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TOSHIBA PA5212U-1BRS – 4 Cell PA5212U-1BRS Original Laptop Notebook Battery

2,999 GST Included

  • 100% Genuine Original TOSHIBA Product
  • Specifications : 4 Cell Li-Ion Battery
  • Rating :  14.8V 45Wh
  • Six Months India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be PA5212U-1BRS. TOSHIBA Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number

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Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted laptop battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like TOSHIBA , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This laptop battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with  Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support)

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Toswhiba Original
Specifications 14.8V 45Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Cell 4 Cell
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No PA5212U-1BRS
Warranty One Year India Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )

Compatible Part Numbers

PA5212U-1BRS  PA5265U-1BRS  PABAS289
 PA5247U-1BRS  PABAS287  PABAS283
 PABAS286  PA5291U-1BRS  P000621760
 P000697540  G71C000JM110  P000697580
 P000659100   P000664910  P000731930
 P000748330  P000779500  G71C000JM510

Fit Laptop Models

 Tecra A50  Satellite Pro R50  Tecra A50-E-1Z3
  Tecra A40  Satellite Pro A50  Satellite Pro C50
 Satellite Pro R50-B   Tecra A50-C  Satellite Pro A50-C
 Portege A30T-C  Tecra C50  Satellite Pro R50-C
 Portege A30-C  Tecra A40-C  TECRA A50-EC-1DC
 Satellite Pro A40  TECRA A50-EC-18T  TECRA A50-EC-10X
 Satellite Pro A40-D  Tecra A40-D-17R  TECRA A50-EC
 Tecra A40-D-125  Tecra Z50-C  Tecra A40-D
 Tecra C50-E  Satellite Pro A30  Tecra A50-E
 Tecra C50-D  Satellite Pro R50-C-15P  Satellite Pro R50-B-109
 Tecra A50-D  Satellite Pro R50-B-12P   Satellite Pro A50-E
 Portege R30-C  Satellite Pro A50-D  Tecra A40-D-11N
 Tecra Z50-C-10P  Satellite Pro A40-C  Tecra A40-D-17E
 Tecra C40  Portege A30-D  Satellite Pro R40
 Satellite Pro R50-B-11C   Satellite Pro R50-C-16V  Tecra Z50-E
 TECRA A50-EC-11E  TECRA A50-EC-116   Satellite Pro R50-C-10W
 Tecra C50-B  Satellite Pro R40-C  Satellite Pro A30-C
  Satellite Pro A50-C-100  Satellite Pro A40-C-13R  Satellite Pro R50-B-12Q
  Tecra Z50-C-114  Tecra C50-B1500  Satellite Pro R50-B-10D
 Satellite Pro R50-B-14F  Satellite Pro R50-B-10H  Tecra A40-C-17C
 Satellite Pro R50-B-10T   Tecra A40-D-12P  Tecra A50-C-16K
  Satellite Pro R50-B-01R  Satellite Pro R50-B-12R  Satellite Pro R50-C-008
 Satellite Pro R50-B-119  Tecra C40-D-00D  Satellite Pro R50-B-122
 Satellite Pro R50-B-169  Portege A30-C-14R  Satellite Pro R50-B-154
  Satellite Pro R50-B-10J  Tecra A50-C-1G0  Satellite Pro R50-B-10U
 Portege A30-C-1C4  Satellite Pro R50-B-11L  Tecra A50-D-11M
 Satellite Pro A50-C-256  Satellite Pro r50-B-120  Tecra A40-C-14V
