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ASUS A32N1405 – A32N1405 Original Laptop Notebook Battery

Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹5,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • 100% Genuine Original ASUS Product
  • Specifications : Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating :  10.8V  56Wh
  • Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be A32N1405. ASUS Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number

Original price was: ₹6,999.Current price is: ₹5,999. ( FREE DELIVERY )

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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SKU: ASUSA32N14050001 Category: Brand:

Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like ASUS, this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an affordable price.
Standard Backup
This Original ASUS battery delivers the backup you need with high quality cells inside.
Protected from the unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your Laptop safe from sudden power changes.
Forget down time
A quality product specifically designed to enhance productivity with minimum down time.
Easy organization
Very easy installation. Just plug and play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind coverage
Rest Easy with Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand ASUS Original
Specifications 10.8V  56Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 2.0-2.5 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No A32N1405
Warranty Six Month Replacement Warranty (Door Delivery Door Support)

Compatible Part Numbers

G771JK  G551  3ICR19/65-2
 A32N1405  N771  G58JK
  A32NI405  A32LI9H  0B110-00300000
 A32N14O5  LC32SD128Q

Fit Laptop Models(use “ctrl+F” to find your model)

GL551JK  N551  G58JM
 G551JM  G551JK  G551JW
  N551JM  ROG GL551  G58J
 G551JB  N551J   N551JW
 N551JK  G771JM  N751JM
 N551JX  G58  N751JK
  GL551JW  G551J  G771JW
 N551JQ  GL551JM  G551JX
 GL551  N551JB  N751
 N551VW  GL771JM  G58JK
 GL551J  N551ZU  N751J
 N751JW  ROG G551VW  G771J
 N551JV  ROG G551  GL771JW
 N551JN  ROG G551JW  ROG G771
 N751JX  N551JM4200  N551JK-XO076H
 N551JK4200  GL771  N551JM4710
 R555JW  R555JK  R555JX
 R555JB   R555ZU  R555JQ
 R555JM   GL771J  ROG G771JW-T7028D
 N551Z  ROG G771JW-T7076H  ROG G771JW-T7115H
 ROG G771JW-T7078H  N551JW4720  N551JW-CN094H
 N551JX-1C  ROG G551J  GL551JX
  GL551JM-DH71  N551JK-CN167H  N751JK-T4144H
 N551VW-FY197T  G552  N551JW4200
