQ277T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR671T
 VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR270T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ542T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ068T
 VivoBook S15 S501UA-BR566T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ118  Vivobook S15 S510UQ-BQ497T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ569T   VivoBook S15 S501UA-BR500T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ003
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ212T  S501UA-BR530T  VivoBook S15 S501UA-BR709T
  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ287   VIVOBOOK S501UA-EJ646T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ162T
  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BR447T  VivoBook F510QA-EJ146T   VivoBook 15 F510UF-EJ637T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ041T  K510UF-BR048T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ211T
 VivoBook X510UA-BQ095T  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ644T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BQ492T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ109T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ628T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ745T
 VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BR349T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ011T  VivoBook F510QA-EJ141T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR943T  VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ240T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ216T
 VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ094T   VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR365T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ066T
 Vivobook 15 X510UR-EJ321T   VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR394T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ253T
  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ300T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ415T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BQ236T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR20  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ645T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ355T
  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ748T  Vivobook 15 X510QA-EJ201T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-TS12-CB
 VivoBook 15 X510UR-BR244T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ465T  R520UA-BQ729T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ231T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BQ095T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1227T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ192T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ235T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-BR135T
 X510UA-BR929T  S510UF-BR669T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ100T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR239T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ242T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ049T
 VivoBook 15 X510UR-BQ291T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ022T  Vivobook 15 X510UF-EJ353T
 VivoBook S510NA-BQ149T   VivoBook X510UF-EJ126  Vivobook 15 F510UN-EJ473T
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ011T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ323T  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ221T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR483T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR198T  R520QR
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ1347T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ022T  VivoBook F510UF-BQ697T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ149T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ023T   Vivobook S15 S510UR-BQ056T
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ177T  X510QA-EJ041T  VivoBook 15 X510QR-BR026T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ482T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ037T  VivoBook S15 F510
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-BR083T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ190T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-GH7501E
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ051T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BR594T  VivoBook 15 F510UF-BQ277T
 F510UN-EJ473T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR484T  VivoBook15 X510QR
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ768T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ191T  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UF-EJ151T
 VivoBook 15 X510UR-EJ307T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ354T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ658T
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ1141T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ927TT  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ242
 VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR665T  R520UQ-BQ470T  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UF-EJ591T
 VivoBook S15 X510UQ-NH71  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ141T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ242T
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR371T  VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ405T   VivoBook 15 X510UA-BR650
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ322T  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-BQ559R  VivoBook 15 X510UA-EJ627T
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ1044T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ626  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ050T
 VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ265T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR823   VIVOBOOK S15 S501UF-EJ181T
 Vivobook 15 X510UA-EJ756T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ091T   VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ432T
 VivoBook 15 X510UF-AH8503E  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ051T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ473T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR033T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR236T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR130T
  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ1424T   VivoBook S15 S510UF-BQ056T  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UF-EJ427T
 VivoBook 15 X510UR-BR288T   VivoBook 15 X510UF-BQ319T   VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ202T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR095T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ208T  R520QA-EJ110T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR252  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ627T  VivoBook S15 S510UF-BR042T
 VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR207   VivoBook 15 X510QA-BR107T  VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ209
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-EJ1288T  VivoBook 15 X510QR-EJ046T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BR487T
 VivoBook S15 S501UA-EJ777T   VIVOBOOK S15 S501UA-BR1391T  VivoBook S15 S510UR-BR303T
 Vivobook S15 S510UA-RS51   VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ181T  VivoBook 15 X510UA-1A
 VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ1138T  VivoBook 15 X513EA-BQ250T  Vivobook X510UR
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ070T  VivoBook 15 X510UN-1A  VivoBook 15 X513EA
 VivoBook 15 X513EQ  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-3B   Vivobook X510UN
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BR118  VivoBook 15 X513EA-BQ516T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ596
 VivoBook 15 X510UN-1B  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ193T   VivoBook S15 S510UA-BR427T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ204  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ1241  VivoBook 15 X513EA-EJ023
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ178  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ166T  VivoBook 15 X513EA-BQ249T
 VivoBook 15 X513EP  VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ050T  VivoBook S15 S510UA-BQ452R
  VivoBook 15 X510UQ-3F  VivoBook S15 S510UN-DB55   VivoBook 15 F510UA-EJ1207T
  VivoBook 15 X513EA-BQ602T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ779T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-Q72SP-CB
 VivoBook S15 S510UN-BQ494T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ557  VivoBook 15 X513EA-BQ606T
 VivoBook 15 F510UF-EJ524T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-EB76  VivoBook 15 F510UR-EJ342T
 VivoBook 15 F510UF-EJ309T  VivoBook 15 F510UF-BQ274T  VIVOBOOK S15 S501UR-BR199T
  S501UR   VivoBook 15 F510UF-EJ579T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ204T
 VIVOBOOK S15 S501UR-BR165T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ517T  VivoBook 15 F510UF-BQ349T
 VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ175T  VivoBook 15 F510UF-EJ252T  VivoBook S15 S510UQ-BQ265T
 VivoBook 15 F510UF-BR683R   VIVOBOOK S15 S501UR-EJ294T


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

Internal Battery

Laptops Batteries


12 reviews for ASUS B31N1637 – B31N1637 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

Based on 12 reviews
1-5 of 12 reviews
  1. KA

    As my dellis having great quality like wise only my battery is also having amazing quality. This is such a valuable product????

  2. BS

    Battery is of too much price. Can’t afford!

  3. AS

    Great battery. Excellent choice of purchasing. New condition battery. Powerful capacity of working.

  4. VN

    Great. Good. Excellent. Very nice.

  5. SA

    Good battery

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