 Portege A30-C-19H  Portege A30-C-13D  Portege A30-C-19D
 Tecra A40-C-13Z  Satellite Pro A30-D  Portege A30-C-14J
 Tecra C50-C1500  Portege A30-C-13E  Satellite Pro R50-B-12H
  Satellite Pro A50-D-10X  Tecra Z50-C-113  Portege A30-C-14P
 Satellite Pro A50-C-24C  Portege A30-C-13R  Satellite Pro R50-B-10E
  Tecra C50-C1502  Portege A30T-C1340  Portege A30-C-13U
 Satellite Pro R50-B-10L  Portege A30-C-14X  Portege A30-C-14U
 Portege A30-C-1D9  Tecra A50-C-179  Portege A30-C-13Z
 Portege R30-C-00F  Portege A30-C-16C  Tecra A50-D-10X
 Portege A30-C-149  Tecra A50-D-13U   Satellite Pro R50-C-100
 Portege A30-C-180  Portege A30-C-14V   Portege A30-C-13T
 Portege A30-C-113  Tecra Z50-D  Tecra A40-C-18R
 Tecra A50-C-1NH  Satellite Pro R50-B-10R  Tecra A50-C-1ZU
 Portege A30-C-14C  Satellite Pro R40-C-132  Portege A30-C-158
 Tecra Z50-C-12D  Portege A30-C-155  Tecra A50-C-2R9
  Portege A30-C1340  Portege A30-C-14D  Satellite Pro A40-C-1D8
 Satellite Pro A40-C-152  Portege A30-C-15K  Tecra C50-D-020
 Satellite Pro A40-C-1D9  Portege A30T-C-11U  Portege A30T-C-11T
 Satellite Pro A30T-C-111  Tecra C50-B1503  Tecra A50-C-2GG
  Portege A30-C-16U  Tecra A50-C-1XC  Satellite Pro R50-C-114
 Portege A30-C-18K  Tecra A50-C-20F   Tecra A50-C-205
 Satellite Pro A50-D-14X  Tecra A50-C-2F5  Portege A30-C-198
 Portege A30-C-13N  Portege A30-C-19C  Tecra A50-C-2D2
 Portege A30-C-160  Satellite Pro A40-C-18T  Tecra A50-C-20H
 Satellite Pro A40-C-183  Portege A30-C-159  Portege A30-C-13H
 Tecra A50-D-11D  Satellite Pro A40-C-1DW  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GR
 Satellite Pro R50-B-11F  Satellite Pro A30-D-14F  Tecra A40-C-18D
 Portege A30-C-1CK  Tecra A50-C-17C  Satellite Pro A40-C-15F
 Satellite Pro R50-B-113  Portege A30-C-18H  Satellite Pro A50-C-151
 Portege A30-C-16X  Tecra A40-C-169  Satellite Pro A40-C-13U
 Satellite Pro A50-C-11C  Portege A30-C-161  Satellite Pro R50-C-15W
 Tecra A50-C-1GE  Tecra A40-C-190  Satellite Pro R50-B-15J
 Tecra Z50-C-11C   Tecra C50-D-023   Tecra C50-D-029
 Satellite Pro R50-C-17C  Tecra A50-C-16E  Satellite Pro A50-C-169
 Tecra Z50-C-115  Tecra A50-C-19L   Tecra A50-C-16F
 Tecra A40-C-14U   Satellite Pro A50-C-10E  Tecra Z50-C-139
 Portege A30-D1300ED  Satellite Pro R50-B-159  Tecra C50-D1512
 Satellite Pro A50-C-131   Satellite Pro R50-C-179  Tecra A50-C1510W10
 Tecra Z50-C-11F  Tecra A50-C-16J  Satellite Pro A50-C-10G
 Tecra C40-C1430  Satellite Pro R50-C-151  Tecra A50-C-16H
 Satellite Pro R50-B-150  Tecra Z50-C-151   Satellite Pro R50-B-186
  Satellite Pro R50-C-10X  Satellite Pro A50-C-111  Tecra A50-C-16L
 Tecra Z50-C-10R  Tecra Z50-C-140  TECRA PS57BA-00X007
 Tecra C50-B-14Z  Tecra Z50-C-138  Tecra A50-C-16G
 Satellite Pro A50-C-14Z  Satellite Pro A50-C-1NG  Satellite Pro A50-C-1G9
 Tecra A50-C-1H7  Satellite Pro A50-E-115  Tecra A50-D-01D
 Satellite Pro R50-B-12Z  Satellite Pro A50-C-13R  Satellite Pro R50-C-103
