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Splendid Branded Laptop Battery for LENOVO 42T4235 High Quality Battery

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹2,299. ( FREE DELIVERY )

  • Splendid Branded Battery
  • Battery Type :Li-ion Battery
  • Rating 10.8V 57Wh
  • Six Month Carry In Replacement Warranty
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number
  • High Grade Li-Ion Cells are used with all Quality Benchmark Test

Availability: Available on backorder

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹2,299. ( FREE DELIVERY )

Availability: Available on backorder

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With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
Accept payments through 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Yes Bank. The bank page opens in a pop-up window so you can easily Pay to us, ensuring a great experience.
With this payment option you need to transfer money to our bank account & confirm your payment by E-mail : or call us on +91 98244 15090
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SKU: SPLEWNDID42T42350001 Category: Brand:

Product Description


Reliable Backup. Day in. Day out.
Getting a trusted Laptop Battery shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With a reliable name like Lenovo , this standard battery pack delivers a safe, powerful backup every time, and at an Affordable Price.
Standard Backup
This Laptop Battery delivers the backup you need with High Quality Cells Inside.
Protected from the Unexpected
The built-in circuit-protection helps keep your laptop Safe from Sudden Power Changes.
Forget Down Time
A Quality Product specifically designed to Enhance Productivity with Minimum Down Time.
Easy Organization
Very Easy Installation. Just Plug and Play in your Laptop.
Peace-of-mind Coverage
Rest Easy with  Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support)

Product Details

Color Black
Condition New
Brand Splendid
Specifications 10.8V 57Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Realtime Backup Time 1.5-2.0 Hrs
Battery Model No 42T4235
Warranty Six Months Carry In Replacement Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers

42T4235  42T4733  42T4791
 42T4731  42T4757  57Y4185
  42T4737  51J0499  42T4752
 42T4708  51J0500  42T4756
 42T4763  42T4714   FRU 42T4755
 42T4710  57Y4186  FRU 42T4702
 ASM 42T4796  42T4709  ASM 42T4752
  ASM 42T4703  FRU 42T4797  FRU 42T4819
 42T4712  42T4801  42T4790
 FRU 42T4791  ASM 42T4756  42T4735
  42T4765  42T4715  42T4911
 0A36303  ASM 42T4794  FRU 42T4710
 42T4751  45N1001   FRU 42T4801
 42T4849  42T4739  42T4852
 42T4755  42T4850  45N1000
 42T4764  42t5263  42T4819
 42T4740  42T4885  42T4734
 FRU 42T4753  45N1005  57Y4545
 45N1003  42T4799  FRU 42T4793
 42T4848  ASM 42T4790   FRU 42T4817
 42T4921  42T4838  ASM 42T4754
 FRU 42T4751  45N1002  42T4732
 42T4758   FRU 42T4714  42T4969
 42T4798  FRU 42T4795  42T4883
 ASM 42T4740  42T4887   ASM 42T4792
 42T4711  FRU 42T4851  45N1004
 42T4912  42T4851  42T4839
  51J0498  FRU 42T4704   FRU 42T4739
 42T4713  FRU 42T4737   FRU 42T4927
 40Y7625   42T4925  42T4738
 42T4927  ASM 42T4711  ASM 45N1006
 FRU 42T4712  FRU 42T4799  42T4736
 42T4766  42T4923  FRU 45N1005
 42T4705  FRU 45N1007  42T47O8
 42T471O  FRU 42T4848  42T47O4
 FRU 42T4925   FRU 42T4708  51JO498
 42T4913  42T485O  42T479O
 ASM 45N1000  42T48O1  FRU 42T4706
 FRU 42T4731  FRU 42T4735  42T47O5
  42T47O2  42T47O6   42T47O9
 42T48O2  51JO499  51JO5OO
 OA36302  42T48O3  42T47O3
 FRU 45N1011  FRU 42T4853  FRU 57Y4545
 FRU 42T4758  FRU 45N1003  ASM P/N 42T4740
 FRU 45N1009  FRU P/N 42T4739