 ROG G551JX  N551ZU7600  G551JM-CN102H
 N551JK-MH71  ROG GL551J  N551JX-DM271T
 N551JQ-CN037H  N551VW-1B  N551JX-CN037H
 N551ZU7400  N551JK-CN166H   N551JX-CN080H
 N551JW-CN095H  N551JQ-CN003H  ROG G771J
 N551JM-XO023D  N551JK-CN283H  G58JW4720
 N551JX-CN079H  N551JW-CN079H  GL771JM-DH71
 N751JX-T4056H   N551JK-1A  N551JB-1A
 N551JM-CN078H  N551JM-1A  N551JK-CN124H
 N551JX-CN034H  N551ZU-CN007H  N551ZU-CN024H
 N551JQ-EH71  N551JK-CN125H  G58JW4200
  N551JB-DM019H  N551JX-CN157H  N551JK-CN176H
 N551VW-1A   N551JQ-2A  N551JK-CN175H
 G551JK-DM042H   N551JX-CN215H  N551JX-8A
 N551JQ-CN094H  N551JK-1B  G551JK-DM053H
 N551JB-CN001H   N551ZU-CN010D  N551JX-CN156H
 N551JM-1C  N551JW-1A   N551JB-8A
  G551JW-CN080H   N551JQ-1A  G551JK-CN074H
 N551JB-CN029H  N551JQ-AS71  N551JW-XX477H
 N551JK-CN189H  N551JK-CN173H  G58JB
 N551VW-8A  N551JX-1B   N551JB-XO044T
 N551ZU-DM002H  G551JM-DM052H  N551JM-CN029H
 N551JW-CN217H  N551VW-1C  G551JM-DM169H
 N551JB-CN021H  N551JK-CN177H  G551JK-CN100H
 G771 Series  ROG G58  G551JK-CN122H
 G551JK-CN011D  G551JM-CN105H  N551JQ-DS71
 ROG G771JK  G551JW-CN055H  N551JX-CN083H
 G771JW Series  N551JX-1A  N551JM-1B
 N551JB-2A  N551JW-1C  N751JQ
 G551JW-DM139H  G58JX  N751JK-T4199H
 N551VW-CN058T  G551JX-DM164H  G551J Series
 N551JK-DM089H   N551VW-FY196T  G551JK-CN101H
 N551VW-CN089T  N551JW-1B  G551JK-DM059D
  GL771J Series   G551JW-DM164H   G551JM Series
  N551JX-CN203H   G551JM-CN104H  G551JM-DM079H
 G551JW-CN081H  G551JX-CN047H  G58JM4710
  ROG GL771JM-DH71  G551JX-DM057H  N551JQ-CN218H
 N551ZU-1A  G551JW-CN043H  G551JQ
 G551JM-CN149H  N551JX-CN043H  G58JM4200
 G551JM-CN208H  ROG G551J Series  G551JW-CN045H
 N551VW-CN007T  GL771JM Series  N551JW-DM172H
 N551VW-CN009T  G551JW-DM021H  G551JK-CN160H
 N751JK-DH71-CA   G551JW-CN107D   N551JX-CN197T
 N551JK-DM078H  N551JW-CN067H  G551JM-CN013D
 ROG G551VW-FY179D  N551JK-DH71  N751JK-T4147H
 ROG G551 Series  n551vw-cn057t  ROG G771JW Series
 N551JX-DM140H  N751JK-DH71  N551JM-CN081H
 N551JB-DM073T  G551ZU  ROG G551VW-FI242T
 G741JK  G771JX  N551JQ-XO005D
  n551jx-dm341t  N551JX-DS71  ROG G771JM-T7064H
  ROG G58J  G741JX  N551JK-CN157H
 G771JK Series  N551JQ-CN012H  G771J Series
 N551JK-DM193H  G551JK Series  ROG G771 Series
 G58JM Series   G771JM Series   ROG ROG GL551JK-CN160H
 GL771JK  G771JM-T4039D  N551VW-FW238T
  G771JM-T7025H  ROG GL771JW Series  ROG GL771JM Series
 N551JK-CN023H  N551JQ-CN020H   N551VW-FY204D
 ROG G771JM-DH71-CA  GL771JX  N551JK-CN130H
 N551JW-CN097H   N551JK-CN112D  ROG G551JM Series