 Satellite Pro R50-B-118  Satellite Pro A50-C-121  Tecra Z50-C-12Z
 Tecra Z50-C-130   Tecra A40-C-188  Satellite Pro R50-B-167
 Tecra A50-D-00S  Satellite Pro R50-B-161  Satellite Pro A50-C-18Q
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1GL  Satellite Pro R50-C-111  Satellite Pro A50-C-1G8
 Satellite Pro A40-C-13T  Satellite Pro A50-C-10H  Satellite Pro A50-C-1U1
 Satellite Pro R40-C-105  Satellite Pro A50-C-125  Satellite Pro R50-B-15G
 Tecra A50-C-1H9   Satellite Pro R50-C-00C  Satellite Pro A50-C-1MQ
  Tecra A50-D-041  Tecra Z50-C-11W  Tecra A50-C-1GG
 Satellite Pro A50-D-12U  Satellite Pro R50-B-156  Satellite Pro A40-C-150
 Satellite Pro A50-C-16C  Satellite Pro R50-B-11E   Tecra Z50-C-10Q
 Satellite Pro A50-C-142  Tecra A50-C-1HC   Tecra A40-C-15X
 Satellite Pro R50-C-07P  Satellite Pro A50-C-14G   Satellite Pro A50-C-18T
 Tecra C50-B-159  Tecra Z50-C-12X  Satellite Pro R50-C-110
 Tecra A40-C-1C2  Tecra A40-C-19C  Tecra A50-C-16U
  Satellite Pro A50-C-1HF  Satellite Pro A50-D-124  Portege A30-D-10L
 Satellite Pro A50-C-21J  Tecra Z50-E-106  Satellite Pro A50-C-11F
 Tecra A40-C-142   Satellite Pro R50-C-02U  Satellite Pro R40-C-106
 Tecra Z50-C-13D  Satellite Pro A50-C-13V  Satellite Pro A50-C-1MW
 Satellite Pro R50-B-14P  Satellite Pro A40-C-110  Satellite Pro A40-C-10Q
 Portege A30-D-10R  Tecra A50-C-1FW  Tecra Z50-C-11J
 Tecra A50-C-201   TECRA A50-EC-10Z  Satellite Pro A50-D-17R
  Tecra A50-C-1UG  Satellite Pro A50-C-1MN  Satellite Pro A50-C-1LR
 Satellite Pro R50-C-15X  Portege A30-D-139   Tecra C50-C1501
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1MT  Satellite Pro A40-C-109  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GW
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1T6  Tecra A50-D1532  Satellite Pro A50-C-1Z8
 Satellite Pro A50-C-11M  Tecra Z50-C-150  Tecra A50-C-290
 Satellite Pro A50-C-129  Satellite Pro A50-D-14U  Satellite Pro R50-C-152
 Satellite Pro R50-C-1E8  Tecra A50-C-1H2  Satellite Pro A50-D-11G
 Satellite Pro A50-C-117   Satellite Pro A50-C-1MM  Satellite Pro A50-C-14D
 Satellite Pro A50-C-116   Satellite Pro A50-C-20X  Satellite Pro A50-C-14C
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1N1   Tecra A50-C-1W2  Tecra C50-B-14D
  Satellite Pro A50-C-1MU  Satellite Pro A50-C-15T  Satellite Pro A50-C-11T
 Tecra A50-C-218  Satellite Pro R50-C-14P  Tecra A50-C-1V0
 Satellite Pro A50-C-11H  Tecra A50-C-1G2  Satellite Pro R50-B-107
  Satellite Pro A50-C-1L4  Satellite Pro A50-C-1ZD  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GC
 Tecra A50-C-1QG  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GD  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GH
 Tecra A50-C-1KJ  Satellite Pro A50-C-1TQ  Satellite Pro A40-C-143
 Satellite Pro R40-C-103  Satellite Pro A30-D-161  Portege A30-D-114
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1VL  Tecra C50-B-122   Satellite Pro A50-D-14M
 Satellite Pro A50-C-10D  Satellite Pro A40-C-131  Satellite Pro A40-C-145