Fit Laptop Models

THINKPAD T430  Thinkpad T420  THINKPAD T410I
 Thinkpad T410  THINKPAD T530  THINKPAD T520
 THINKPAD W530  LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E520  ThinkPad Edge E420
 THINKPAD L420  ThinkPad SL410  THINKPAD L520
 ThinkPad SL510  THINKPAD Edge 0578-47B  THINKPAD SL510 2875
 THINKPAD SL410 2874  THINKPAD E40  ThinkPad Edge 14 05787VJ
 ThinkPad Edge 14 05787WJ  ThinkPad Edge 14 05787UJ  ThinkPad Edge 14 05787YJ
 ThinkPad Edge 14 05787XJ  THINKPAD SL410K 2842  ThinkPad T510-4313
 THINKPAD L421  ThinkPad L412 4404  ThinkPad L512 4444
 ThinkPad T410-2518  THINKPAD SL510 2847  ThinkPad T420 4180
 ThinkPad T410-2516  THINKPAD SL410 2842  ThinkPad T520 4243
 ThinkPad T420i 4177  ThinkPad T410i 2516  ThinkPad T420i 4178
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 5015  ThinkPad T410-2519  ThinkPad L510 2873
 ThinkPad Edge E425 1198  ThinkPad T520 4242  ThinkPad T420 4179
 ThinkPad W520 4282  ThinkPad T530 2429  THINKPAD W510 4318
 ThinkPad T510 4484  LENOVO ThinkPad T410-2539  ThinkPad T420 4236
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7860  ThinkPad W510 4389  THINKPAD EDGE 15 0301
 ThinkPad T420i 4180  ThinkPad L412 0591  ThinkPad T420 4177
 ThinkPad W520 4249  LENOVO THINKPAD W510 4876  ThinkPad L412 NVU53PB
 ThinkPad T410-2537  THINKPAD W510 4875  ThinkPad T410-2522
 THINKPAD W510 4387  ThinkPad T510 4873  THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319
 ThinkPad T410-2538  ThinkPad T420 4178  ThinkPad L512 NVW3RPB
 ThinkPad T520 4240  ThinkPad T510 4339  LENOVO ThinkPad T510 4349
 LENOVO ThinkPad SL510 2847RE4  ThinkPad W520 4281  ThinkPad SL410 2931
 THINKPAD W510 4319  ThinkPad T510 4384  ThinkPad T520 4244
 ThinkPad SL510 5072  Thinkpad Edge E520 1143  ThinkPad W510 NTK3BPB164
 LENOVO ThinkPad T420i 4236  ThinkPad T520 4239  ThinkPad T410i 2537
 ThinkPad Edge E50 0301  ThinkPad T410 NT7JAPB  ThinkPad L420 7853
 ThinkPad T410i 2522  LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE 14 0199  ThinkPad L520 7859
 ThinkPad L512 2599  ThinkPad T510 5584  ThinkPad W510 4376
 ThinkPad W520 4284  ThinkPad T410i 2519  ThinkPad L412 4403
 ThinkPad L520 5016  ThinkPad L420 7827  LENOVO ThinkPad W510 4375
 ThinkPad L420 7854-CTO  ThinkPad T510 8787  ThinkPad L510 5072
 ThinkPad T410i 2538  ThinkPad Edge E50 0302  ThinkPad T410i 2539
 ThinkPad W520 4276  ThinkPad Edge E40 0579  ThinkPad W520 4270
 THINKPAD W530i  ThinkPad T510-4314  ThinkPad L420 7854
 ThinkPad T410i 2518  ThinkPad L420 7826  ThinkPad L412 0530
 ThinkPad L412 0585  THINKPAD EDGE 14 0579  THINKPAD W510 4391
 ThinkPad L412 0553  ThinkPad L520 5017  THINKPAD EDGE 15 0302
 ThinkPad L512 2550  ThinkPad T520 4241  ThinkPad W510(4319A19)
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7829  ThinkPad L512 2598  ThinkPad T420(4179AC9)
 ThinkPad W510(4319A35)  ThinkPad W510(43193GC)  ThinkPad T420(4179A47)
 ThinkPad Edge 15 301K7J  Thinkpad Edge E525 1200  ThinkPad W510(4319A31)
 ThinkPad W510(4319A17)  ThinkPad T420(4180J4C)  ThinkPad T420(4236PRC)
 ThinkPad T420(4180Q7C)  ThinkPad W510(4319A16)  ThinkPad T420(4180AV6)
 ThinkPad W510(4319A21)  ThinkPad W510(4319A28)  ThinkPad W510(4391D54)
 ThinkPad W510(4319A18)  ThinkPad T420(4180CR7)  ThinkPad W510(4319A36)
 ThinkPad T420(4180G67)  ThinkPad L420 7856  ThinkPad T420(4180PPC)
 ThinkPad T420(4180EV5)  ThinkPad W510(4391B48)  ThinkPad T420(4180PLC)
 ThinkPad T420(4236DZ4)  ThinkPad T420(4180AF1)  ThinkPad T420(4180AE3)
 ThinkPad W510(43192KM)  ThinkPad L512 2597  ThinkPad T420(4179GWC)
 ThinkPad T420(4236HQ6)  ThinkPad T420(4180AE5)  ThinkPad W510(43193PC)
 ThinkPad T420(4236HY2)  ThinkPad W510(4319A37)  ThinkPad T420(4180LZC)
 ThinkPad T420(4180MMC)  ThinkPad T420(4236EJ1)  ThinkPad T420(4180N9C)
 ThinkPad T420(4180PQC)  ThinkPad T420(4180HN6)  ThinkPad T420(4180RW1)
 ThinkPad T420(4236ED8)  ThinkPad T420(4180NC5)  ThinkPad W520 4260
 ThinkPad T420(4180PMC)  ThinkPad T420(4179GVC)  ThinkPad L420 5015-CTO
 ThinkPad T420(4180HB8)  ThinkPad T420(4179AC8)  ThinkPad T420(4180PSC)
 ThinkPad L420 5015-3Ex  ThinkPad L420 5015-3Dx  ThinkPad T420(4236L56)