 ROG G551JK-DM042H  ROG GL771J Series   N551JK-CN220H
 ROG G771J Series  N551VW-FY273T   ROG G551JK Series
 N751JK-T4146H  ROG GL551VW-FY249T  N551JQ-DM035H
  G741JM-T4047H  G771JM-T4103H  ROG G771JW-T7076T
 N551JM-CN028H  ROG G771JM-T7084H  N751JK-T4150H
 ROG G771JW-T7051H  N551JM-CN123H  ROG G771JW-T7112H
 N751JK-T7119H   N551JQ-CN012D  N551JQ-DH71-CA
 N551JW-CN383T  N551JM-CN200H  N551JW-CN068H
 ROG G771JW-T7004T  ROG G771JW-T7191T   ROG G771JK Series
 N551JB-DN061T  ROG G771JM Series   ROG G771JW-T7188T
 ROG GL551JW-CN193T  ROG G771JW-T7227T  N551VW-FI073T
 ROG G771JM-T7029H   G771JM-T7058H  ROG GL551VW-DS71
 ROG G551JK-CN074H   ROG G771JM-T7009H  ROG G771JW-T7062H
 N751JX-T7198T  N751JX-T4091H  N551JM-CN201H
 G771JM-T7021H  N551JW-CN187H  N551JK-CN073H
 N551JK-CN263H  ROG G771JW-T7051T  G771JM-T7080H
 N751JK-T7121H  ROG G551JW-CN055H   ROG G771JM-T7088H
 N551ZU-DM022H   N551JK-CN079H  N751JK-T7064H
 ROG G551JM-CN104H   ROG G551VW-FW150T  N551JW-CN092T
 N551JQ-CN045H  N751JK-T7042H   ROG G551JW-CN098H
 ROG GL551VW-DS51  G551VW-FW280T  N551JQ-DM046H
 N551JX-DM193H  N551VW-FY154T  N551VW-FY219T
 N551JX-CN157T  N751JX-T4041T  N551JX-CN328H
 G771JM-T7067H  ROG G551JW-CN274D  N551JK-XO
 ROG G771JW-T7029H  N551JX-CN086H   N751JK-T4222H
 ROG G771JW-T7009H  N751JK-T7098H  N751JX-T7194T
 N551JK-CN164H  N551JK-CN158H  N751JK-T7063H
 G58ZU  G551JW-CN105H  N751JX-T4023H
 N551JQ-XO  N751JX-T7215T  ROG G551JM-DM079H
 ROG G771JW-T7225T  ROG GL551VW-FY250T  N551VW-FW258T
 ROG G771JW-T7235T  G58JQ   N551JB-CN049T
 N751JK-T4151H   N551VW-FY195T  N551JQ-CN050H
  ROG G551JW-CN167H  N551JB-CN103T  ROG G551JM-CN109H
 N751JK-T7102H  N551VW-FW254D  N551JQ-DM038H
 G771JM-T7063H  N551JQ-DM042H  N551JW-CN317H
 ROG G771JW-T7001H   N751JX-T4092H  N551JK-CN211H
 ROG G551JW-DM150H  R555ZU-DM035H  N551JW-CN002D
 ROG G551JW-DM308H  ROG G771JW-T7223T  N551JQ-DM
 ROG G551VW-FY315T   N551JB-CN072T  N751JX-T4041H
 N751JK-T4218H  ROG G771JW-T7063H  ROG G771JM-T7019H
 ROG G771JM-T7031D  ROG GL551JM-CN212H  N551JM-CN098H
 551JK  N551JX-CN311T  N551VW-FW119T
 G771JW-T7056H  N551JM-CN107H  G771JM-T7025D
 ROG G771JW-T7051D  ROG G771JW-T7117D  ROG GL551JW-CN192T
 ROG GL551JW-CN194T  G771JM-T7053H  N751JK-T4168H
 ROG G771JW-T7004H  N551JK-CN047H  N551JX-CN176H
  ROG G551JM-CN149H  N551JX-CN085H   ROG G551JM-CN183H
 N551VW-FW210T   G551JW-CN009D  G551JW-CN109H
 ROG G771JM-T7075H  GL771JM-T7130H  N551VW-FY204T
 GL771JW-DS71   G771JM-T7022H   N551JM-CN007H