 Satellite Pro A30-C-1F3  Satellite Pro A50-C-1N0  Satellite Pro A50-C-13W
 Satellite Pro A30-C-182  Satellite Pro A50-C-12W   Satellite Pro A50-C-16D
 Satellite Pro R40-C-110   Satellite Pro A50-C-10J  Tecra Z50-C-14P
 Tecra A50-C-1H1   Satellite Pro A30-C-145  Satellite Pro A30-C-135
 Satellite Pro A50-C-15V  Satellite Pro A50-C-181  Tecra A50-C-1QK
 Satellite Pro A50-C-12X  Satellite Pro A50-D-172  Satellite Pro R50-C-104
 Satellite Pro R50-B-110  Satellite Pro R50-C-14X   Satellite Pro R50-C-12N
 Satellite Pro R50-C-150   Satellite Pro R50-B-12U  Tecra A40-C-14L
 Satellite Pro A50-C-13L  Satellite Pro A50-C-124  Satellite Pro A50-C-12H
 Satellite Pro A30-C-10R   Satellite Pro A40-C-11W  Tecra A50-C-1T7
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1RV  Tecra Z50-E-10T   Tecra A50-C-1U2
  Satellite Pro R50-B-158  Tecra A50-C-1K0  Satellite Pro A50-D-14P
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1ND  Satellite Pro A50-C-1ML  Satellite Pro A50-C-19D
 Satellite Pro R50-C-134  Tecra A50-C-1HD  Satellite Pro A50-C-1JH
  Satellite Pro A50-C-1TP   Satellite Pro A50-C-18X  Satellite Pro R50-B-114
  Tecra A40-C-147   Tecra C50-B-118  Tecra A50-C-1DP
 Satellite Pro A50-C-18V   Satellite Pro A50-C-17X   Tecra A50-C-1KC
 Tecra A50-C-1KE  Satellite Pro A50-C-1MR   Tecra Z50-C-14Z
 Tecra A50-C-1G1  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GN  Tecra A50-C-17E
 Satellite Pro A50-D-14N  Satellite Pro A50-C-1JJ   Tecra A50-C-1MV
 Tecra A50-C-1P7  Satellite Pro A30-C-11G  Satellite Pro A50-C-21M
 Satellite Pro A50-C-206  Satellite Pro A50-C-16T  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GP
 Satellite Pro R50-B-155  Satellite Pro R50-B-10Z  Satellite Pro R50-B-15Z
 Satellite Pro A50-C-13P  Satellite Pro R50-C-10Z  Satellite Pro A30-D-14H
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1L2   Tecra A50-C-1RL   Satellite Pro R50-B-112
 Satellite Pro A50-D-16E  Satellite Pro A30-C-10G  Satellite Pro A40-C-154
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1L3  Satellite Pro R40-C-13V  Satellite Pro A50-C-14H
 Satellite Pro A50-D-1CG  Satellite Pro A50-C-191  Tecra C40-C1401
 Satellite Pro A50-C-12C  Satellite Pro A50-C-1L1   Tecra A50-C-1K6
 Satellite Pro A50-C-19R  Satellite Pro A50-C-146  Satellite Pro A50-C-13H
 Satellite Pro A50-D-19F  Satellite Pro A50-C-1PR  Satellite Pro A50-D-191
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1GM  Satellite Pro A50-D-193  Satellite Pro A50-C-15C
 Satellite Pro A50-C-13N  Satellite Pro R50-B-12X  Satellite Pro R50-C-12E
  Tecra A50-C-1TU  Tecra A50-E-11F  Satellite Pro A50-C-10F
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1V9  Satellite Pro A50-D-19D   Tecra C40-D1412
 Satellite Pro A50-C-147  Satellite Pro A50-C-205   Tecra A40-C-1KF
  Tecra A40-C-1HT  Satellite Pro R50-B-10K  Satellite Pro R50-C-11M
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1L9  Satellite Pro A50-C-1FC  Satellite Pro A50-C-17N