 ThinkPad T420(4180AE4)  ThinkPad T420(4180ES4)  ThinkPad Edge E40 0578
 ThinkPad T420(4236EZ7)  ThinkPad T420(4180CR8)  ThinkPad T420(423664C)
 ThinkPad T420(418062C)  ThinkPad T420(4180AY2)  ThinkPad T420(4180G68)
 ThinkPad T420(42364N7)  ThinkPad L420 5015-37x  LENOVO ThinkPad T420(4180A65)
 ThinkPad W510(4319A29)  ThinkPad L420 5016-4Jx  ThinkPad T420(4180PKC)
 ThinkPad T420(4180G31)  ThinkPad T420(4180FR5)  ThinkPad T420(4180AY1)
 ThinkPad T420(4180ET9)  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Sx  ThinkPad L420 7827-4Dx
 ThinkPad T420(4180EU1)  ThinkPad T420(4180BR3)  ThinkPad L420 7859-6Ax
 ThinkPad L420 5016-4Hx  ThinkPad T420(4180Q8C)  ThinkPad L420 5016-4Fx
 ThinkPad L420 5017-4Sx  ThinkPad L520 5016-5Mx  ThinkPad L520 5016-4Hx
 ThinkPad T420(4180PNC)  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Tx  ThinkPad L520 5015-3Dx
 ThinkPad T420(4236H20)  ThinkPad L420 7827-4Cx  ThinkPad T420(4180N5C)
 ThinkPad L520 5016-65x  ThinkPad L520 5015-3Ex  ThinkPad L520 5016-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 5015-37x  ThinkPad L420 5016-5Mx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 5016-65x
 ThinkPad L420 7854-3Fx  ThinkPad L420 5016-CTO  ThinkPad L420 7827-5Bx
 ThinkPad T420(4180AV5)  ThinkPad L420 5016-67x  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7856-3Lx
 ThinkPad L420 7854-3Hx  ThinkPad L520 5016-66x  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 5017-4Rx
 ThinkPad T420(4180K17)  ThinkPad L520 5015-CTO  ThinkPad L420 5016-5Lx
 ThinkPad L420 7856-CTO  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7854-3Lx  ThinkPad L520 5016-4Fx
 ThinkPad L520 5016-5Lx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Gx  ThinkPad L420 5016-66x
 ThinkPad L420 7854-4Hx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Lx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Qx
 ThinkPad L420 5017-4Xx  ThinkPad L520 7829-CTO  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Qx
 ThinkPad L520 7853-CTO  ThinkPad L520 5016-67x  ThinkPad L420 7854-4Sx
 ThinkPad L520 5016-4Jx  ThinkPad L420 7827-4Ex  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Ax
 ThinkPad L420 5017-4Vx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Ex  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-3Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 5017-4Vx  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Xx  ThinkPad L520 7826-45x
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7860-3Jx  ThinkPad L420 7826-47x  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Dx
 ThinkPad L520 5016-4Gx  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Px  ThinkPad L520 7827-4Ex
 ThinkPad L420 7826-49x  ThinkPad L420 5017-4Rx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Ex
 ThinkPad L420 7854-3Nx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Fx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Qx
 ThinkPad L520 7826-4Bx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7860-3Jx  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Qx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-3Jx  ThinkPad L420 5017-4Ux  ThinkPad L520 7826-48x
 ThinkPad L520 7859-3Ex  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7826-3Nx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7826-3Qx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-5Mx  ThinkPad L520 7826-CTO  ThinkPad L520 7826-47x
 ThinkPad L420 7859-3Fx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7826-49x  ThinkPad L520 7826-46x
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7826-3Mx  ThinkPad L520 7856-3Mx  ThinkPad L520 5017-4Ux
 ThinkPad L520 7859-3Fx  ThinkPad L520 7854-4Px  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Hx
 ThinkPad T520 4246  ThinkPad L420 7854-4Qx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Jx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7856-3Gx  ThinkPad L520 7829-59x  ThinkPad L420 5017-4Wx
 ThinkPad L420 5017-4Tx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Kx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Cx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-3Mx  ThinkPad L520 7826-4Ax  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Px