 GL771JM-T7093H   ROG G771JM-T7069H  GL771JM-T7143H
 G771JM-T7043D  N551JM-CN142H  N751JX-T7096H
 ROG G551JM-CN208H  N751JX-T4056T  N551VW-FI260T
  G771JM-T7018H  N751JX-T7219T  N551JB-CN030H
 g741jm-t4046h  GL771JM-T4034H  N551VW-CN003T
 ROG G551VW-FI052T  ROG G551JM-CN247H  N751JK-T4086H
 N551JW-CN212D  ROG G551VW-F2T1T  N551JM-CN099H
 ROG G551VW-F5SKR  N551JK-CN170H  ROG G551VW-F5S1T
 N751JX-T4061H  ROG G551VW-F1TKR  N551JX-CN191H
 G771JM-T7031H  N751JK-T4205H  N551JQ-CN073H
 ROG G771JW-T7197T-BE   GL771JM-T7128H  N751JW-1DT7
 G771JM-T7068H  N551JW-CN202H  ROG G771JM-T7106H
 ROG G58JM4710  N551JM-CN232D  ROG G771JW-T7057H
 N551VW-CN081T  N751JK-T7247H  N551JQ-CN029D
 N551JX-CN082H  N551JB-DM018H  N551JK-CN016H
 N551JX-CN272T  N551JX-CN096H  ROG G551JW-CN109H
  N551JM-DM  N550JK-CN244H  N551JK-DM143H
 N551JM-CN095H   ROG G551JW-DS71-CA  N751JK-T7245H
 G771JM-T7061H  ROG G58JW4720  N551JW-CN092H
 GL771JM-T7129H  N551JM-CN135H  ROG G551VW-FW074T
 G551JW-DM022H   ROG G58VW6700  N551JW-CN093H
 N751JX-T4131T   N551JQ-CN070H  N751JK-T7052H
 N551JX-CN292T  ROG G551JW-DM379T  ROG G551JW-CN045H
 N751JK-T7085P  ROG GL551JW-CN195T  N551JW-CN357T
  ROG G58JW4200  ROG G551JW-CN107D  N751JK-T4201H
 N551JB-DM055H  N551JW-CN096H  N551JX-CN274H
 ROG G551VW-FW170T  N751JX-T7024H  ROG G551JK-CN160H
 ROG G551JM-CN108D  ROG G58JM4720  ROG G58JM4200
 N551JX-DM153D  ROG G551VW-FI075T  N551VW-FY286T
 ROG G551VW-FW169T  N551JQ-DM043H  N551JM-DM157H
 N551VW-CN125T  N551JW-CN316H  ROG G551JW-DM021H
 ROG G771JM-T7  N751JK-T4171H  ROG GL551VW-FY
 N751JK-T7234H   N751JX-T7169T  N551JM-CN040H
 N751JK-T7081H  N551JX-DM230H  N751JK-T4055D
 N751JX-T7060H  N751JX-T7199T  ROG G551VW-FW278D
  N551JM-CN089D   N551JB-CN083T  N551JB-DM101T
 N551JB-CN109T  N551JW-CN149H  N551JX-CN098H
 N551JB-DN061H  ROG G551JM-CN  N551JW-CN218H
 ROG G551VW-FW  R555JK-DM161H  N751JM-T4096D
 N751JK-T7070H  N551JX-CN075H  N551JQ-XO076H
 N751JX-T7100H  gl551jw-cn085h  ROG G551VW-FW103T
 N551JX-CN045H  ROG G551JM-CN155H  ROG G551JM-CN061H
  N751JM-T4097H  ROG G551JM-CN151H  N751JM-T4095D
 N551JB-CN060P  ROG G551JM-CN137H  K501LX-DM074H
 ROG G551VW-FW106D  ROG G551JM-DM  N751JX-T4027P
 ROG G551JW-CN247H  N551JW-CN373  N551JX-CN315T
 N751JX-T4143D   ROG G771JW-BSI7N04  N551VW-FI331T
 N551JQ-CN048H  N551JX-CN068H  N551JX-CN122H
 N551JX-CN199H  N551JX-CN138H   ROG G771JM-QH71-CB
 N551JX-DM184H   N551JK-CN104D  N551JB-DM100T
 ROG G551JW-DM017H  ROG GL551JW-DM366T  ROG G551JW-CN342T
 N55JX-CN037   ROG GL551VW-FY313T  N551JW-CN067D