 Tecra C50-C1510  Satellite Pro A50-C-1JK  Satellite Pro A50-E-110
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1JC   Satellite Pro R50-C-11E  Satellite Pro A50-C-1TN
 Satellite Pro A50-C-1L5   Tecra Z50-C-10M  Tecra A50-E-13J
 Satellite Pro R50-B-143  Satellite Pro A50-C-1L6  Satellite Pro A30-D-10R
 Tecra A50-C-1UF  Satellite Pro A30-C-130  Satellite Pro R50-B-10G
 Satellite Pro R50-B-12V  Satellite Pro A50-C-204   Satellite Pro R50-C-13R
  Tecra Z50-C1550   Satellite Pro R50-C-122  Satellite Pro A50-C-118
 Satellite Pro A30-C-10T  Satellite Pro A50-C-1GU  Satellite Pro A50-C-1XZ
 Satellite Pro R50-C-14V  Satellite Pro A50-C-207  Satellite Pro R50-B-10V
 Satellite Pro R50-C-138  Satellite Pro R50-C-11W  Satellite Pro A50-C-13M
 Satellite Pro A30-D-125   Tecra C40-0ND03K  Satellite Pro R50-C-13D
 Portege A30-C-1HF   Satellite Pro A50-C-12P   Satellite Pro R50-B-12W
 Tecra Z50-C-13C  Tecra A50-E-110  Satellite Pro A50-C-19P
 Portege A30T-C1300ED  Satellite Pro A50-D-1C1  Satellite Pro R50-C-135
  Satellite Pro R50-C-11P  Satellite Pro A30-C-19E  Satellite Pro R50-C-11J
  Satellite Pro A50-C-1VM  Satellite Pro A30-C-10U  Tecra A40-C-151
 Tecra A40-C-155   Satellite Pro A50-C-1NC   Satellite Pro A50-C-1HG
 Tecra A40-C-187  Satellite Pro A50-D-11F  Satellite Pro A30-D-11E
 Satellite Pro A50-D-12Z  Satellite Pro R50-C-12P  Satellite Pro R50-C-10F
 Satellite Pro R50-C-14N  Satellite Pro A50-C-14E  Satellite Pro A50-D-19V
 Tecra A50-C-219  Satellite Pro R40-C-11C  Satellite Pro R40-C-10W
 Tecra A50-C-217  Satellite Pro R50-B-12N  Satellite Pro A30-C-17X
 Tecra Z50-C-12N  Satellite Pro A50-C-1LJ  Satellite Pro A50-D-149
 Tecra a50-e-133  Satellite Pro R50-C-116  Satellite Pro R50-B-11U
 Satellite Pro A50-E-1DJ  Satellite Pro A50-D-14Z  Tecra Z50-D-11Q
 Satellite Pro A50-D-10H  Tecra A40-C-19D  Satellite Pro R50-C-115
 Satellite Pro A50-C-20C   Satellite Pro R50-C-121  Satellite Pro R50-B-14T
 Satellite Pro R40-C-10X   Tecra Z50-E-10R  Portege A30-D-10N
 Satellite Pro A50-D-16T  Satellite Pro R50-B-11Z   Satellite Pro A30-C-15C
 Satellite Pro R50-C-117  Satellite Pro R40-C-10Z  Satellite Pro A50-C-1HV
 Satellite Pro A30-C-1F1  Tecra Z50-E-11F  Satellite Pro A50-D-19T
  Tecra Z50-C-11P  TECRA A50-EC-11H  Tecra Z50-C-11E
 Satellite Pro A50-D-14L  Tecra A50-C PS56DC-00T001   Portege A30-D-14V
 Portege A30-C-1CZ  Portege A30-C-10H  Tecra A40-C-17J
 Satellite Pro A50-D-110  Satellite Pro R50-B-16T  Tecra A40-C-15M
 Tecra A40-C-18Q  Satellite Pro A30-C-10L  Tecra A40-C-17E
  Tecra A50-C-1K5   Tecra A50-C-1K1  Satellite Pro A30-D-10E
 Satellite Pro A50-C-23P  Satellite Pro A50-D-18K   Satellite Pro R50-B-153
 Tecra C50-B-12L  Tecra C50-E1516  Tecra A50-D-10M
 Satellite Pro A50-D-10V  Satellite Pro A30-C-1FZ  Satellite Pro A30-C-123
 Satellite Pro A50-C-028  Tecra A50-E-1V3  Satellite Pro R50-C-1DE
 Tecra A50-C-1TE  Satellite Pro R40-C-114  Tecra Z50-C-12W