 ThinkPad L420 7859-3Rx  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Jx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Lx
 ThinkPad L420 7827-CTO  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Nx  ThinkPad L520 7860-3Dx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7827-4Cx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7829-54x  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Bx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-5Lx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Px  ThinkPad L420 7826-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 5017-4Wx  ThinkPad L420 7859-5Nx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Ux
 ThinkPad L520 7859-4Ux  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-6Gx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Ax
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-6Gx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Cx  ThinkPad L420 7829-4Zx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-3Rx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7829-54x  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7854-3Zx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-42x  ThinkPad L420 7829-5Bx  ThinkPad L420 7826-4Bx
 ThinkPad L420 7854-3Kx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7829-58x  ThinkPad L420 7826-46x
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7854-3Mx  ThinkPad L420 7826-48x  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Rx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-CTO  ThinkPad L420 7826-4Ax  ThinkPad L420 5017-4Qx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-4Qx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Tx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Jx
 ThinkPad L420 7829-59x  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7854-3Zx  ThinkPad L420 7829-5Dx
 ThinkPad L420 5017-4Px  ThinkPad L520 7859-64x  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7827-5Bx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-5Wx  ThinkPad L420 7854-39x  ThinkPad L420 7826-45x
 ThinkPad L520 7859-6Fx  ThinkPad L420 7827-5Ax  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7854-4Gx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Yx  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Kx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-5Hx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7856-3Jx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7827-5Ax
 ThinkPad L420 7859-3Qx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Nx  ThinkPad L420 7859-6Ex
 ThinkPad L420 7856-3Kx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7860-3Dx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Px
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7856-3Mx  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Xx  ThinkPad L420 5019-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 7854-39x  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Bx  ThinkPad L520 7827-CTO
 ThinkPad L420 7859-4Hx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7856-3Wx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Kx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-3Kx  ThinkPad T420 4238  ThinkPad L420 7856-3Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-3Mx  ThinkPad L520 7829-5Ax  ThinkPad L520 7856-3Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7854-3Px  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Gx  ThinkPad L420 7829-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 7859-5Wx  ThinkPad L520 7827-4Dx  ThinkPad L420 7859-65x
 ThinkPad L420 7859-3Dx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Nx  ThinkPad L420 7854-4Px
 ThinkPad L420 7853-CTO  ThinkPad L420 7854-3Yx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Tx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-4Nx  ThinkPad L520 7829-4Zx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Jx