  N551JK-CN034H  N751JX-T7103H   ROG G551VW-FY180D
 N551JQ-XO027H  N751JK-T7190H  ROG G551JW-CN339T
 ROG G741JW-T7153T  ROG G551JK-DM  N751JX-T7119D
 ROG G551JM-CN160H  R555JK-CN273H   N551JB-CN056H
  ROG G551VW-CN090   N751JK-T7208H  R555JK-CN181H
 ROG G551JW-CN  R555JQ-XO015D  ROG G551JX-DM
 N551VW-FW216T  N551JW-CN062D  N551JB-DM047H
 ROG GL551VW-FW135T  N751JK-T422H  N551JQ-CN065H
 N751JX-T7161T  N551JB-XO014D  N551VW-FI082T
 ROG GL771JM-T7098H   ROG GL551JK-DM042H   ROG G551JX-DM078H
 N551JK-CN198H  ROG G551JW-DM  N551JB-DM115T
 N551JX-DM258T  N551JW-DM349T   N551JK-CN103D
 ROG G551JK-CN   N551JX-DM270T  N551VW-FW140T
 ROG G551JX-CN  N551JX-DM184T  ROG G551JW-CN043H
 N751JX-T7197T  ROG G551JM-CN068H  ROG G771JW-T7140H
  N551JX-DM363T  ROG G551VW-F2S1T  N551JX-CN095H
 N751JX-T7017H  ROG G551JW-CN050H  ROG G551JW-CN098D
 ROG G551VW-FI  N551VW-CN110T  ROG G771JM-BSI7N02
 ROG G551JW-CN160H  N551JB-DM025H  N551JX-CN349T
 N551JX-CN081H  N551JX-CN289H  N751JX-T7038D
 ROG G551VW-FW115T  ROG G551VW-F1T1T  ROG G551JW-DM305T
 ROG G551JW-DM235H  ROG G551JW-CN047H  ROG G771JW-T7070D
 N751JX-T7233D  ROG G551JW-CN115H  N551JX-CN044H
 N551JB-CN057T   ROG G551JW-CN198D   N551JW-CN106D
 ROG G551VW-F2TKR  ROG G551VW-FW290D  N551JX-DM104H
 N751JX-T4120H   N551JM-DM194D  N751JX-T4180T
 N551JM-DM056D  N551JM-CN093  N551VW-CN89T
 N551JX-CN341T  N751JX-T7080H  ROG G771JW-T7048H
 N751JX-T7006D  N551JK-CN163H  ROG GL771JW-DH71-CA
 N551JW-CN058D  ROG G771JW-T7128H  N551JX-CN235H
 N551JB-XO127D  N551JX-DM362T  N551VW-FW104T
 ROG G551JW-DM016H  ROG G771JW-T7028H  ROG G551JW-DS71CA
 ROG G771JM-T7062H   N551JQ-CN037K  ROG G771JW-T7174D
 ROG G771JW-T7140D  ROG G771JW-T7088H   N551JX-CN202H
 N751JX-T4180H  ROG G551JW-CN336  ROG GL771JW-T7083H
 ROG G551JX-DM321D  N551JK-CN114H  N751JX-T7174T
 N551JX-CN170H  N551JK-CN170P  ROG G551JW-CN265T
 N551JK-CN113H  ROG G551JW-CN246H  N551JX-CN167H
 ROG G551JW-DM331T  ROG G551JW-CN037H  ROG G771JW-T7116H
 ROG GL771JW-T7082T  ROG G551JW-CN023  N551JM-DM126H
 ROG G771JM-009H  N551JX-CN046H  ROG G551VW-FY321
 ROG G551VW-F  N551JK-CN188H  N551JX-CN291H
 N751JX-T7078P  N751JX-T7159H  ROG G551JK-CN210H
 N551JX-CN290H  N551JX-DM066T  N551JX-CN031H
 ROG G551JX-DM217H  ROG G771JW-T7161H   ROG GL771JW-T7080T
 ROG G551JM-CN162H  ROG G551JK-CN271H  ROG G551JM-CN111H
 N551JK-CN067D  ROG G771JW-T7179T  ROG G551JX-CN267D
 N551JK-DM025H  ROG G551VW-CN010D  ROG G551JX-DM128H
 ROG G551VW-FW106T  ROG G551VW-FI137T  ROG G771JW-T709H