  Satellite Pro R50-B-16V  Tecra A40-D-15W  Tecra A50-E-19H
 Tecra A50-C-1XD   Tecra Z50-E-116  Tecra A50-C-1ZW
 Satellite Pro R50-D-10R  Tecra A50-C PS579C-04H008  Tecra C40-D1400ED
 Satellite Pro R50-B-123  Tecra A40-D-BTO  Tecra A40-C-140
 Satellite Pro R50-C-1FT   Satellite Pro R50-B-170  Satellite Pro A50-D-12P
 Tecra Z50-C-11T  Satellite Pro A50-C-209  Tecra A40-C-17D
  Satellite Pro A50-D-10J  Satellite Pro R50-C-136   Tecra A40-C-1FX
 Tecra C50-C1503  Satellite Pro A50-C-135  Tecra A50-C PS57BC-00T006
 Tecra A40-C-19W  Portege A30-C-148  Tecra Z50-C-12F
 Tecra A50-C-1N4  Tecra C50-B-16L  Tecra C50-B-19W
  Satellite Pro A30-D-16M  Tecra C50-B0736  Tecra A40-C-19F
 Tecra A40-C-19E   Satellite Pro R50-B-01T  Tecra A50-D-1G2
 Satellite Pro R50-B-157  Tecra Z50-C-11H  Satellite Pro R50-B-132
 Tecra Z50-C-11V  Tecra A50-C-1U3  Satellite Pro R50-B-144
 Tecra A50-C-200  Satellite Pro A50-C-24W   Satellite Pro R50-C-185
 Tecra A50-C-1L7  Tecra A50-C-1Q5   Satellite Pro R50-C-14H
 Tecra A50-C-1RP   Satellite Pro R40-C-111  Tecra Z50-C-15M
 Satellite Pro A50-D-131  Tecra A50-C-1TT   Satellite Pro A40-D-10V
 Tecra A50-C-19M  Tecra A50-C-1GF  Tecra A40-C-18E
 Tecra C40-C1410  Tecra A50-C-1P3   Satellite Pro R50-B-116
 Tecra A40-D-147  Tecra A40-D-10R  Satellite Pro R50-C-107
 Satellite Pro R50-C-11X   Satellite Pro R50-01T  Portege A30-D-10E
 Tecra A50-C-1QH  Portege A30-C-1DP  Tecra Z50-C-15P
 Tecra A50-C-1Q0  Satellite Pro A50-C-126  Tecra Z50-C-12T
 Satellite Pro A50-D-13Q   Tecra C40-D-00E  Satellite Pro A50-C-136
 TECRA A50-EC-16T   Satellite Pro A50-C-208  Tecra A50-D-BTO
 Tecra Z50-D-111  Tecra A50-C PS569C-02T006  Satellite Pro R50-C-14C
  Tecra C50-C1513  Satellite Pro A40-C-108   Tecra A50-E-1UT
 Satellite Pro R50-C-13K   Satellite Pro A50-C-2EM  Tecra A50-C-1LN
 Satellite Pro A50-C-27F  Tecra A50-C-1XQ  Satellite Pro A50-C-29H
 Tecra A40-C-1DF  Tecra A50-C-1N2  Satellite Pro R50-C-143
 Tecra A50-C-1ZT   Tecra A50-C-1ZZ  Portege A30-C-1HE
 Tecra A50-D-12D  Tecra A50-C-1W8  Tecra A50-E-1V4
 Satellite Pro R50-C-16U   TECRA A50-EC-156  Satellite Pro A50-C-119
 Satellite Pro R40-C-131   Satellite Pro R40-C-112  Tecra A50-D-12Q
 Satellite Pro A40-C-14T  Satellite Pro R50-D-10E  TECRA A50-EC-11R
 Satellite Pro R50-C-12T  Tecra A50-C-1WP  Tecra Z50-C-12M
 Satellite Pro A30-D-GR2  Tecra Z50-C-14N  Tecra A50-C-29W
 Satellite Pro A50-D-11C  Tecra A50-C-1W5  Satellite Pro R50-C-14J
 Portege A30-D-10C  Portege A30-C-1DT  Satellite Pro A50-C-18P
 Tecra Z50-C-12J  Satellite Pro R50-C-174  Tecra A50-C-21C
 Satellite Pro A50-D-10Z  Tecra A50-C-21G  Satellite Pro R40-C-10R
 Portege A30-C-1D7  Tecra A50-C-1ZV  Portege A30-D-125
  Satellite Pro A50-D-119   Satellite Pro A50-C-22C   Satellite Pro R50-C-175
 Tecra A50-D-1J4  Satellite Pro R40-C-10U  Tecra A40-D-126
 Satellite Pro R40-C-130  Satellite Pro A50-D-130  Satellite Pro R50-C-101
 TECRA A50-EC-10D  Tecra A50-EC1525  Tecra A50-C PS56DC-00G001