 ThinkPad L420 7854-4Tx  ThinkPad L520 7856-CTO  ThinkPad L520 7859-63x
 ThinkPad L520 7856-3Gx  ThinkPad L420 7859-CTO  ThinkPad L520 5017-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 7859-67x  ThinkPad L420 7859-5Zx  ThinkPad L520 7829-58x
 ThinkPad L520 7854-4Tx  ThinkPad L520 7859-6Jx  ThinkPad L520 7856-3Jx
 ThinkPad L520 7829-53x  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Sx  ThinkPad L520 7854-CTO
 ThinkPad L520 7859-4Px  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Zx  ThinkPad L520 7854-4Gx
 ThinkPad L520 5019-CTO  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Jx  ThinkPad L420 7859-63x
 ThinkPad L420 7859-3Lx  ThinkPad L420 7859-67x  ThinkPad L520 7854-4Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E40 0199  ThinkPad L420 7859-5Xx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Zx
 ThinkPad L420 7829-5Cx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Px  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7854-3Gx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-3Xx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Qx  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Nx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-6Hx  ThinkPad L420 7859-5Lx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Sx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-3Dx  ThinkPad L520 7854-3Fx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-64x
 ThinkPad L420 7859-6Jx  ThinkPad L420 7859-66x  ThinkPad L420 7859-43x
 ThinkPad L420 7859-5Yx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Nx  ThinkPad L420 7859-6Fx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7829-5Bx  ThinkPad L420 7860-3Hx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Hx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-5Kx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Kx  ThinkPad L420 7854-4Nx
 ThinkPad L520 7829-5Dx  ThinkPad L520 7856-3Kx  ThinkPad L520 7859-5Nx
 ThinkPad L520 7856-3Lx  ThinkPad L520 7859-5Xx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Sx
 ThinkPad L520 7856-3Wx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-3Cx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Gx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-42x  ThinkPad L520 7859-6Ex  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-3Px
 ThinkPad L520 7859-66x  ThinkPad L520 7860-3Hx  ThinkPad L520 7859-5Hx
 LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-6Hx  ThinkPad L520 7859-6Ax  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Vx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-4Sx  ThinkPad L520 7859-5Mx  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Tx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-4Gx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-3Nx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-65x
 ThinkPad L520 7859-4Hx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Tx  ThinkPad L520 7859-5Zx
 ThinkPad L520 7859-5Kx  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-3Qx  ThinkPad L520 7859-3Mx
 ThinkPad T420 4237  ThinkPad T420i 4179  ThinkPad L520 78295Cx
 ThinkPad L512 4447  ThinkPad L420 5017-CTO  LENOVO ThinkPad L520 7859-5Yx
 Thinkpad Edge E520 1144  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 5016-4Gx  ThinkPad L420 7859-3Cx
 ThinkPad L420 7826-3Mx  ThinkPad L520 7859-43x  ThinkPad L420 7829-5Ax
 ThinkPad L420 7829-53x  ThinkPad L420 7826-3Lx  LENOVO ThinkPad L420 7859-4Px
 ThinkPad L520 7859-5Gx  ThinkPad L520 7826-3Hx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Vx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-4Sx  ThinkPad L420 7859-5Gx  ThinkPad L420 7859-4Rx
 ThinkPad L420 7859-4Gx  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Qx  ThinkPad L520 7859-4Fx
 ThinkPad L520 7854-3Lx  ThinkPad T420(4180F11)  ThinkPad T420(418065C)
 LENOVO ThinkPad T420(4236FZ3)  ThinkPad T420(4180Q9C)  ThinkPad Edge E50
 ThinkPad Edge E40


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Battery Type

External Battery

Laptops Batteries



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