 ROG G551VW-FW278T  ROG G551JK-DM142H  ROG G741JM-17FHD
 N751JX-T7201T  ROG GL771JW-T1433H  ROG GL551JK-CN160H
 ROG G551VW-FY246T  ROG GL771JW-T7063H  ROG G771JW-DH71
 ROG GL551JK-CN074H  ROG G551JW-DM324T  ROG GL551JK-DM059D
 ROG GL551JK-DM053H  ROG G551JW-CM164H  ROG G741JM-T7105H
  ROG GL551JK-CN101H  ROG GL551JK-CN100H  ROG GL551JK-CN122H
  ROG G551JW-DM384T  ROG GL771JW-T7047H  ROG G741JM-T7033H
 ROG G771JM-T7025H  G551JM-CN068H  ROG G551JW-CN099H
 ROG G741JW-T7151H  ROG G551JK-DM087H  ROG GL551JW-DM410T
 ROG G551JX-DM164H  ROG GL771JW-T7170T   ROG G551JX-DM178H
 ROG GL771JW-T7083T  N751JK-T7236H   ROG G551JK-DM172H
 ROG G551JM-CN133H  N751JK-T7085H   ROG G551JW-DM138H
 N751JK-T7165H  ROG G551JW-DM245H   ROG G551JX-CN030
  ROG G771JM-T7067H  ROG G551JK-CN144H  ROG G551JM-DH71-CA
 ROG G551JX-CN189D  ROG GL771JM-T7130H  ROG G551JW-CN009D
 N751JK-T7235H   ROG GL771JW-TS71   G771JK
 ROG G551JM-DM057D  ROG G741JM-T4045H  ROG G551VW-FW184T
 ROG G551JW-CN080H  ROG G741JW-T7172T  R555JB-DM067H
 ROG GL551JW-XO376T  ROG G551JW-DM221T  ROG GL771JW-T7046H
  ROG G551JX-DM142H  ROG GL771JW-T7081T  N751JK-T4228D
 ROG G551JK-DM053H  ROG G551JK-DM319H  ROG G551JM-CN121H
 ROG G551JW-CN344D  ROG G58JM   N751JK-T7130H
 ROG G771JM-T7022H  N751JK-T4226D  ROG G771JM-T7061H
 ROG G551JW-CN105H  ROG G551JK-CN101H  ROG GL551JK-CN235H
 ROG G551JX-CN049D  ROG G551JX-DM320T  ROG GL771JM-T7128H
 ROG G551JW-CN319H  ROG GL551JM  N751JK-T7255H
 ROG G551VW-FI179D  ROG G551JM-CN128H  ROG G741JM-T4056H
 N751JX-T7200T  ROG GL551JM-EH74  ROG G551JW-DM222H
  R555JB-XO010D  ROG GL551JW-WH71  ROG G551JW-DM349T
 ROG GL551JK-CN307H  ROG G551JX-DM143D  ROG GL771JW-T7080H
 N751JK-T7080H  ROG G551JK-CN302H  ROG G551JM-CN013D
  ROG G551JW-CN214D  N751JK-T7129H  ROG G771JM-T7018H
  ROG G551JW-CN073H   ROG G741JW-T7105H  N751JK-T4161H
 ROG G771JM-T7053H   G551JM-CN109H  ROG G551VW-FW148T
 ROG G551JW-CN168H  ROG G551JK-CN012H  ROG GL551JK-EH71
 ROG G551JX-DM344T  ROG G551JX-DM218H  ROG GL771JM-T4034H
 ROG GL551JX  N751JK-T7259H  ROG G551JK-DM236H
 ROG G551JM-CN251H   ROG G741JM-T4131H  ROG GL551JM-DH71
 ROG G551JW-DM158H  ROG G551JK  ROG GL551JX-DM336T
 ROG G551JW-DM330T  ROG G771JW-T7056H  ROG G551JX-CN144H
  G551VW  N751JX-T7070H  N751JK-T7229H
 ROG G551JK-CN269H  ROG G551JM-CN075H   ROG G551JW-CN277D
  ROG G771JM  N751JK-T7128H  ROG G771JM-T4039D
 ROG G551JM-DM197H  ROG G741JW-T7100H   ROG G771JM-T7031H
 G551  ROG G551VW-FI233T  ROG G551JW-CN161H
 ROG G741JW-T7109H  ROG G551JK-CN010D  ROG GL551JM-FH71