 Satellite Pro R40-C-11L  TECRA A50-EC-11D   Tecra A40-C-141
 Tecra C50-e-0c4  Satellite Pro R50-C-11R  Satellite Pro R50-C-12Q
 Tecra A40-C-1DM  Satellite Pro A50-C-26Q   Tecra A50-C PS56DC-00F001
 TECRA PS579A-03G00X  SATELLITE PRO A50-D-150  Tecra A50-C PS56DC-00U001
 Tecra A50-C PS56HC-00J00C  Tecra A40-D-1F2  Tecra A50-C-1ZR
 Tecra A50-C-23T  Satellite Pro R50-C-12R   Satellite Pro A50-E-1F5
 Tecra A40-D-12N   Satellite Pro A50-C-2P5  Portege R30-C-00J
 Portege C40-D1412  Tecra C50-B1520   Satellite Pro A50-C-21U
 Tecra A40-D-19U  Tecra A50-C-21E   Tecra A50-C PS57BC-01W006
 Satellite Pro A30-C-11L  Tecra C50-C1511  TECRA A50-EC-186
 Tecra A40-D-1EL  Tecra A50-C PS57BC-01X006  Portege A30-C-1CX
 Tecra C50-E-0C5  TECRA A50-EC-144  Satellite Pro R50-C-118
 Satellite Pro R50-C-14W   Tecra A50-EC1520  Portege C40-C1401
 Satellite Pro A50-C-24V  Satellite Pro A50-C-255  Tecra C40-C1411
 Tecra A40-C-1E5   Portege A30-D1332LA  Satellite Pro R50-C-1CT
 Tecra A50-E-10L  Tecra A40-C-1HN  TECRA A50-EC-157
 Portege A30-D-11J  Tecra A40-D-110  Tecra C40-D-BTO
  Portege A30-C-1DN  TECRA A50-D-16N  Portege R30-C-00V
 Satellite Pro A50-E-16C  Portege A30-C-1DQ   Tecra A50-C-21F
 Tecra A40-C-1C0  Portege A30-D-11E  PORTEGE R30-C-0XQ
 Satellite Pro A50-C-202  Tecra A40-D-10T  Satellite Pro A50-C-24J
 Tecra A50-C PS569C-02U006  Satellite Pro R50-C-14K  Tecra C50-E-0C2
 Tecra A50-C PS56DC-00L001  Tecra A50-EC1528   Tecra A50-E-11G
 TECRA A50-EC-11Z  Satellite Pro A30-D-151   Tecra C50-E-BTO
 Satellite Pro A50-D-121  Satellite Pro R50-12  Tecra C50-E-0C3
 Tecra A50-D-1PM  Tecra A40-D-1GK  Tecra A40-D-007
  Tecra C50-E-3LG   Satellite Pro R50-D-10D  TECRA A50-EC-15T
 Satellite Pro R50-D-10U   TECRA A50-EC-10L  Tecra A50-D-1E2
 Satellite Pro A50-D-123  Tecra A50-EC-BTO  Tecra A50-D-11Q
 Satellite Pro R50-C-167  Satellite Pro R50-C-15L  Tecra C50-E-09Y
 TECRA A50-EC-13Q  Tecra A40-D-148  Portege R30-C-05R
 Satellite Pro A50-C-21T  Tecra A50-E-1LJ  Tecra A50-D-11P
 TECRA C50-E-1VK  Tecra A50-D-13J  Tecra A50-D-1GM
 Satellite Pro A50-E-13J  Tecra A50-C-24K  Satellite Pro A50-C-2FR
  Tecra A50-E-1XG  Satellite Pro A50-D-120  Satellite Pro A50-D-148
 Satellite Pro A50-E-1G4  Satellite Pro A50-C-27D  Tecra A50-D-1M4
 Tecra A40-D-1CW  Satellite Pro A50-C-2JL  Portege R30-C-05P
 Tecra C40-D1414  Tecra A50-C-22Q  Portege C40-0ND03K
 TECRA A50-EC-15E  Portege C40-D1400ED  Satellite Pro A50-D-13E
 Tecra A50-C-20N  TECRA PT573A-011003   Tecra A40-D-1HK
 Satellite Pro A50-C-2F6  Satellite Pro A50-D-13N  Satellite Pro A50-D-13C
 Tecra A50-EC1521  SATELLITE PRO PS571A-01H00W  TECRA PS58AA0001001
 Tecra A50-D-11R  Satellite Pro A50-C-27Q  TECRA A50-D-1GX
 Portege R30-C-09X  TECRA PS595A-1M700S  SATELLITE PRO PS581A-028018
 Satellite Pro A50-D-13D  Tecra C50-E-0C0  TECRA PS589A-01C01X
 TECRA PS579A-09X03T  TECRA PS579A-0CG03T  TECRA PS579A-09D03T
  TECRA PS591A-02M00U  TECRA A50-EC-1ET  Satellite Pro A40-D-12Z
 TECRA PS599A-00L00L  TECRA PS599A-01900P  TECRA PS599A-01K00K
 TECRA PS599A-00300L  TECRA PS595A-1U700T  TECRA PS599A-00LT00L
 TECRA PS589A-02W00K  TECRA PS599A-00L00N  TECRA PS599A-00E00K
  TECRA PS599A-02M00L  TECRA PS591A-02D00U  TECRA PS599A-01C00P
 TECRA PS599A-00P00P   TECRA PS599A-00M00P  TECRA PS591A-02U011
 TECRA PS595A-1FN00S  TECRA PS591A-07601Y   Tecra C50-D-00N
 TECRA PT591A-0N4016  TECRA PS591A-03L011  TECRA PS591A-053011
 TECRA PS591A-09J01Y   TECRA PS591A-09J01YAK  Satellite Pro A50-C-26G
 Tecra A50-E-1PW  Tecra A50-D-17F  PORTEGE PT383A-06X01S
 TECRA PS483A-07Y013  Tecra A50-C-201 PS57HE-01G015EP  Satellite Pro A50-C-27V
 PORTEGE PT385A-008006  PORTEGE PT385A-007006  Tecra A40-D-1FN
 TECRA PS485A-08U02EE1  Satellite Pro A50-C-211  Satellite Pro A50-C-263
 Tecra A50-E-00V  Satellite Pro A50-C-28K  Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-008003
 Tecra A50-C-1ZV PS579E-05501PEP   TECRA A50-E-1QJ  TECRA PS483A-008007
 TECRA PT593A-04D00E  TECRA A50-EC-17E  Tecra A40-D-117
 TECRA PT591A-0C2016  TECRA PS483A-07F013   Satellite Pro R50-C-15M
 TECRA PS579A-0DD022  TECRA PS485A-05100NE1  Tecra A50-E-1RN
 TECRA PT573A-0F6003  TECRA PS483A-064013  PORTEGE PT385A-05S006
 TECRA PS591A-03L011B  Tecra A50-C PS579C-04K008  SATELLITE PRO PS581A-03Q01NB
 SATELLITE PRO PS581A-028018B  TECRA PS483A-063013  TECRA PS589A-01C01XB
 PORTEGE PT385A-05Q006  PORTEGE PT383A-009007  PORTEGE PT363A-1LK00S
 Tecra A50-C PS579C-04G01C  PORTEGE PT383A-0FT007  TECRA PS595A-20302M
 TECRA PT591A-0VW016   TECRA C50-E-06U  TECRA PS591A-02D00UB
 TECRA PS599A-00E00KB  TECRA PT591A-0SU016  Tecra A50-C-2CZ
  Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-07P02   TECRA PS483A-0KF013  Satellite Pro R50-C PS571C-06T03
 PORTEGE PT365A-0FS01F  Satellite Pro R50-C PS571C-00500  Satellite Pro R50-C-14K PS571E-0
 Satellite Pro R50-C PS571C-07Q0  TECRA PT591A-0TX016  TECRA PS481A-04E02M
  TECRA PS483A-07Y013AK  Satellite Pro R50-C PS571C-00900   TECRA PT591A-0TL016
 Satellite Pro R50-C PS566C-00C0  TECRA PS599A-01900PB   TECRA PT591A-0SE030
 Satellite Pro R50-C PS571C-09K03  Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-04300  TECRA PT591A-0TN016
 Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-00C0   TECRA PT591A-0SX016  Satellite Pro R50-C PS566C-00800
 TECRA PS483A-064013B  Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-04802  Satellite Pro R50-C PS562C-02U0
  PORTEGE PT385A-007006B  Tecra A50-E-1WP  Tecra A50-C PS579C-04J01C
 TECRA PT591A-0SV016  Tecra A50-C PS57BC-02L010   Tecra A50-E-1V0
 Tecra A40-C-1MH  Tecra A50-C-1ZW PS579E-05601PEP  Tecra A50-C-20C
 Satellite Pro A50-C-205 PS575E-0TY02KEP  Satellite Pro A50-C-208 PS575E-0U202KEP  Satellite Pro A50-C-209 PS57DE-01801MEP
  Satellite Pro A50-C-20C PS57DE-01901MEP



Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm
External Battery

Battery Type



Laptops Batteries



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