 ROG G551JX-DM171H  ROG G551JX-DM198H  ROG GL771JW-T7098H
  N751JK-T7043H  ROG G551JK-DM203H   ROG G551JM-CN148H
  ROG G741JM-T4047H  ROG G551JW-DM139H  N751JK-T4160H
  ROG G551JW-DM279T  ROG G551JX-CN088D   ROG G771JM-T7068H
 N751JX-T7038H  R555JX-XO124D  ROG G551JK-CN162H
 ROG G551JM-CN060H  ROG G551JX-CN359D  ROG GL771JM-T7143H
 ROG G551JW-CN099D  N751JK-T4125H  ROG G551JM-DM053H
  ROG G741JW-T7101H  G551JM-CN061H  ROG G551VW-FW276D
 ROG G551JW-CN049H  ROG G741JW-T7171T  ROG GL551JW-D571
 ROG G551JX-DM036H  ROG GL771JW-T7125T  ROG G551JX-DM143H
  ROG G741JW  ROG GL771JW-T7082H  N751JK-T4250H
 ROG G551JX-CN047H  ROG G551JM-CN105H   N751JK-T7118H
  ROG G551JW-DM022H  ROG G771JM-T7025D  ROG G551JW-DM221H
 ROG G551JX-CN029  ROG G771JM-T7063H   N751JX-T7019H
  ROG G551JK-CN122H   ROG GL551JK-CN234H   ROG G551JX-CN129D
  G551 Series  ROG G551JX-ES71  ROG GL771JM-T7129H
 ROG G551JW-CN053H  ROG GL551JK  N751JK-T7246
  ROG GL771JW-T7143H  ROG G551JM-DM052H  ROG G741JM-T4046H
 ROG G741JW-T7154H  R555JB-XO009D  ROG GL551JW-AH71
 ROG G551JW-DM282T  ROG GL551JK-CN308H  ROG G551JX-DM057H
 ROG GL551JW-DS71  ROG GL771JW-T7081H  N751JX-T7034H
 ROG G551JK-DM059D  ROG G551JM-CN102H  ROG G551JW-CN319D
 ROG G771JM-T7021H  ROG G551JW-CN081H  N751JK-T7195P
 ROG G771JM-T7058H  ROG G551VW-FW149T  ROG G551JW-CN122H
 ROG G551JK-CN100H  ROG GL551JK-CN126H  ROG G551JX-DM351T
 ROG G551JX-DM301T  ROG GL771JM-T7093H  ROG G551JW-CN178H
  ROG GL551JW  N751JK-T7256H  ROG G551VW-FI157T
 ROG G551JM-CN166H  ROG G741JM-T4066H  ROG GL551JM-EH71
 ROG G551JW-DM272H  R555JB-DM118T  ROG GL551JW-DS74
 ROG G551JW-DM364T  ROG G771JW-T7161T  ROG G551JX-DM142D
  ROG GL771JW  N751JK-T7100H  ROG G551JK-CN280D
 ROG G551JM-CN074H   ROG G551JW-CN215D  ROG G771JM-T4103H
 ROG G551JM-DM118H  N751JK-T7177H  ROG G771JM-T7043D
 ROG G551VW-FW107T   ROG G551JW-CN180H  ROG G551JK-CN011D
 ROG GL551JK-CN128H   ROG G551JX-DM343T  ROG G551JX-DM198T
 ROG GL771JM  ROG G551JM  N751JK-T7238H
 ROG GL771JW-T7070D  ROG G551JK-DM204H  ROG G551JM-CN140H
 ROG G741JM-T4033H  ROG G551JW-DM164H  ROG GL551JX-ES71
 ROG G551JW-DM312T   ROG G551JX-CN088H  ROG G771JM-T7080H
 ROG G551VW-FY212T  R555VW   ROG G551JK-CN174H
 ROG G551JM-CN082H  ROG GL551JW-CN085H   ROG G551JW-CN063D
 ROG G771JW   ROG GL771JM-T7127H  N551JK-CN200H
 G771  ROG G551JM-DM169H  ROG G741JW-T7130H


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

External Battery

Laptops Batteries



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